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Disney+ Will Fix Borked Aspect Ratio on The Simpsons by May

Disney+, home of the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons, says its promised fix for the aspect ratio that cropped some visual jokes from the series when it first arrived on the service should be implemented by the end of May. Read More >>

Apple Finally Lets You Buy Amazon Prime Movies on iPhone and Apple TV

Apple appears to be loosening up its policies around in-app purchases that have come under fire from third-party services and antitrust regulators over what’s come to be known as the “Apple tax.” An agreement between Apple and Amazon will now allow users to purchase movies and TV shows from their iPhone or Apple TV – something that Apple’s 30 per cent cut policy previously made a gigantic pain in the butt. Read More >>

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Coronavirus Misinformation Was Spreading Online as Early as January

News on the global coronavirus is breaking so quickly that developments can happen on a minute-to-minute basis. But getting the most updated information about covid-19 – and discerning which bits are correct – has been hampered severely by a scourge of misinformation spreading like wildfire, as well as a number of public officials who’ve pushed misleading information and in many cases outright lies about the disease and its spread. A newly published analysis from researchers at Stanford University lays out how bad information about covid-19 has spread since the start of the year. Read More >>

Apple May Introduce 1Password-Like Features to Keychain in iOS 14

One of the most crucial steps people can take to protect their data is using unique, complex passwords that are neither easily guessed nor recycled or reused between their accounts. The easiest way to do this is by using a password manager. Apple makes one available to macOS and iOS users for free, but the application doesn’t stack up to the functionality of popular third-party password managers like LastPass and 1Password. Read More >>

Amazon ‘Bug’ Was Hiding Products That Would Have Shipped Faster Amidst Covid-19 Delays

Amazon is now delaying the shipment of nonessential items through Prime by up to a month as the company struggles to meet the heavy demand of orders it’s experiencing amid shelter-at-home and self-isolation orders put in place to mitigate the spread of covid-19. But following this change, Amazon has evidently been burying results for nonessential items from rival sellers on its marketplace who could have shipped items faster and even at lower prices. Read More >>

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YouTube Is Lowering Default Video Quality Worldwide for 30 Days in Response to Pandemic

In response to usage changes amid the covid-19 pandemic, YouTube has announced it’s reducing the default video quality on all videos globally for 30 days. Read More >>

Netflix’s Love is Blind is Like if a Drunk Dog Made a Dating Show

Welcome to the first edition of Drag Me to Streaming Hell, where we’ll be exploring the darkest and most depraved corners of the digital video abyss. There’s more original programming than ever out there – most of it pretty bad! – and time enough at last to stream it all. So roll up your sleeves, snap on your nitrile gloves, and join us as we dig through the muck. First up: Netflix’s dystopian dating show Love Is Blind. Read More >>

Netflix Pledges £85 Million to Help Entertainment Workers Impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic

As social distance and shelter-at-home orders continue to force the entertainment industry to suspend production and cancel or shift scheduled premieres, workers from all corners of the film and television worlds are being impacted as their work grinds to a halt. Now, Netflix says it’s created a $100 million (£85.7 million) relief fund to offset some of the impacts to workers in the community. Read More >>

Tesla Will Suspend Production After Initially Telling Workers to Continue Working Amid Outbreak

After a rocky week that saw Tesla’s top brass telling workers that they should continue showing up to their jobs in spite of the global covid-19 pandemic and advisories from local authorities, the company now says it will suspend production at its production facility in the US city of Fremont, California. Read More >>

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What to Do If You Need a Return or Pick Up at the Apple Store During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Last week, after Apple announced that that the company was closing all of its retail stores outside of China until March 27th as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, the company has provided additional clarification about what Apple users should do in the event that an Apple device needs to be serviced or returned. Read More >>

Now’s a Good Time to Use No-Touch Payment Systems Like Apple Pay

We’re all, hopefully, taking the necessary steps recommended by health officials for mitigating the spread of covid-19, including by keeping distance between ourselves and others, washing our hands often and for at least 20 seconds, and avoiding touching our faces. The CDC also recommends cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including your gadgets. But some surfaces, like payment keypads, are everywhere and are often essential to doing things as basic as buying food or paying for a prescription at the pharmacy. And because these surfaces can be touched by dozens or hundreds of people each day, it’s probably a good idea to take advantage of any no-touch payment system available to you. Read More >>

Technologists Are Crowdsourcing a ‘Coronavirus Handbook’ to Track Resources

A team of technologists based in London has mobilised to amass a crowdsourced document calling itself the Coronavirus Handbook, a massive collection of resources related to COVID-19 and covering everything from remote working and public advice to datasets and statistics related to the outbreak. Read More >>

Apple Says It’s A-OK to Use Disinfectant Wipes on Your iPhone

Apple has finally given users a clear answer as to whether it’s safe to use disinfectant on its products, and it turns out it’s perfectly fine to use 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol wipes or disinfectant wipes to clean your phone. Read More >>

Self-Driving Car Guru Ordered to Pay Google £137 Million Over Messy Contract Dispute

A former employee of Google and Uber credited as being one of the top engineers in the self-driving vehicle space, Anthony Levandowski, has reportedly filed for bankruptcy after he was ordered to cough up $179 million (£137 million) to settle with Google over an apparent contract breach. Read More >>

Twitter Is Testing Self-Destructing Tweets

Twitter is testing a new feature in Brazil that auto-deletes tweets after just one day in a move it says is intended to make users feel less pressure and give them more control over tweets. Twitter is calling the feature – for now, at least – Fleets. Read More >>