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May 23, 2018 - 7:00pm
By Ryan F. Mandelbaum
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Could the Large Hadron Collider Collide a Sandwich?

You’d be surprised at how many times someone has asked whether the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could collide mundane things, like a sandwich. The answer is, not quite... but almost! It’s sort of a long story, and the explanation might surprise you. Read More >>

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Friendship Fuels This Erotic Photographer’s Collection of 90’s Toys

Fwee Carter believes nerds can be sexy too, and he’s got an entire book, and website, devoted to images he’s taken of nerdy guys with their nerdy cosplay or collection looking totally sexy. But what drives Carter, besides the need to level the playing field and giving us great examples of what it really means to see a man sexually objectified, is his affection for a very particular type of 90s nostalgia. Read More >>

Shuttered Experiment Shares New View of Ghostly Neutrinos’ Shape-Shifting Behaviour

Can we take a minute to appreciate just how weird neutrinos are? The second most abundant known particle in the universe passes right through most regular matter like a ghost—you get hit with around a quadrillion of them from the Sun every second. Not only that, but neutrinos can even change between three different identities. They are spooky as hell. Read More >>

Apple Is Going to Let You Download All the Data it Collects About You

Today, Apple announced a new privacy website to help users better navigate just how much of their data is collected by the company. Read More >>

Damon Lindelof Unveils His Bold Plans for the Watchmen TV Show in an Emotional Letter to Fans 

Watchmen is heading to television—but in a way you might not expect, according to producer and writer Damon Lindelof. In a new letter to fans, the creator channels some of the series’ most beloved moments to explain what’s in store when it eventually makes its way to HBO. Read More >>

A Recent Hurricane Shot a Bolt of Antimatter Toward Earth

When you think of an alien world, you might think of a strange, stormy place with an inhospitable environment, frequent lightning strikes, and extreme radiation. But who needs an imagination when the storms here on Earth already beam radiation, including antimatter, down toward the ground? Read More >>

US Man Who Sold Diseased Body Parts Gets Nine Years in Prison

A body broker in Detroit, Michigan was sentenced to nine years in federal prison on Tuesday for hustling diseased organs. Read More >>

Facebook Won’t Force You to Use a Phone Number for Two-Factor Authentication Anymore  

Facebook users who want extra account security but don’t want to share their phone number with the company can now lock down their accounts with alternative two-factor authentication methods like code-generating apps, Facebook announced today. Read More >>

Haunting Timelapse Shows Hawaii’s Glowing Kilauea Volcano From Above

The recent images of Hawaii’s erupting Kilauea volcano are as fascinating as they are disturbing, but as this new timelapse video taken from the top of nearby Mauna Kea shows, the view from above the cloud tops is just as dramatic. Read More >>

Organise the Ultimate Sausage Party With Aldi’s Footlongs

Everyone loves a nice big sausage, especially as the days are lengthy and the temperature's increasing, but finding one that's big enough can be a bit of a challenge. The average sausage is way too small for someone with a ferocious appetite, which is why Aldi has stepped in to make sure there are plenty of big ones for people to enjoy. Read More >>

Report: Google Search Features Revealed the Legally Protected Names of Sex and Violent Crime Victims

For victims of sexual violence, many of whom are legally granted anonymity in the United Kingdom, all it might take is some simple Google sleuthing to dig up their protected personal information. Read More >>

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Twitch is Hosting a Seven Week Classic Doctor Who Marathon From 29th May

Despite having a history that goes back nearly 55 years, Doctor Who isn't really on TV very much. Certainly not the classic pre-Christopher Eccleston episodes. It was shown on one of the UK Gold channels every Saturday about ten years ago, and some foreign streaming catalogues host some classics, but the simplest option is just to buy them all on DVD. Read More >>

Facebook Still Thinks Uploading Naked Pictures of Yourself is the Best Way to Stop Revenge Porn

Back in October Facebook announced its plans to tackle the problem of revenge porn being spread on its platform. Plans that involved asking users to upload naked pictures of themselves, so the platform could assign a digital fingerprint and curb any attempts to spread the pictures around. That story is back in the news again, because this system is going to be trialled in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. Read More >>

The First Trailer for Mowgli Offers a Darker Take on The Jungle Book

Two years ago, Disney rebooted its own beloved take on Rudyard Kipling’s iconic novel with a CG-strewn re-imagining of its classic (and significantly lighter) animated adaptation. But now another adaptation of Kipling’s story is on the way, with a much different, and altogether darker, take on the laws of the jungle. Read More >>

EV Charger Rollout Needs to Speed Up Because Apparently We Like Electric Cars a Little Too Much

At the moment there are 16,500 electric car chargers dotted around the UK, letting EV owners top up their batteries away from the charger they likely have installed at home. Unfortunately it seems the British people are taking too electric cars a little too quickly, because a new report claims the current rollout speed won't be able to keep up. Read More >>

A Bizarre Bone Ritual Followed a Grisly Iron Age Battle in Denmark

To the victor go the spoils, or in some cases, the bodies of a vanquished enemy, as the discovery of remnants from an Iron Age battle in Denmark demonstrates. Read More >>