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October 16, 2018 - 7:00pm
By James Whitbrook
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doctor who
This Week’s Doctor Who Gave Some ‘Who’ Back to the Doctor

Much of Steven Moffat’s era of Doctor Who was dedicated to solving the mystery of the Doctor – why the name, where’s Gallifrey – and putting answers to that central conceit of who the Doctor is, and what they stand for. Jodie Whittaker’s first trip to an alien world gave us some of that mystery back, for the show and for the Doctor. Read More >>

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Google, Burned by £3.8 Billion Fine, Tells Europe that Phone Makers Will Have to Pay to Preload Apps

In response to the record-setting $5 billion (£3.8 billion) fine recently levied against Google by the European Union, the search giant is making some changes. Today, it announced that manufacturers will soon have to pay a licensing fee to ship devices into the European Economic Area (EEA) with Google apps pre-installed. Read More >>

The Walking Dead Just Had Its Worst Ratings Ever

There was a time when The Walking Dead was the biggest thing on TV. That time has now passed. Last night's episode, “The Bridge,” had the lowest ratings in series history, beating the previous worst record set in season one. Read More >>

Facebook Bans Military-Linked Pages That Stoked Genocide in Myanmar: Report

For years, Facebook has served as a catalyst for violence against Myanmar’s minority Rohingya population and the company has failed to effectively moderate hateful content inciting such brutality. On Monday, a report from the New York Times found that over the last several years, military officials in the region have been running a massive campaign to distribute this dangerous propaganda, which lured in over a million users by posing as celebrity and news pages. Read More >>

Google Pulls Out of Saudi Conference as the World Still Wonders What Happened to Jamal Khashoggi

Google has become the latest tech company to pull out of a high-profile conference in Saudi Arabia commonly referred to as Davos in the Desert. Google didn’t give a reason for the decision but other companies have pulled out while citing the 2 October disappearance of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, last seen at the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Read More >>

Internet Celebrity Imprisoned for Short, Goofy Rendition of China’s National Anthem 

Yang Kaili, a young internet star in China, was detained for five days for singing the country’s national anthem in a non-serious manner during a livestream. On 7 October, clad in a fuzzy antler headband, Yang waved her hands around as she sang the national anthem for about 10 seconds. Read More >>

Something Bricked Twitter’s Notifications System

Huge numbers of Twitter users today found their push notifications turned to useless strings of letters and numbers, and so far no one—including CEO Jack Dorsey—seems to know why. Read More >>

The Guys Behind the Best NES and SNES Clones Have Built the Ultimate Sega Console

While companies like Nintendo and Sony are content to cram a smattering of back-catalogue titles into a tiny box to cash in on gaming nostalgia, Analogue has instead focused on making it easy for devoted retro gamers to enjoy all of their favourite classic games by making them shine on modern TVs. To date, the company has focused on Nintendo, but its new Mega Sg is its first throwback console for Sega fans. Read More >>

Scottish Power is Switching to 100% Wind Energy

Wind is good, no matter what some people might say, and it has the capacity to generate an awful lot of energy if enough investment is pumped into the infrastructure. Scottish power definitely believes that, and has announced that it will be selling off its conventional energy generation business to focus all of its attention on generating power from the wind. It's the first major British energy company to do so. Read More >>

These Unique Maternity Photos Took a Decidedly Dark, Alien Twist

Two fans of the Alien franchise took their maternity pictures to a whole other level. We just had to find out more. Read More >>

New Stupidly-Early Rumour Reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have a Giant-Sized Screen

It's not usual for a phone to have a big screen. In fact, it's unusual for them to be small these days, since the general trend has to go more and more tablet for whatever reason. Probably because watching Netflix (or porn) on a 3-inch display is a pretty rubbish experience. But now a new, and totally unverified rumour, reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 will take things to a new extreme. Read More >>

Star Wars Resistance Just Made Us Look at the Franchise in a Whole New Way

When you’re watching a Star Wars TV show or movie, it’s easy to think what’s happening on screen is the most important thing imaginable. What could be more important than defeating the Empire, becoming a Jedi, or crushing the First Order? Maybe nothing – but what you tend to forget is, while that may be important to some, it’s not important to all. Read More >>

julian assange
Ecuador Demands Julian Assange Take Better Care of His Cat

Julian Assange has been hiding away in London Ecudaorian embassy since June 2012. I, meanwhile, have moved house six times in the same amount of time, so I can only assume he's getting a little bit sick of the place - especially since he hasn't had internet access since March. He does have a cat, though, and he seems to have passed some of his time by dressing it up and coming up with elaborate stories about the animal to earn himself some sympathy points. Unfortunately that cat may not be in the best position, because the embassy has had to demand Assange take better care of it. Read More >>

Palm Returns With a Teeny-Tiny Smartphone to Help You Disconnect

Palm, the innovative brand behind the PDA, is reborn and it’s coming out of the gate with a product that aims to create a whole new category of smart device. Read More >>

Android Pie is Now Properly Rolling Out to the OnePlus 6 in the UK

Last month it was announced that the stable version of Android Pie was ready for the OnePlus 6, and was rolling out to select handsets. OnePlus 6 owners round here will have noticed it never arrived for them, and there's a reason for that. Turns out the proper UK rollout wasn't part of that. Instead, it's kicked off today. Read More >>

NASA’s Flagship X-Ray Telescope Back Online After Weekend Safe Mode

One of NASA’s flagship telescopes, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, went into safe mode last week following gyroscope problems. That telescope is now back up and running. Read More >>