climate change
Don’t Say Nobody Warned Us

The second decade of the 21st century is one marked by scientific breakthroughs and a questionable number of movie reboots. But it will also be remembered as a decade of climate breakdown. Read More >>

The Only Cyclone on Earth Right Now Is a Category 4 Monster Slamming the Philippines

The tropics are quiet except for one storm. And unfortunately, that storm is a ginormous typhoon. Read More >>

Billionaire Buys ‘Climate Change’ on Google

When you have Mike Bloomberg money, there is no shortage of ways to spend it. And running for US president opens up a whole new world of blowing through cash. Read More >>

climate change
Ten Years After Climategate, the Scientists Have Won – But What Comes Next?

Looking back at 2009, it was one of the most consequential years in climate and not in a good way. Read More >>

Meet Hector

Earth is the best planet, hands down. You should need no reminding of this, but on the off chance you do, allow me to introduce you to Hector. That’s him in the satellite imagery above. Read More >>

Even Good News Comes With Bad News

We’re long past the era of having nice things, and that’s doubly true when it comes to the climate. So it’s fitting that even when there’s a bit of good news about coal’s decline, we also learn that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new peak. Read More >>

Building All the Fossil Fuel Projects Already in the Pipeline Would Wreck the Climate

Fossil fuels are the root cause of climate change. So it would stand to reason that we should rapidly wind down production of them to avert a catastrophe. Read More >>

People and Dogs Unite to Save Koalas From Australia’s Horrific Bush Fires

The past few weeks of bush fires have created a nightmare in Australia. Smoke has clogged the Sydney skyline, and state governments have issued terrifying warnings essentially urging residents to flee or risk death. Read More >>

The Amazon Is Screwed Under Brazil’s President, New Data Confirms

For months, the world has watched in collective horror as the Amazon rainforest has been burned down under the watch of Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro. New data released Monday now puts the devastation in context. Read More >>

Climate Change Is Even Ruining Pokemon Now

It’s not enough for humans to screw up our planet. Apparently, we’ve screwed up Earth in the Pokemon universe as well. Read More >>

climate change
Some Arctic Sea Ice Is Acting Like It’s Mid-Summer

Winter has extended its grip on the Arctic, dropping a curtain of darkness on the top of the world. But at least one part of the Arctic is resisting its grasp. Read More >>

Why We Need to Consider the Human Toll of Conserving Half the Earth

Humanity has pushed Earth to the brink with more than a million species threatened with extinction. There are a number of ideas for how to stop the collapse of nature, but among the most radical is the idea of conserving half the planet. Read More >>

Weird Ice Disk Season Is Upon Us

With winter comes changes, many of which are bad. The days get darker sooner. Christmas carols play everywhere. Sure, there are good things about winter, but at least for me, it’s particularly hard to find joy in the early days of the season, when the memory of summer and fall is still fresh. Read More >>