Peddlers of Medical Misinformation Are Using Social Media ‘Censorship’ as a Selling Point

No one has ever accused Mike Adams, the self-proclaimed Health Ranger, of being an understated guy, but recent events have taken him to new, shouty heights. After Adams’ website, Natural News, had its page suspended by Facebook in June for violating the company’s spam policies, Adams likened the suspension to genocide and said President Trump should use the military, if necessary, to break up tech companies. But Adams—and other peddlers of medical misinformation, including many anti-vaccine personalities—are also working hard to make their supposed muzzling by social media companies into a selling point and a profit-driver. Read More >>

The Fight to Save the Last Swimming Camels on Earth

Near small fishing hamlets along the coast of northwest India, the blue-green sea is speckled with islands of mangroves. It’s as picturesque a setting as you’ll find, but on some days, the tranquillity is punctuated by a deafening sound: dozens of camels, like a fleet of furry ships, bleating and honking as they swim among the trees. Read More >>