Tiny Goggles Turn Nintendo’s R.O.B. Accessory Into the Worst Smartphone-Controlled Personal Assistant

To help sell people on its new console after the 1983 video game crash, Nintendo branded the NES as a complete “Entertainment System”, which included a robotic accessory that could play along with gamers. Thirty years later, some hackers at Croxel have found a clever way to revive that long-forgotten accessory. Read More >>

A DIY Dual-Screen Laptop That Doesn’t Sacrifice the Keyboard Is My Perfect Portable

I rarely use an external monitor with my laptop for the simple fact that I don’t want to get used to all the extra screen space which isn’t available when I travel with my computer. My ideal solution to this problem would be exactly what Matt from YouTube’s DIY Perks channel has created: a laptop with an extra screen that flips up to eye level to double the size of your desktop. Read More >>

Bill Gates-Backed Startup Uses AI to Create Solar Rays Hot Enough to Melt Steel

Like a kid burning holes in their toys using a magnifying glass, solar furnaces essentially do the same thing on a much grander scale. The larger an array of reflectors you can build, the bigger the sun-focusing lens you get. But a new startup is promising a better way to build solar furnaces using AI to reduce their footprint while boosting their power output. Read More >>

Researchers Create Trash-Talking Robot That Proves Machines Can Get Under Human’s Skin

Trash talk has long been an effective (but underhanded) tool when it comes to sport, gaming, and other competitive endeavours. But it’s been assumed that it’s a strategy that only works between humans who can deliver remarks with emotional weight. It turns out that’s not the case, as researchers from Carnegie Mellon University discovered after programming a docile robot to trash talk a human opponent. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Pretend Food for Your £2,200 Sony Robot Dog

There’s no denying the appeal of a robot dog. You get the companionship, the fun of playtime, and the pre-programmed loyalty without all the mess or expenses of feeding and maintenance. Unless you really want to feed your Aibo, in which case Sony will happily sell you make-believe virtual meals and treats that unlock fun “tricks” your $2900 (about £2,200, UK price TBA) soulless splurge can perform. Read More >>

Researchers Created Holograms You Can Feel and Hear

Holograms are no longer just a vaguely futuristic term that helps startups secure seed money, or a way to bring deceased performers back to sell more concert tickets. Researchers at the University of Sussex have created animated 3D holograms that can not only be seen from any angle, they can also be touched, bringing us one small step closer to Star Trek’s holodecks. Read More >>

Photoshop for iPad Is Terrible. Here’s What Needs to Happen to Make It Great

A year ago, Adobe revealed a potential game changer for the iPad that could help turn the tablet into a legitimate laptop replacement: the full version of Photoshop was coming to iPadOS. A year later, the mobile version of the long-revered photo editing app is finally here, and it’s a near unusable disappointment. Adobe has promised a steady stream of updates and improvements for the app, but I have my own suggestions for fixing Photoshop on the iPad. Read More >>

3d printing
Researchers 3D-Printed Plastic Cubes With Complex Patterns That Make them Bulletproof

The technology continues to evolve, but 3D printing is still mostly used for creating prototypes or parts that won’t have to endure tremendous stresses or rigorous wear and tear. That might not always be the case, however, as researchers at Rice University found a way to 3D print complex patterns resulting in plastic objects that are almost as hard and durable as diamond. Read More >>

These Are the Best Smart Home Gadgets to Trick Out Your Pad

The first smart home gadgets from a few years ago weren’t actually very smart, but times have changed, and there’s now plenty of good reasons to upgrade your vacuum cleaner, your sound system, and even your microwave, with some AI-powered voice-detecting smarts. Read More >>

Researchers Create a Metal Structure That Will Not Sink or Stay Submerged Under Water

Inspired by the way diving bell spiders and fire ants use their water-repelling legs and bodies to trap air in order to float on water, researchers from the University of Rochester have found a way to make solid metal structures float on water, potentially paving the way for unsinkable boats or smartphones that won’t immediately sink when accidentally dropped in a toilet. Read More >>

There’s a Giant New MacBook Pro, and Yes, Apple Improved Its Keyboard

The good news for MacBook and MacBook Pro users is that Apple has finally capitulated and fixed, or at least improved, the low profile butterfly keyboards that have been causing headaches, and straight-up failing, since 2015. The bad news is that, for the time being, the only upgrade path available is the new monstrous 16-inch MacBook Pro that will cost you at least £2,400 for the privilege of having every letter on your keyboard reliably working. Read More >>

The Smartphone Wasn’t Inducted Into the Toy Hall of Fame This Year

Every year The Strong, the National Museum of Play in the US, inducts a handful of classic toys and playthings into America's National Toy Hall of Fame. Back in September, the 2019 finalists were revealed and they included the smartphone, which at barely over a decade old was one of the youngest nominees for the Hall of Fame, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. Three finalists made the cut to be immortalised in the annals of toy history. Read More >>

I’m Willing to Pay an Obscene Amount of Money For This Guy’s Brilliant Pedestrian Car Horn Invention

It only takes a few weeks of living in a busy city where the streets and pavements are crammed with tourists to appreciate the genius behind Yosef Lerner’s Pedestrian Horn invention. It makes the most useful feature of a car – its blaring horn – available to those who prefer to walk. Read More >>

Honestly, a Video Game That Strands You On a Boring Six-Hour Flight Is Just What I Need Right Now

Video games can be a fantastic escape from the stresses of every day life, but not when you’re chasing high scores, or screaming at the screen because you just got sniped. A new game called Airplane Mode might provide the most relaxed gaming experience imaginable, as players are only tasked with enjoying the ride as a passenger on a six hour trans-Atlantic flight that plays out in real time. Read More >>

The New 3,300-Piece Tim Burton Batmobile Might Be the Best Lego Model I’ve Ever Built

Ask any Star Wars collector and they’ll tell you that Lego’s £650, 7,500+ piece Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon set was an absolute showstopper and the pinnacle of plastic brick model making. Until last week I would have agreed, but then I spent the past weekend building Lego’s new 1989 Tim Burton Batmobile – and I truly believe it’s the best set the toymaker has ever released. Read More >>