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It’s Not Just Siberia as Record Heat Spreads Across the Arctic

Siberia has been hot and on firePerhaps you’ve heard? The relentless heat that’s buffeted the region has decided to expand to other parts of the Arctic, from Norway to Canada, with high-temperature records breaking over the weekend. Read More >>

climate change
Death Valley Recorded the Hottest Temperature on Earth This Year

For the hottest place in the U.S. to make news, it has to be pretty damn hot. And folks, it’s pretty damn hot. Read More >>

climate change
Scientists Just Updated One of the Most Important Climate Metrics, and It’s Bad

We know the planet is getting hot. Just how hot it will get is one of the biggest questions of the 21st century, tying up the fate of humanity and the biosphere in one neat hand basket to hell. Read More >>

U.S. Opposition’s Big Climate Plan Includes Studying the Risky Idea of Blocking Out the Sun

This week, Democrats on the U.S. House Select Committee for the Climate Crisis put out their big old climate plan. There’s plenty in the report to show Democrats’ priorities on climate should they retake the White House and Senate this fall, including how they would approach a controversial topic. Read More >>

climate change
Siberian Fires Have Released a Record Amount of Carbon This Year

The wildfire crisis in Siberia continues unabated. This year’s blazes have smashed records, including the northernmost fires on record and the highest total of Siberian carbon emissions. If you want to know what a climate emergency looks like, this is it. Read More >>

The Mystery of Antarctica’s Record Drop in Sea Ice Has Been Solved

Ice in the polar regions has been under assault from rising ocean and water temperatures. While human-driven climate change is driving widespread weirdness, natural patterns can also lead to chaos. Read More >>

Satellite Images Show the Arctic’s Fiery Unravelling

Even by the Arctic’s increasing erratic standards, it’s been a weird spring and summer in Siberia. The region of the world that’s considered a bastion of frigid temperatures and frozen landscapes is buckling under the intense pressure of the climate crisis. Read More >>

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BP CEO Calls Plan to Lay Off 10,000 Workers the ‘Right Thing’

The coronavirus pandemic has been a wild ride for the oil industry as it struggles to grapple with cratering demand for its main product. The biggest hits have been to small firms and middle-tier oil companies, but Big Oil is feeling the impacts, too. Read More >>

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224 Environmental Groups Endorse the Movement for Black Lives – But It Can’t End There

The environmental movement has had a reckoning coming its way for decades when it comes to its racist history. While it’s been inching toward it in recent years, the events of the past two weeks have thrown the floodgates wide open. Read More >>

Holding the World’s Breath at 11,135 Feet

There are just a few moments from my past that, having left an indelible mark on my life, I can now return to in an instant. My first dance at my wedding to “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The phone call I received, as I dressed to go to work, telling me my mother had died. Opening my college acceptance letter with a crisp rip of the envelope. Read More >>

The Climate Case for the Four-Day Work Week

Jacinda Ardern has won a lot of rightful praise for New Zealand’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The nation has stood as an outlier with cases that have stayed low, and the country is beginning to reopen in what it hopes is a safe way. So maybe we should also be paying attention to what their ideas are for a recovery plan. Read More >>

climate change
It Hit 27 Degrees in the Arctic This Week

This story will provide important context for the headline, and I encourage you to read it – but really, the headline tells you what you need to know: It was 26.7 degrees Celsius above the Arctic Circle this week. Read More >>

That Time a Loon Fatally Stabbed an Eagle in the Heart

A lake on the outskirts of the US city of Portland, Maine, became a highly unusually scene last summer when a kayaker happened upon a dead bald eagle floating face down, pierced through the heart. Read More >>

climate change
The Arctic Is Unravelling as a Massive Heat Wave Grips the Region

It wouldn’t be spring in the climate change era without a massive heat wave in the Arctic. Read More >>

Typhoon Vongfong Rapidly Intensifies as It Heads for the Philippines

The first named typhoon in the western Pacific this year has arrived, and it’s already roaring. Typhoon Vongfong formed on Tuesday and rapidly intensified into a fierce pinwheel of a storm streaking toward the Philippines. Read More >>