Airbus Is Testing New System to Collect Data on Everything You Do Onboard Its Flights

Your flight could soon be keeping tabs on everything from your preferences for in-flight snacks to the length of your bathroom trips. Read More >>

YouTuber Arrested for Trespassing Near Area 51 Just a Week Before Now-Cancelled Viral Event

Police in the American state of Nevada say they arrested a YouTuber and his friend, both from the Netherlands, this week after the pair allegedly defied notices and trespassed at a secure US government site near Area 51. Read More >>

Hell Yes, Slack Just Dropped a Dark Mode for Desktop

After rolling out dark mode on mobile earlier this year, workplace chat app Slack is finally bringing its dark theme to desktop as well. Read More >>

Repair Nerds Suitably Impressed With the Very Repairable Fairphone 3

In terms of building a more ethical smartphone that meets even the high bar set by repair nerds, Fairphone fits the bill. And with the third generation of its modular device, the Dutch company is living up to its promise of a truly and easily repairable device. Read More >>

Does Apple TV+ Need to Be Good?

With Apple’s annual September event this year, we finally have answers around what its Netflix streaming contender will look like at launch: sparse in offerings and incredibly cheap – if not altogether free. But before we write it off entirely, Apple’s TV+ foray into streaming may be smarter than it reads at first blush. In fact, this may be one of the rare occasions that Apple is being realistic about what it can feasibly pull off as it muscles its way into the streaming fray. Read More >>

All the New Details About Apple Arcade

Apple’s annual September event may traditionally be all about the iPhone, but with Tim Cook bringing services into the fold, it was expected that Apple would reveal more about its hotly anticipated gaming and streaming services ahead of their official launches this autumn. And today’s event kicked off by right away introducing us to Apple Arcade and demos for three of its offerings. Read More >>

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Apple Card Also an Apple Knife

Apple’s newly available physical credit card may boast of low interest and 3 per cent cash-back perks from partners like Uber, but one YouTuber has discovered the card has an unexpected utilitarian function as well: titanium pocket knife. Read More >>

Exposed Server Contained Phone Numbers of Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Users

Facebook is staring down yet another security blunder, this time with an incident involving an exposed server containing hundreds of millions of phone numbers that were previously associated with accounts on its platform. Read More >>

Facebook: Guess We’ll Disclose the Whole Face Recognition Thing (Since We Have To)

Facebook says it’s giving the axe to one face-scanning tool and introducing a wider rollout for another – this time by giving users a heads up about it first. Read More >>

So, Is Disney+ Going to Be Good or What?

We’ve got a little more than two months before the launch of Disney+, meaning many of us may be weighing whether to pull the plug on some of our other streaming services and instead opt into Disney’s enormous catalogue of movies, television, and originals—particularly given that its subscription price comes in lower than Netflix’s most affordable tier. But is it worth it? Read More >>

Juul CEO: ‘Don’t Use Juul’ If You’re Not Already Addicted to Nicotine

Even the guy running Juul admits that you probably shouldn’t use its highly addictive products if you’re not already addicted to nicotine. Read More >>

Airlines Are Banning MacBooks in Checked Luggage Regardless of Recall Status

Following an Apple notice that a “limited number” of 15-inch MacBook Pros may have faulty batteries that could potentially create a fire safety risk, multiple airlines have barred transporting Apple laptops in their checked luggage – in some cases, regardless of whether they fall under the recall. Read More >>

Apple Gets Halfway to Allowing You to Repair Your Own Shit

In an apparent flip on its position on independent repair operations, Apple this week announced that it will finally provide the parts and tools needed to perform “the most common out-of-warranty iPhone repairs” to independent businesses. But don’t go patting Apple on the back just yet. Read More >>

Former Uber Employee Says ‘Safe Rides Fee’ Was the Rip-Off You Always Suspected

Uber has, across its 10-year history, been the subject of any number of public scandals – from workplace sexual harassment and data privacy to labour strikes and myriad other controversies. But thanks to a forthcoming book on the beleaguered company, employees had a chance to reminisce about one some of us may not remember: its dodgy Safe Rides Fee. Read More >>