Bigger Phones, Bigger Watches, Forever And Ever

There’s dread in my bones at every iPhone event now. Tim Cook and his pals stand on that stage and they smile up at the audience and they patiently explain to us why their new phones are their best phones even though those same phones have gotten too damn big. It seems like it’s been happening that way forever and is gonna keep happening until we’re balancing 50-inch TVs on our shoulders to talk to family and friends. Read More >>

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the 2018 iPhone Event

In a little less than a week a horde of rabid souls will cram into the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple campus in Cupertino to watch Tim Cook and friends announce... something. As it’s September it’s safe to assume that something will include an iPhone. But what kind of iPhones and what other gadgets might Apple have in store? Read More >>

The New Lenovo Yoga Book’s Second E-Ink Display Is a Refreshingly Neat Idea

You wanted to love the original Lenovo Yoga Book. It had a pretty display, and its keyboard doubled as a pad for pen input, which besides just being neat also allowed it to be one of the thinnest laptops available at .38 inches. Plus, it cost just £450. But the original Yoga Book was profoundly flawed and not a good buy for anyone beyond gadget nerds with extra cash. The new .39-inch Yoga Book C930, with a second e-ink display, is so outrageously neat that you could find yourself rooting for it despite its high price tag. Although UK pricing has yet to be announced, the Yoga Book C930 will retail for $1,000 (£768) in the US and €999 in Europe, so prices here may well start somewhere around £1,000. Read More >>

Apple Finally Announces the Day It Will Announce the New iPhone

We’ll finally know what those new iPhones are called on 12 September, according to CNET. The invitation CNET received doesn’t specify what products will be announced or when said products would ship. Read More >>

Blue’s Yeti Nano Is a Shrunken Down Version of the Popular Podcasting and YouTuber Mic

The prefix nano- calls to mind something microscopic. Tiny robots invisible to the eye, or an iPod many orders smaller than its predecessors. When I hear the word I expect tiny. Apparently when Blue, the respected studio microphone maker that has spent nearly a decade producing great USB mics, hears the word nano- it expects “slightly smaller than the big guy.” Read More >>

Acer Predator Thronos: I Want to Sit in This Overkill Computer Battlestation

Acer announced some neat stuff today, including the availability of the Acer Swift 5—a 15-inch notebook that weights 2.18 pounds and Acer claims is the lightest ever built. But the absolute standout—the unit—of Acer’s announcements is the Predator Thronos. And if you’re thinking “Thronos” sounds like “throne” I am almost positive that was intentional because Acer will want you to feel like you’re sitting on a throne when you drop so much money on a chair that can’t be shown in public. Read More >>

This Smartwatch Is Too Freaking Big

Look, I knew smartwatches were just going to keep getting bigger as device makers try to cram more stuff into them, and I knew fashion and tech joining forces would lead to ridiculous stuff, but a smartwatch with a 2.5-inch display is too much—I mean even 2.4 inches was too much! The original iPhone’s display was exactly 3.5 inches wide. So something with a 2.5-inch display is basically a smartphone—one that I assume can block bullets or be used as a club in a self-defence emergency. Neither of those features are touted in Diesel’s new Full Guard 2.5 smartwatch though. And as it’s a WearOS device, it also requires your phone to actually function. Read More >>

Acer’s Latest 17-Inch Swift Is Super Dang Tiny

At CES way back in January, Acer announced the Swift 7, claiming it had produced the thinnest 17-inch laptop ever. But sometime over the course of the last eight months, Acer has taken a chisel to the Swift 7, because while the guts are ostensibly the same, the Swift 7 announced this morning at a press conference in Berlin is a whole lot smaller. Read More >>

Intel Rounds Out 8th-Gen With Chips for Super Cheap, Super Thin Laptops

It’s been almost a year since Intel first launched its 8th generation of computer processors, and now, finally, it seems to be completing the lineup with a series of CPUs intended for super thin laptops and 2-in-1s. The catch — the biggest improvements aren’t with processor speed, but with the wifi. Read More >>

Sony’s Aibo Is One Dumb Dog (So Far…)

When Aibo is standing on its hind legs, tail wagging and soft OLED-lit eyes roving, it’s so dang adorable you forget it’s supposed to do stuff. But after a while the initial charm of its design wears off, and you’re stuck asking what the heck this robot dog even does. Read More >>

Fitbit’s Charge 3 Actually Seems Like a Solid Smartwatch Alternative

The Fitbit Charge 3 seems shockingly light. That’s going to be the first thing that really strikes you about this fitness tracker. You pick it up and it lacks all the heft you’re accustomed to for a device like the Charge 2 or its predecessor. It’s lighter than my Apple Watch too, which is impressive because Fitbit has crammed an awful lot of features into the device while also giving it a redesign that makes it infinitely more attractive than the rest of the Charge line. Read More >>

This Ugly Gaming Laptop Has Exactly Three Great Things Going for It

The MSI PS42’s look is so bad, it might derail you. This laptop looks like it was made five years ago and probably by Acer or Toshiba. When I pulled it out of the box, I immediately made quite a few unpleasant noises about its appearance. Then I used it for a week, and while I still find the MSI PS42 to be one of the ugliest laptops produced in a while, I can’t deny the charm of its performance or price. Read More >>

Asus Thinks It’s Made the Thinnest Gaming Laptops Ever

Asus believes it’s made a big 15-inch and a giant 17-inch gaming laptop you’ll actually want to carry around with you. Read More >>

AMD’s 16-Core Beast Creams Intel, but You Might Be Better Off Without It

I won’t lie, when AMD’s new 16-core monster CPU, the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, arrived, I ran around the office showing off it and its accompanying air cooler to anyone who would make eye contact with me. The thing is enormous—easily twice as large as a standard desktop CPU from Intel. The air cooler, saddled with the goofy name Wraith Ripper and festooned with LED lighting, is larger than most power supplies, and if dropped, it could do damage to floors, feet, and small woodland creatures. Even people who know nothing about computers were suitably impressed by these enormous pieces of PC. Then they’d ask how much the Threadripper 2950X cost. Read More >>