game of thrones
Do Dragons Ever Run Out of Fire?

Game of Thrones has clearly lost its own thread, and I can’t help but feel held captive by the eight years I’ve already sunk into this series as I begrudgingly plod through its mercifully short final season. And yet, something wonderful happened in the midst of last week’s episode – “The Bells” – that I’ve been unable to shake since. Read More >>

Google Recalls Physical Security Keys After Discovery of Bluetooth Vulnerability

Titan—the physical security Google rolled out last summer—was built to “protect high-value users.” Now those users who bought in on Titan are all eligible for free replacements of this device suite after the company discovered a vulnerability in the way it operates. Read More >>

Uber, Down £11 Billion Since Friday, May Drop Even Further

Outpacing the New York Stock Exchange’s losses on another rocky day of trading, Uber’s disappointing IPO is becoming disastrous, falling an additional 10.8 per cent in its second day as a public company. Read More >>

Facebook Caves, Increases Salaries and Benefits for Contractors

After years of critical coverage citing the emotional distress experienced by Facebook’s contractors, particularly those who review often upsetting and violent content on the platform day in and day out, the social media giant announced a number of deal-sweeteners for this vulnerable workforce yesterday. Read More >>

New Research Confirms That Ride-Hailing Companies Are Causing a Tonne of Traffic Congestion

A study published last week in Science Advances comparing pre- and post-rideshare boom traffic in the US city of San Francisco found that the presence of Uber, Lyft, and similar companies has been an overall detriment for people who like getting where they’re going quickly. Read More >>

Congratulations to Uber, the Worst Performing Initial Public Offering in U.S. Stock Market History

Rideshare unicorn Uber doesn’t do anything small. When it was in the game of raising money, it raised close to £19.2 billion. When it loses that money – and it does every single quarter – it loses it at astronomical burn rates. It finally debuted on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, in the middle of international trade uncertainty and following a massive, international strike by its own drivers, how’d it do? Read More >>

Drivers in Britain to Stage Massive Strike Coinciding With Uber’s Initial Public Offering

Rideshare drivers in Britain have plans to sign off the Uber app and spend their time protesting in four major metro areas. London, Nottingham, Glasgow, and Birmingham are set to be flooded by irate drivers. The message, coordinated around Uber’s plans to go public, is a clear rebuke of the company’s Initial Public Offering plan, which will make many employees wealthy overnight, but leave drivers in the same deteriorating conditions. Read More >>

For Sale: Massive Blogging Platform, Lightly Used

Six years after being acquired for an astonishing $1.1 billion (£844 million), blogging platform Tumblr and its 550 million monthly users are reportedly on the auction block with no indication of who might be in market to buy it. Read More >>

I Wouldn’t Even Make My Worst Enemy, Who Happens to Be Mark Zuckerberg, Listen to 90 Minutes of Mark Zuckerberg Bloviating About, Uh, People, or Technology, or Something

First off, Mark, I’m sorry you had to find out this way but, in fact, you are my professional nemesis. Of all the tech titans living rent-free in my brain, some are arguably more evil than you, but none soar to the same disruptive heights of molar-grinding tediousness. Unsurprisingly, the dry, positionless-ness of your overlong apology posts translates flawlessly in the spoken word — for example, this hour-and-a-half-long conversation with Yuval Harari, a guy who has thoughts on technology, people, connections, communities, society and all the other words Mark has practised saying once every eight minutes. Read More >>

Amazon and Facebook Listed Among the Dozen Most Dangerous Workplaces

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) today released its annual “dirty dozen” list of employers operating some of the most dangerous workplaces in America, and Amazon topped the list for the second year running. Among the newcomers, Facebook has now earned a spot on the list. Read More >>

Canada May Drag Facebook to Court Over Its ‘Disregard’ for User Security

Wikipedia can go ahead and add all of Canada to the ever-expanding List Of Parties Who Have A Bone to Pick With Facebook page—a joint investigation by the privacy commissioners of Canada and British Columbia found the company “committed serious contraventions of Canadian privacy laws.” Read More >>

Microsoft and GitHub Workers Take a Stand Against Grueling, Inhumane ‘996’ Culture in China

For tech workers in China, a brutal work schedule of 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week (usually just called "996") is not only commonplace, it’s been hailed as “a huge blessing” by the likes of Alibaba’s eccentric and fantastically wealthy taskmaster, Jack Ma. Read More >>

The New Vine is in Closed Beta, Only Needs 499,999,901 More Users

The death of short-form video platform Vine – a wonderful, barely functional and totally unmonetisable comedy playground, may she forever RIP in peace – was the mile marker that ended fun internet and began the era of chore internet. Read More >>

Fair Warning: Facebook Is Reportedly Building Its Own Voice Assistant

What we can all agree on is that of the heavy hitters operating in the voice assistant market—Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and I guess Cortana and Bixby if we’re being generous—exactly none are made by Facebook. We can probably also agree things ought to stay that way, but then, when in recent memory has humanity pursued right and sensible options? Read More >>