Netflix is Bleeding Customers for the First Time in Years

Netflix would like you to know that despite a tidal wave of speculation that it’s not going to start serving you up ads. The stock market darling is suddenly losing subscribers and executives appear to be a little touchy about it. Halfway through its disastrous earnings report – in which it revealed it’s bleeding U.S. subscribers – the company explicitly addressed any insinuation about ads as, essentially, a crock of shit. Read More >>

Apple Planning to Jazz It Up With Some Original Podcasts: Report

With Apple poised to further expand its services to better compete with its streaming rivals—whether or not its offerings will be any good—it was probably only a matter of time before we learned that the company has its eye on podcasts as well. The question is, will they be any good? Read More >>

Twitter Finally Redesigned its Website, Said No One

Well, folks, they managed to pull it off. Twitter has somehow made itself worse than it already was. Read More >>

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Everything Social Media Giants Banned in 2019 (That They Should Have Banned Ages Ago)

One of the more frequent annoyances of our modern world is the endless defences social media platforms make to sidestep their responsibilities to curb the myriad problems that arise solely because they exist. Every so often, one of them will pat themselves on the back for doing the Absolute Bare Minimum to amend an ongoing problem. Read More >>

We Might Finally Find Out What Elon Musk’s Neuralink Has Been Up To

Neuralink, the super-secretive neuroscience company co-founded by Elon Musk to develop “ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers,” has evidently decided to show some of its hand. Read More >>

Automatic Wifi Login Helped Police ID Teens Who Vandalised School

Four Maryland students charged with hate crimes for plastering their school in racist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic words and imagery just days before their high school graduation last year were identified by school administrators because their phones had automatically connected to the campus’ wifi network, according to reports. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg’s Head of Security Leaves Following Claims of Sexual Harassment and Racist Comments

More than a month after news broke that Mark Zuckerberg’s chief security officer, Liam Booth, had been accused of sexual misconduct and making racist and transphobic comments, he is now leaving his role with the Zuckerberg family’s private office. Despite the departure, a spokesperson for the office claims an investigation by an outside law office could not verify the allegations. Read More >>

Instagram Now Preemptively Shames People Before They Post Shitty Comments

Instagram is trying to make that much harder to be an arsehole on its platform – and even get arseholes to consider the error of their ways. Read More >>

Well, Well, Well

Seemingly every new day brings news of Facebook’s failure to adequately manage its products, be that due to privacy or security issues, the spread of misinformation or hate speech, or whatever the hell has been causing its string of recent crashes. But even as these issues have unfurled in recent years—some of them with dire consequences—Facebook appears to have been prioritising monitoring its own image and that of its top executives, including by keeping tabs on fantastical posts and memes related to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Read More >>

Mysterious Orange Bird Just a Regular Gull Covered in Curry or Something

In an incident that a UK animal welfare organisation described as the “strangest casualty circumstances” it’s seen in some time, a bizarre-looking orange bird that was brought to its hospital for treatment turned out to be herring gull that had somehow wound up covered in either curry or turmeric. Read More >>

US Food and Drug Administration Says It’s Still Investigating Possible Link Between Some Dog Foods and Canine Heart Disease

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said last week that it is continuing to investigate a troubling link between some pet food types and potentially fatal heart disease in dogs. As the investigation into any connection is ongoing, no pet foods have yet been recalled. Read More >>

Apple TV+ Might Be For Grownups After All

Well, well, well. It appears Apple has finally addressed those pesky rumours that the company’s executives are meddling in the script writing of its streaming platform offerings. And listen up gang, some of this stuff is (at least by the company’s standards) not for the little ones. Read More >>

Facebook and Instagram Can’t Seem to Keep It Together

Well, folks, Facebook and its “family of apps” has experienced yet another crash. Read More >>

Facebook Bravely Limits Nonsense Health ‘Cures’ and Misinformation to Just Some People

Facebook’s track record for tackling misinformation on its platform is, well, you might say not exactly great. It’s not just limited to dumb or misleading political memes either – it also includes seriously dangerous health misinformation and alleged “cures.” Realising the error of its ways and their potential for harm, Facebook has finally decided to delete this information altogether so it can no longer be shared or seen. Read More >>

Owner of Gay Dating App Jack’d to Pay Out for Leaving Nudes and Private Photos Exposed

The attorney general of the US state of New York announced last week a settlement with the parent company of Jack’d, a dating app for gay and bisexual men, over negligence around a security issue that exposed nude and otherwise “private” photos of the platform’s users. Read More >>