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December 11, 2018 - 7:00pm
By Mario Aguilar
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Can This Little Magic App Make Your Headphones Sound Perfect?

A new app from a Latvian outfit called Sonarworks claims it can tune music to play perfectly through specific headphone models. So whether you’re using AirPods or a swanky pair of £900 Auduze LCD-2s, you’ll hear the same exact mix. Could the future of making music sound good be an app that compensates for the terrible headphones most of us insist on buying? Read More >>

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How Westworld VFX Artists Created Disturbing Illusion of Burning Flesh

Even knowing they’re robots, watching Westworld’s hosts go under the knife for repairs was even more gruesome than the bloody battles that sent them to A&E. But in addition to using lots of CG, visual effects studio Pixomondo employed some old-school special effects tricks to make those surgeries look as disturbingly realistic as possible. Read More >>

Apple and Qualcomm Slap-Fight Continues with ‘Ban’ on iPhone Sales in China

The legal tug of war between Apple and Qualcomm continued this week with what at first may have seemed like a rare win for the chip giant in a Chinese court. Read More >>

Google Walkout Organisers Demand an End to Forced Arbitration Industry-Wide

The burgeoning fight to bring tech workers’ employment issues out of the darkness and into the public light grew further on Monday as a group of Google employees demanded the industry eliminate forced arbitration agreements entirely. Read More >>

NASA Spacecraft Spots Signal of Water on Asteroid Bennu

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has already detected evidence of water on its target, the asteroid Bennu, just a week after arriving. Read More >>

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Oil Allies Refuse to Welcome Key Scientific Report at UN Climate Talks

In what is likely an unsurprising but no less troubling move, the oil alliance between Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States has intercepted the adoption of a key finding from the historic Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report at the United Nations climate talks—a move that is being chastised by many of the world’s nations as well as climate scientists. Read More >>

How Did Mary Queen of Scots Send Secret Messages?

Mary Queen of Scots, the controversial 16th century royal figure, met a rather (spoiler alert) grisly end. And it all had to do with a cracked code. But how did Mary actually send her secret messages—the ones that she ultimately lost her head over? Read More >>

Can You Spot What’s Special About This Photo of the Crescent Moon?

Astronomer Steven Bellavia at Brookhaven National Labs in the US caught a neat picture of the crescent Moon last week, which he passed along for Gizmodo to share. Can you see what’s so special about it? Go ahead and examine it closely. Read More >>

Egyptian Officials Are Pissed Off About an Alleged Nude Photoshoot on the Great Pyramid

Egyptian authorities are not very happy with a video taken by Danish photographer Andreas Hvid, who climbed what appeared to be the Great Pyramid of Giza, took a video of himself and a female friend what was euphemistically termed a “naked embrace,” and then uploaded it to YouTube in the past week, CNN reported on Saturday. Read More >>

I Have a Few Questions About This Bacon Vending Machine

It’s come to our attention that Ohio State University, in the US, now features a bacon vending machine. The technology was installed in the Animal Sciences Building at the university’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, and it dispenses servings of ready-to-eat bacon for $1 each (about 70p). These basic facts have led me to ask a lot of questions about what’s really going on. Read More >>

Nearly Mythical 3-Foot-Long Swamp Salamander Is Officially a Real Species

What has two short, chunky arms, a mane of feathery gills, and a sleek, green-marbled, eel-like body as long as your leg? No guesses? Meet the reticulated siren, a massive, two and a half foot-long salamander, described for the first time in a paper published today in the journal PLOS ONE, hailing from the remote, secluded wilds of *checks notes* southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Free To Wee At Three Major Train Stations

Network Rail has announced that the toilets at Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly and Leeds train stations will be free to use from the 17th of December. Read More >>

Nearly a Quarter of NHS Trusts Have No Qualified Cybersecurity Staff

Freedom of Information requests filed with the UK's network of NHS trusts appears to show that many are woefully unprepared for a future in which they rely on computers more than fax machines, with 24 of the 108 NHS trusts asked for staff data saying they have literally no one on the payroll vaguely qualified in technical cybersecurity matters. Read More >>

The UK is Still the Second Most Porn-Hungry Country in the World, According to Pornhub

The end of the year is coming, and every service out there is prepping their own reviews of the past 12 months. Pornhub is no exception, and has plenty of numbers to crunch and work out what 2018 meant to the world of porn. As it turns out the UK is pretty hungry for free-to-access porn, and it's second only to the appetites of the Americans. Read More >>

Turns Out, Willy-Nilly Blocking of URLs Doesn’t Stop Film Piracy

The most expensive film ever made in India is out around the globe, and its producers are very serious about shutting down piracy of the film. So serious that they were able to obtain a court order forcing local internet providers to block 12,564 domain names – many of which aren’t even registered. It appears this brute-force approach to piracy didn’t even work. Read More >>

Question Time Named Most Tweeted-About BBC Show Of 2018

It looks like 2018's aesthetic of Everything Is On Fire has been good for public engagement in politics: Question Time has just been named the most-tweeted-about BBC show of the year. Read More >>