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November 15, 2018 - 7:00pm
By Alex Cranz
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The New iPad Pro Is the Last Great Tablet

The standalone tablet is all but dead. It’s been supplanted by 2-in-1s like the Surface Pro, which promises the excellent content consumption powers of a tablet, crossed with the actual productivity of a real laptop. Still, Apple has defiantly continued to make a tablet – both the budget iPad that was refreshed in March, and the more productivity-friendly iPad Pro that was just released. The budget iPad is nice, but thanks to a few tricks, like Apple Pencil support, USB-C, and a great-looking display that can chew through any content thrown at it, the iPad Pro is better. This is the last great tablet. Read More >>

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So What’s Going on With That ‘Hurricane of Dark Matter?’

It’s the perfect science-fiction device: a hurricane of dark matter. Recent, real-life research has demonstrated that our Sun is currently engulfed in a so-called a stellar stream. Some publications have seized on this ominous-sounding idea, reporting that Earth is about to be walloped by a dark matter storm—but in fact, if it exists, we’re already inside the storm. The reality of the situation isn’t quite so dire, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Read More >>

Essential Lurches Back From the Grave to Offer Up £118 Headphone Dongle

Halloween has passed, but Essential hath risen from near death to deliver unto us a $150 (£118) dongle. Audiophiles who also happen to own an Essential phone, now is the time to rejoice—if you’re actually out there. Read More >>

Japan’s New Head of Cybersecurity Has Never Used a Computer

Yoshitaka Sakurada, Japan’s new cybersecurity minister, has never used a computer. Not even once. But he insists that his lack of real-world experience doesn’t have a negative impact on his job. Seriously. Read More >>

Google’s Incredible Night Sight Mode Was Worth the Wait

As good as the Pixel 3 is, when Google released the phone last month, it sort of felt incomplete. Part of that feeling is due to Google’s software-first approach to smartphone design which means there’s always code being tinkered with, but the other part was simply because Google still hadn’t delivered two major Pixel 3 features the company teased prior to launch. Read More >>

Alita: Battle Angel’s New Trailer Digs Into the Heart of the Most Advanced Weapon Ever

It’s been nearly a year since the first trailer for Alita: Battle Angeldirected by Robert Rodriguez, co-produced and co-written by James Cameron, the project’s longtime champion – startled us with the main character’s exaggerated, distractingly creepy eyes. Read More >>

Netflix Might Be Doing A Super-Cheap Smartphones-Only Subscription

If you're one of the many people who only watches TV (or what passes for TV these days... streaming and suchlike. Shows, basically) on a smartphone, the rumoured new Netflix subscription could be tailor-made for you. Read More >>

black friday
Huawei’s Doing A Black Friday Deal On The MateBook X Pro

Another Black Friday heads-up, this time from tech behemoths Huawei: the MateBook X Pro, which was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February and only went on sale this September, will be getting a price cut at lots of retailers from tomorrow. Read More >>

Study Finds Weird Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Isn’t As Big As We Thought

Scientists have learned more about ‘Oumuamua, the hunk of matter that is the first known interstellar object to ever be detected by scientists within the boundary of the solar system. Specifically, observations performed by researchers using the Spitzer Space Telescope and published in The Astronomical Journal have determined that prior observations likely established too generous an upper boundary on how large it could be. Read More >>

Mozilla’s Guide To Smart Tech Lets You Filter By Creepiness

It's mid-November, and the Christmas gift guides are everywhere. Mozilla's is a little different, though: the makers of Firefox have done an online guide to smart tech that gives it a creepiness rating in terms of how likely it is to spy on you. Read More >>

black friday
Here Are More Early Black Friday Deals, This Time At Argos

Does nobody know when Black Friday is anymore? Despite the actual day being still a week away, it seems most retailers – if they haven't already – are kicking off their "official" Black Friday offerings from tomorrow. The latest retailer to announce its offers is Argos. Read More >>

Deliveroo Is Giving Away 2,000 Free Doughnuts In London On Friday

The relentless march of food delivery press releases continues with the news that Deliveroo is treating London to a load of free doughnuts on Friday 16th November. Read More >>

black friday
Three’s Released Its Black Friday Deals

We're already slightly overwhelmed with Black Friday deals from the big phone and tech companies, but Three has now thrown its hat into the ring and we owe it to your wallet to pass on the news. Read More >>

Government Climate Committee Says Let’s Go Back to Being a Nice Forest

Maybe we should stop trying to compete with the world and go back to eating things that hang low down on trees is the sort-of conclusion reached by the UK's official governmental Committee on Climate Change, which actually says we should put the brakes on agriculture and double our efforts to reforest the land. Read More >>

Black Friday
Nvidia’s Shield TV Has Its Own Black Friday Deal

Lots of us have been waiting for Black Friday before pulling the trigger on the tech products of our dreams. If yours is the Nvidia Shield TV, here's the deal you've been hoping for. Read More >>

Eccleston Threatened to Sue the BBC Over Doctor Who Exit

Christopher Eccleston is clearly still a bit aggrieved about the way he exited the rebooted Doctor Who at the end of the first run of the renewed show, and he's finally revealed what his beef with the corporation and its showrunners was. Read More >>