Huawei Has About a Month Before It Runs Out of Smartphone Chips

US sanctions are hitting Huawei hard, and the Chinese tech giant now says it will run out of processor chips for its smartphones by September without access to US vendors, according to a weekend Associated Press report. Read More >>

Mauritius Faces Environmental Crisis as Stranded Ship Leaks Oil

Mauritius has declared a “state of environmental emergency” after a Japanese bulk carrier that wrecked on its shores in late July began leaking tonnes of oil into the Indian Ocean. The environmentalist group Greenpeace says the spill is likely to be one of the worst ecological crises the island nation has ever seen and could seriously threaten local coral, fish, and other marine life species. Read More >>


SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico shortly before 8 pm BST on Sunday, marking the successful completion of both the first astronaut trip to orbit by a private company and NASA’s first water landing in 45 years. You can check out a clip of the historic moment in a tweet by SpaceX below: Read More >>

Netflix Adds Playback Speed Settings, So Now I Can Burn Through My Backlog 1.5 Times Faster

I’m about to blow through The Umbrella Academy season 2 in record time, you guys. Read More >>

Trump Tells Reporters He Plans to Ban TikTok in the U.S. as Soon as Today

U.S. President Donald Trump said he plans to sign an executive order banning TikTok in the country as soon as Saturday, according to several reporters he spoke with aboard the presidential transport Air Force One on Friday evening. Read More >>

US Federal Communications Commission Approves Amazon’s Bid to Launch a Constellation of More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave Amazon the go-ahead Thursday for its ambitious Project Kuiper, which would put 3,236 broadband satellites into orbit to beam internet coverage down to Earth. With this regulatory milestone secured, Amazon’s posed to join SpaceX in the race to be the first multi-billionaire-dollar tech giant to gobble up the Space Internet market. Read More >>

Facebook Researchers Say Higher-Ups Ignored Their Findings on Instagram’s Racist Algorithm: Report

During a study in mid-2019, a team of Facebook employees found that proposed rules for Instagram’s automated account removal system disproportionately flagged and banned Black users. When the team approached CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his upper echelon of cronies with this alarming information, they were purportedly ignored and told to halt any further research regarding racial bias in the company’s moderation tools, NBC News reported Thursday. Read More >>

Instagram Promises It’s Not Snooping on iOS Users’ Cameras, Says It’s a Bug

Apple’s iOS 14 beta has proven surprisingly handy at sussing out what apps are snooping on your phone’s data. It ratted out LinkedIn, Reddit, and TikTok for secretly copying clipboard content earlier this month, and now Instagram’s in hot water after several users reported that their camera’s “in use” indicator stays on even when they’re just scrolling through their Instagram feed. Read More >>

These TV Companies’ Comic-Con Livestreams Went Dark Thanks to Their Own Copyright Claims

It wouldn’t be a virtual event without a few technical difficulties. Though I can’t imagine the media giants showcasing at San Diego Comic-Con’s online event were worried about copyright violations affecting their panels. Considering, you know, they’re the ones that own the copyright. Read More >>

Researchers Created an App That Monitors Your Mental Health by Tracking Your Data

Even though I appreciate that it’s for a good cause, this app still sounds like something out of Minority Report. Read More >>

This Is Why Half the Internet Shut Down Last Night

Scores of websites and services went down Friday afternoon due to problems with Cloudflare’s DNS service, sparking rampant speculation about the cause. After all, a global DDOS attack would totally fit the real-life apocalypse movie that 2020 is increasingly turning into. Read More >>

Microsoft Kills off Kinect (For Good This Time) With Xbox Series X

You know that dust-covered Kinect you have tucked away with a menagerie of other electronics and chords? Well, you can go on ignoring it. Read More >>

Google Bans Ads for Snooping Products and Services

Google’s banning ads for so-called “stalkerware” apps, invasive programs largely associated with jealous exes or abusive partners to spy on another person without their authorisation. Though given that the online search giant already adopted a blanket ban against stalkerware apps in its Play Store, one has to wonder why such ads were still allowed to begin with. Read More >>

Trump Wears a Face Mask For First Time

Mark it, folks: July 11, the first time US President Donald Trump wore a face mask in public during a raging pandemic. And all it took was more than 134,000 people dying from covid-19 for him to finally – finally – put one on. Read More >>

Leaked Photos Spill the Beans on Samsung’s Next Wireless Earbuds

On Thursday, we got a purported first look at Samsung’s latest truly wireless earbuds, although deciding to call them anything but bean buds is a huge missed opportunity if you ask me. Read More >>