Disney CEO Cuts Ties With Apple Because They’re Not Called the ‘Streaming Wars’ for Nothing

Disney CEO Bob Iger has bowed out of Apple’s board of directors ahead of what’s sure to be a heated competition come November when both companies release their duelling standalone streaming services. According to a filing Apple submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday, he resigned on September 10, coinciding with the company’s annual iPhone extravaganza, which also revealed important details about its Apple TV+ service. Read More >>

Spotify Cracks Down on Family Plan Misuse By Periodically Vetting Where You Live

To make sure subscribers aren’t abusing Spotify’s family plan, the streaming music giant has started checking in on where they live. Over and over again. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Interns Made a Musical, And It’s Only a Little Weird

Next year’s interns at Microsoft have a high bar to beat because 2019's class made a whole damn musical over the summer. Read More >>

Wikipedia Goes Dark Across Europe, Middle East After DDOS Attack

Wikipedia went offline Friday afternoon and into Saturday morning after a cyber attack forced an international shutdown. The outage affected millions of users across Europe and in parts of the Middle East. Read More >>

The BBC Joins Up With Google, Facebook, and Twitter To Try To Tackle Misinformation Online

The BBC is teaming up with some of the biggest names in tech to coordinate a defence against the online disinformation campaigns endemic to some of their platforms, the outlet announced Saturday. Read More >>

First a Rainbow Logo, Now a Rainbow Cube; Apple, What Does it All Mean?!

The days are ticking down until Apple’s annual fall soiree, but that doesn’t mean the rumour mill has to stop churning any time soon. Read More >>

Sony Cashes in on Nostalgia With 40th-Anniversary Walkman (Now Cassette-Free!)

In honour of the original Walkman’s 40th birthday, Sony recently released an anniversary edition of the iconic cassette player that first made music portable. Only, it doesn’t actually play cassettes, so don’t go breaking your collection out of storage. And it’ll set you back about three times as much as one would have in 1979. Read More >>

Another Realistic Deepfake App Goes Viral Before Majorly Creeping People Out

Advancements in deepfake technology are quickly making your face just another piece of personal data you need to worry about getting stolen. One iPhone app that recently went viral makes creating a fake video as easy as taking a selfie. Read More >>

Facebook’s Considering Ditching the Like Count

Soon it may get harder to size yourself up while scrolling through your feed. At least, on Facebook that is. There are still plenty of other social media platforms out there to make you feel inadequate. Read More >>

The iPhone-Hacking Sites Google Found Apparently Went After Android and Windows Users Too

Those hackers Google’s researchers sussed out earlier this week apparently went after more than just iPhone users. Microsoft’s operating system along with Google’s own were also targeted, according to Forbes, in what some reports are calling a possibly state-backed effort to spy on the Uighur ethnic group in China. Read More >>

Google Agrees to Pay Up to £164.5 Million to Settle Investigation into Children’s Privacy on YouTube: Report

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is fining Google between $150 million (£123.3 million) and $200 million (£163.5 million) to settle the whole debacle with its subsidiary, YouTube, allegedly breaking children’s privacy law, Politico first reported on Friday. Read More >>

This Korean Apple Ad Is Literally the Only Reason I Want AirPods

Apple has a new AirPods commercial airing in Korea that highlights the only conceivable reason I can think of why anyone would want a pair: their bloomin' adorable cases. Read More >>

Australia Plans to Block Domains That Host Terrorist Material During Crisis Situations

Australia laid out some of the country’s first concrete steps to make good on its promise of combating the spread of extremism online at this year’s G7 leader’s forum, Reuters reported Sunday. Officials said the government intends to cut off all access to any internet domain that fails to block terrorist material during a crisis event, and legislation requiring online platforms to upgrade their safety measures is also being considered. Read More >>

Is Captioning an Audiobook Illegal? Major Publishers Say Yes, And They’re Suing Audible

Seven of the biggest names in publishing filed a lawsuit against Audible on Friday, arguing that its recently announced AI-generated captions feature breaks copyright law. Read More >>

NASA’s Investigating Allegations of Extraterrestrial Crime

We might have our first-ever case of space crime on our hands, folks. Though I don’t suspect it’s the kind that’d attract interstellar bounty hunters any time soon. Read More >>