What Is Going on With AR at Apple?

The biggest AR Apple news came well after the lights darkened on the Steve Jobs Theater stage yesterday. Apple made virtually no mention of AR during the iPhone event. It was only afterwards when Apple released a new beta for iOS 13 and, as anticipated, it included significant references to a new stereo AR framework and some sort of headset. Read More >>

A First Look at the Triple-Camera iPhone Pro

The bump is big. It’s inescapable. The bump will distract you. And the bump is not that bad. It’s visible on both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, but the bump on the Pro seems far more visible thanks to the three cameras crammed into the bump, and Apple’s decision to make the glass around it glossy. Read More >>

The Cheapest iPhone 11 Might Be Impossible to Beat

The basic iPhone 11 could very well be all you need. That’s what I kept thinking during Apple’s big event, and afterward, when I had the opportunity to try the new device and its big Pro siblings. While the Pro models offer some impressive tech for people hoping for the very most from their photos, for most people, the non-Pro iPhone 11 offers a whole lot of value. Read More >>

What to Expect From Apple’s Big 2019 iPhone Event

We’re days away from Apple’s big annual iPhone party. It’s safe to assume we’re about to learn a whole lot more about this year’s models. But what else is there to learn? This Apple event doesn’t have the massive groundswell of hype September Apple events usually do. We know we’ll get phones with a big camera bump that will probably be as divisive as the notch, and we know that Apple is rolling out its new TV+ service in October, so there’s bound to be some news about that. What else could there be? Read More >>

Report: Apple Won’t Let Siri Say Feminism

The Guardian is reporting that internal documentation governing Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, was rewritten to specifically avoid the word feminism. The company told the Guardian “[o]ur approach is to be factual with inclusive responses rather than offer opinions.” Read More >>

Apple Music Is In Your Browser Now Because Services Are King

Ahead of Apple’s big event next week a new beta has popped up at the URL The beta gives you access to Apple Music, the rebranded, music-focused element of the entity formally known as iTunes. Read More >>

Why Is It So Hard For Apple to Put Touch ID Back in a Phone?

Bloomberg is reporting that a form of Touch ID could be coming to the iPhone as soon as 2020. That’s a little at odds with a report last month from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that the iPhone would be getting Touch ID in 2021. So what the heck is going on? Read More >>

Margaret Atwood Fans Rejoice as Amazon Completely Screws Other Retailers

Amazon recently started shipping preorders of Margaret Atwood’s book Testaments. The problem, notably, is that Atwood’s book is not supposed to launch until Tuesday, 10 September. Amazon is violating the embargo that all sellers of the book have agreed to. And its indie bookselling rivals are pissed. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Asus Packed a £4,000 Nvidia GPU Into a Laptop

Building on the success of Max-Q design, its guidelines for slim laptops sporting powerful graphics, Nvidia announced a new reference design today dubbed “Ace.” Reference designs are blueprints for building specific devices with a lot of the engineering guesswork already done by someone else. The Ace reference design promises a (relatively) slim and sleek 15-inch laptop with as much power as possible. Naturally, the company has to show off that reference design with the most eye-catching laptop possible – which is where the new Asus ProArt StudioBook One comes in. This 15-inch laptop has a world-first for laptops. There’s a very powerful and very expensive Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 GPU inside. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Here’s a Cheaper Alternative to the Kindle Oasis

We’ve mentioned it before, but here’s a gentle reminder: Amazon isn’t the only company making ereaders. Sure, Amazon has a huge chunk of the market for ebooks, and its ereaders sync seamlessly with Amazon’s services creating an addictive and difficult-to-escape ecosystem. But other companies make great ereaders that are worth considering if you’re a bookworm. The new Kobo Libra H2O is a great example. This asymmetrical ereader will give you deja vu if you’ve been coveting the pricey Kindle Oasis. Best of all, at $170 (£140), it’s $100 less than the comparable Kindle Oasis (without special offers). Read More >>

IFA 2019: Razer’s Tiny, Powerful Laptop Finally Gets Real Graphics

The Razer Blade Stealth is an outstanding laptop. There are few laptops under £2,000 that deliver its combination of attractive, compact design, performance, and available inputs. But they do exist, and a 13-inch laptop with a wimpy discrete GPU is no longer nearly as impressive as it once was. Huawei and HP make devices with similar specs and typically lower prices. With the newest version of the Razer Blade Stealth, Razer went and put a proper and powerful GPU inside. Read More >>

IFA 2019
IFA 2019: What to Expect From the Huge European Technology Show This Week

This week, Gizmodo will be in Germany, drinking beer, mangling Teutonic languages, and covering IFA, the biggest electronics show in Europe. Here’s what you can expect to see based on rumours, pre-announcements, and a little educated guesswork. Be sure to check back for all our coverage through the weekend and beyond. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Scraps Richard Gere Drama Bastards For Not Focusing on Friendship

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the Richard Gere drama, Bastards, is out at Apple’s new service, TV+. Scrapping a show before the first episode even airs isn’t uncommon in the realm of TV. But scrapping a show because it didn’t focus enough on being aspirational and exploring the joys of friendship sure as hell is. Read More >>

Samsung is Supposedly Working on a Much Cooler Sounding Folding Phone

The Galaxy Fold is an innovative device, even if many reviewers broke it almost instantly. It’s more a tablet that folds down into a phone-sized device. As someone with tiny pockets, I’d probably prefer a phone-sized device that folds down into something even smaller when not in use. Bloomberg reports that Samsung has such a device in development and is planning to launch it as soon as next year. Read More >>

8 Years Later, AMD Still Getting Bulldozed

Don’t you hate it when you do like one major, nearly catastrophic screw-up and no one lets you forget it? For AMD that colossal fuckery was the launch of the Bulldozer chipset in 2011. 8 years later AMD has been hit with a $12 million (£10 million) fine related to false advertising around Bulldozer, and hours after the fine was issued it’s now reportedly made some less than accurate performance claims about a much newer chipset. Read More >>