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March 19, 2018 - 12:30pm
By Rob Clymo
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The Technology it Takes to Climb Mount Everest

More people might be climbing the 8,848 metres that make up Mount Everest in the Himalayas, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting any easier. However, for anyone who decides to make the trip to Nepal in order to attempt it, the good news is that the kit you’ll want to take with you is getting a lot better. It’s a fact that Rupert Jones-Warner knows only too well. Read More >>

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This Fidget Spinner-Filled Rube Goldberg Machine Has the Perfect Ending

With millions of them churned out at the height of spinner-mania, fidget spinners are going to be around for a long time after the fad has faded, whether you like it or not. So it’s good to see people finding alternate uses for the novelty widgets, like building complex Rube Goldberg machines that end with a fitting demise for the spinning nuisances. Read More >>

Uber Self-Driving Car Struck and Killed Arizona Woman While in Autonomous Mode

Last night a woman was struck by an autonomous Uber vehicle in Tempe, Arizona. She later died of her injuries in the hospital. Read More >>

Google Teaming Up With Online Retail Giants, Likely to Try and Compete With Amazon

Amazon has a pretty solid hold on the retail industry, and for some companies it's been basically impossible to compete with the convenience and relatively low prices Amazon can offer. Just ask Toys R Us. But according to a new report from Reuters, Google is assembling a retail superteam that will see a number of large retailers index their listings on Google search for the world to find. Read More >>

julian assange
Julian Assange, Notable Edgy 14-Year-Old, Tweets Fake Ricky Gervais Quote in Earnest

Julian Assange likes to boast that WikiLeaks has a “perfect record” of “accurate vetting.” But if Assange’s Twitter account is any indication, Assange can’t even spot a ridiculous parody of “edginess” when he sees it. Read More >>

HQ Trivia’s Disappeared from the App Store Amidst Controversy Over A Winner

HQ Trivia is the latest app fad, with millions of players across the world tuning into live shows to try and win themselves some real money. The app has been available in the US since late last year, and launched a UK-centric show back in January. The Giz UK staff tune in a lot, but so far none of us have managed to win. Our ignorance of obscure football facts really lets us down. Read More >>

Rolls-Royce Bets Posh Money on Supercapacitors

Supercapacitor is the new exciting word of the future. It's a potential replacement for lithium batteries, a power storage option that offers massive benefits including thousands of times the capacity in the same footprint, vastly quicker charging times and zero potential for catching on fire. If only it was real yet. Read More >>

Asthma Inhalers Fail Minority Children Due to a Lack of Diversity in Research

When inhaled, the drug albuterol opens up the airways of the lungs, providing fast-acting relief to the wheezing and shortness of breath that often accompany an asthma attack. It was discovered in 1966 by a team of British researchers, and went on to become an extremely popular medication for the widespread childhood condition. It is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines. But it often fails minority children. Read More >>

The BBC Isn’t Keen on Killing FM Radio Just Yet

After the digital TV switchover finished itself off in 2012, it was only a matter of time before plans started being put into motion to do the same for radio. But the BBC isn't too keen on that idea. It wants to keep FM Radio around "for the foreseeable future". Read More >>

Surviving Toy Shop Mocks Doomed Toys R Us

Small town high street shop chain Smyths, which at time of writing in March of 2018 is still in business, has launched a slightly poor taste promotion, where holders of a Toys R Us Gold Card can trade it in for a 20 per cent discount on a purchase. Read More >>

Villagers Raise £1 Million to Stop Local Pub Becoming Local Flats

What do you do when your local pub shuts for good and gets sold off to property developers with plans to turn it into some fancy flats? Obviously you raise money to buy it back with a law most people haven't heard of. Read More >>

Gatwick Plans Self-Driving Shuttle Buses

Gatwick Airport might end up being one of the first places when you can be both intrigued and nervous beyond belief while a computer drives a motorised vehicle by itself in public, as the transport hub is to test autonomous passenger connection buses this year. Read More >>

One of iOS 11’s Many Glitches Actually Made it Into an Official iPhone Advert

It's no secret that iOS 11 is a glitchy mess, to the point where Apple has reportedly had delay some of iOS 12's features so engineers can fix the problems. Now one of those glitches has appeared in one of Apple's own adverts. It's a minor glitch, but that's not a particularly good sign for a company that prides itself on keeping up appearances. Read More >>

4 Micro-Takes on the Cambridge Analytica Story

Yesterday the Observer got what appeared to be one hell of a scoop: Carole Cadwalladr revealed a whistleblower from inside controversial firm Cambridge Analytica, the company that it is claimed by some was at the heart of Trump’s success in the 2016 American election. 28 year old Christopher Wylie was revealed to have been one of the brains behind the firm’s micro-targeting and data collection technologies, which he referred to as “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool”. Read More >>

City In New York Becomes First to Ban New Bitcoin Mining

The people of Plattsburgh, New York have had enough. On Thursday night, the city council approved an 18-month moratorium on new cryptocurrency mining operations. The temporary ban will be used to figure out what to do with these ding dong miners using up all the electricity. Read More >>

Research Claims There’s a Link Between Malware and Piracy Sites

You'd probably be forgiven if you took new research from Carnegie Mellon University with a dose of scepticism. Anti-piracy groups have tried to push this idea in the past, regardless of the evidence, with some even going so far as to claim dodgy streaming boxes can infect your systems with viruses and other nasty software. So when research claims that people perusing pirate sites have higher risk of malware infection, it might be tempting to scoff and dismiss it. Read More >>