The Future of Apple Innovation is Backwards

The big iFixit teardown is done, and the results are in. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is a heck of a lot like the old 15-inch MacBook Pro, save for a few meaningful throwback features. Yes, I mean throwback as in retro – as in Apple actually took retired features from old MacBooks and reintroduced them as new features. It would seem that the future of innovation at the Cupertino-based computer company is what I’ll call rewind design. Read More >>

Allow Me to Criticise the AirPods Pro, Which I Love

I’ve never loved the AirPods. That’s mainly because I’m one of the few people whose ears just don’t fit with the mostly universal design. But they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t great earbuds. So when Apple announced the AirPods Pro with different fit options and a flurry of new features, I thought it must be time for me to be a fanatic. I’ve been using them for a week, and I love them. I also don’t think they’re for everyone. Read More >>

A Brief Explanation of Facebook’s Scary New iPhone Bug

A handful of folks recently spotted an unwelcome addition to the Facebook app for iPhone. Some stray swipes on the News Feed would inexplicably reveal the viewfinder for the phone’s rear camera. It’s unclear if the camera was recording, but there it was lurking in the background of an app that’s infamous for running all kinds of unwanted processes in the background. Facebook finally addressed the issue on Tuesday, but this might just make you wonder what else that app is doing that you don’t know about. Read More >>

The Case for Storing Humanity’s Most Important Data on Glass Drink Coasters

It sounds a bit ridiculous at first. Dozens of gigabytes of data can now be encoded on a virtually indestructible glass hard drive that’s the size and shape of a drink coaster. Microsoft just revealed a proof of concept. It’s a thin square of glass that’s been laser-etched with microscopic geometric shapes called “voxels” that contain a combined 75.6 gigabytes of data, which contains the 1978 film Superman in its entirety. The announcement is a publicity stunt, sure, but the idea of storing our most important data on slices of glass is undeniably poignant – and practical. Read More >>

apple tv
How to Claim Your Free Apple TV+ Subscription

Apple surprised its fans in September when it announced that anyone who bought an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or MacBook from September 10 onward (for a limited time) would get a free year of Apple TV+. But Apple says the offer is only good for the next three months. The company has also been a little bit cagey about how to activate this free thing. Apple TV+ launches today, so we’re here to clear things up. Read More >>

A Deep Look Into the iPhone’s New Deep Fusion Feature

This week, iPhone 11 owners are supposed to get a free upgrade to their cameras thanks to a beefed-up neural engine and “mad science.” It’s called Deep Fusion, and it’s designed to deliver incredibly detailed photos in especially challenging environments. I’ve spent weeks testing the beta version of the computational photography software on an iPhone 11 Pro against the old camera software on a separate iPhone 11 Pro. Truth is, Deep Fusion works – but only in the strangest scenarios. Read More >>

DJI’s Mavic Mini Wants to Be the Drone for Everyone

DJI just announced the latest member of its Mavic line, and it is tiny. The foldable Mavic Mini is roughly the size of three smartphones stacked on top of each other and weighs just 249 grams. That’s just light enough to mean that a Mavic Mini doesn't need to be registered with the Civil Aviation Authority here in the UK or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US. Those drone regulations kick in for aircraft 250 grams and up, and if you’re thinking DJI is being a little sneaky, you’d be correct. Read More >>

Beats Turned a Corner With Its New Noise Canceling Headphones

Just four short years ago, we were warning you about Beats. Folks were tearing apart old sets of Solo headphones to find bad build quality and extra metal pieces that were seemingly there only to make the headphones a little heavier. Rude! As Beats released new models over time, we fretted about how flimsy Beats were, despite the high price tag. But now, Beats headphones are being reborn under the guardianship of Apple’s industrial design team. This resurrection doesn’t come cheap, but it is impressive. Read More >>

Apple Finally Made Beats Look Good

Beats just announced the all-new, noise-cancelling Solo Wireless headphones, and they are, by many measures, beautiful. These represent the first Beats headphones to be completely redesigned under the supervision of Apple. (The new Powerbeats Pro were the first earbuds.) That Apple oversight goes a long way. Read More >>

Bose Is Really Going After Sonos Now

There’s a lot to like about Bose’s Smart Home speaker lineup. They sound good and look sleek. They have built-in voice assistants and offer multi-room wifi capabilities. But despite all this likeability, the newest member of the family, the Bose Portable Home speaker, feels like a worse version of the latest Sonos invention. That sucks for Bose, since the company is clearly trying to sell some Sonos killers. Read More >>

Your Roku is an Ad Factory

Everybody loves a Roku. Starting at £30, these little widgets turn any TV into a smart TV and offer pretty much any streaming channels you’d ever want in one place. You’ll also see a lot of ads thanks to your Roku device. If you have a TV running on the Roku operating system, you’ll also see some new interactive pop-up ads now. Read More >>

This Samsung Galaxy Fold Stunt Filled Me With Hope and Joy

Our friends at CNET just wrapped up an ambitious and scientifically suspect test on the Galaxy Fold. Samsung says the device will survive 200,000 folds, so the gadget testers got their hands on a machine that could open and close the device quickly and endlessly. Long story short, the Galaxy did not survive 200,000 folds, but it did get impressively close. Read More >>

Actually, the Small iPhone Is Bad

A new analyst report says that Apple will release a second-generation iPhone SE at the beginning of next year. Lovers of the old Apple design with its 4-inch screen will be tempted to rejoice and welcome back the iPhone for people with small hands, but that would be premature. According to almost every rumour, the new iPhone SE will be based on the iPhone 8 design and its 4.7-inch screen. To me, this makes sense. That tiny iPhone is not as neat as you remember. Read More >>

The New Cheap iPad is Better Than Ever

If you want to buy a brand new iPad for not much money, the choice is obvious: get the new 10.2-inch, seventh-generation iPad. It’s a great value! Unfortunately, however, Apple is not in the bargain business. Although this iPad is now closer in size to the 11-inch iPad Pro, the significant gulf in the quality of its components is still reflected in the £400+ difference in price. The new cheap iPad is still, by all accounts, cheap and, by many measures, better than the last cheap iPad. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Read More >>

All the Ways That Amazon Is Fixing Alexa

Amazon announced a bunch of new stuff at a big event in Seattle today. Chief among them are a volley of new features and improved functionalities for Alexa. Some of them are pretty neat. One of them involves Samuel L. Jackson. Read More >>