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April 23, 2018 - 7:00pm
By Beth Elderkin
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The 5 Strangest Westworld Theories That Could Still (Technically) Be True

The only thing better than Westworld itself are all the fan theories. Some have turned out to be true—others are, let’s say, a tad less plausible. In this latest video, I, Beth Elderkin, and Gizmodo social editor Joe Tonelli share five of the weirdest fan theories that haven’t actually been disproven yet. Read More >>

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Vodafone is the Worst Mobile Network for the Seventh Year Running, Says Which?

Last week Ofcom released its latest quarterly report about telecoms complaints, with Vodafone sharing the top 'most complained about mobile network' position with BT. With that in mind it should actually be no surprise that Which?'s annual mobile customer satisfaction survey has declared it the worst-performing mobile network for the seventh year running. Read More >>

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South Korea Stops Blaring High-Decibel K-Pop Propaganda at North Korea Border

The southern border of North Korea just got way less cheerful—or obnoxious. That’s because the South Korea military has turned off its dozens of giant speakers aimed at the totalitarian state. Until this morning, the speakers had been blasting K-pop and uplifting news that is censored in North Korea. Read More >>

Amazon’s Rumoured Home Robot Basically Sounds Like an Echo With Wheels

In case you thought the Echo in your living room laughing maniacally out of nowhere wasn’t creepy enough, just imagine what it would be like if it followed you around. A Bloomberg report suggests that Amazon is working on an actual home robot that will wander around your abode, navigating obstacles and ostensibly following your orders. Please remain calm, however, as it will probably be terrible, as home robots usually are. Read More >>

Stinky Molecules Confirm: Uranus Smells Like Farts

I’m sick and tired of Uranus jokes. It’s time to get serious about Uranus, because there is some really serious science surrounding Uranus’s mysteries. And wow, is Uranus mysterious. Read More >>

Worrying New Gmail Scheme Makes It Seem Like You’re the One Sending Spam

Getting rid of spam is a never ending game of cat and mouse. Just as soon as email hosts figure out how to thwart spammers’ latest tricks, the spammers come up with new ways to fill your inbox with junk you don’t want. Read More >>

Hubble Releases Mind-Blowing New Images of the Lagoon Nebula to Honour Its 28th Anniversary

NASA has released incredible new images of the Lagoon Nebula taken by the Hubble space telescope, in honour of its 28th anniversary. Dude... have you ever like... thought about how small we are... and how big the universe is...? Read More >>

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This Empty Box Hides a Screaming Ghost Head That Will Make All Your Friends Hate You at Halloween

If, for you, Halloween is less about trying to score free candy, and more about terrifying every last adult and child that crosses your path, then a company called VFX Crates has the perfect prank for you. What looks like an empty (suspiciously blood-splattered) box breaks open to send a screaming, heart attack-inducing ghost head lunging at your victim. Read More >>

Pioneering Psychologist Hans Asperger Was a Nazi Sympathiser Who Sent Children to Be Killed, New Evidence Suggests

The term “Asperger’s syndrome” will never be heard the same way again, owing to new research showing that Hans Asperger—the Austrian pediatrician for whom the disorder was named—was an active participant in the Nazi eugenics program, recommending that patients deemed “not fit for life” be sent to a notorious children’s “euthanasia” clinic. Read More >>

Government Official Says It’s Too Expensive to Delete All the Mugshots of Innocent People in Police Databases

In 2012, a High Court ruling found that keeping the mugshots of innocent people in police databases was unlawful. But almost six years later, the Home Office has defended the continued retention of such images, saying, basically, the problem is too expensive to fix. Read More >>

Looks Like Microsoft’s Windows Phone Supply Is Finally Running Dry

Admit it, you dun goofed. You hemmed and hawed and reasoned that no one else would buy them, but now they’re gone. The last of the remaining Windows Phones are finally out of stock, and you can be pretty damn sure they aren’t coming back. Read More >>

Judge Clears Way for Major Class Action Suit Against Facebook Over Face Recognition

A US judge ruled last week that a class action lawsuit against Facebook over the company’s face recognition practices, with potentially millions of plaintiffs, can move forward to trial. Read More >>

This AI-Controlled Roach Breeding Site Is a Nightmare Factory

In the city of Xichang, located in the southwestern Sichuan province, there is a massive, artificial intelligence-powered roach breeding farm that is producing more than six billion cockroaches per year. Read More >>

23andMe Is Working to Make DNA Data More Diverse

When you mail off a sample of your spit to find out about your ancestry, companies like 23andMe compare your DNA to other people around the world, seeing how closely your genes match the genes of people in, say, Norway, in order to deduce whether your ancestors might have been Norwegian, too. Read More >>

Facebook Already Spent £2.4 Million Lobbying this Year

Facebook spent $3.3 million (~£2.4m) on lobbying in the United States during the first quarter of 2018, disclosures filed with the government Friday showed. The multi-million dollar effort marks the largest tab the company has ever racked up on lobbying in a single quarter. Read More >>