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Disney+ Has a Hacking Problem

Disney+ had a rocky launch last week, with technical issues and customer service complaints galore. Now, it looks as though Disney+ has a hacking problem as well. Read More >>

Netflix’s Chosen Fighter to Take on Disney+ Is, Uh, Nickelodeon

I imagine it’s looking pretty grim from where Netflix is standing right now. Read More >>

Slide Into the Weekend With the Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2019

Folks, if you aren’t heading into your weekend with an image of a king penguin forsaking public pool etiquette and absolutely unloading his ass without shame or a rhino pissing all over a bird, you’re not doing it right. Read More >>

Over Half of Anti-Vaxxer Ads on Facebook Were Funded by Just Two Entities, Study Finds

Facebook finally bent earlier this year to public pressure to do something about the trash heap of anti-vaccine-related misinformation that’s managed to fester on its site, but not before anti-vaccination conspiracy theorists were able to exploit its tools to spread harmful and factually inaccurate information on the platform. Read More >>

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Disney+ is Embarrassing

Disney made a lot of promises for its streaming service – many of which, as far as its content is concerned, it kept. But the service itself, Disney+, so far is messy, unreliable, and riddled with bugs. Read More >>

Facebook Launches Facebook Pay, and What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Facebook, a company best known for its societal fuckery and gross mismanagement of user data, has announced the launch of Facebook Pay. A real treat for anyone looking to share even more of their valuable data with what is arguably one of the most reckless companies in the world. Read More >>

Here’s Why Netflix Is Leaving Some Roku and Samsung Devices

Netflix recently broke for a number of users, and the error message the company provided wasn’t entirely clear about why. Gizmodo spoke with the company about the incident, and Netflix offered more details about why this is happening. Read More >>

Google Reportedly Amassed Private Health Data on Millions of People Without Their Knowledge

Google has tapped a partnership with a prominent healthcare services company to advance its healthcare software services offerings. But a new report alleges the data being used for the project comes from the health records of tens of millions of people who have no idea their data is being used by Google for this purpose. Read More >>

Global Internet Freedom Continues to Decline Thanks in No Small Part to Social Media

It often feels like logging on immediately reveals a dump truck’s worth of bad news and bullshit, particularly on social media. But beyond the rampant misinformation and general vitriol that festers in threads on newsfeeds, social media presents a serious global threat to internet freedom that an annual report says is only getting worse. Read More >>

The Most Ridiculous Health and Wellness Fads of the Decade

As 2019 creeps ever closer to its merciful end, there’s plenty we’re glad to be leaving in the rear view mirror. Much of the last decade – particularly the tail end of it – has felt like a haunted carnival funhouse in which each new room serves up a surreal and previously unimaginable horror. This was also true of the last 10 years in health trends. Read More >>

And Now for Some Very Good Bears

You ever look around and notice that bears are notably absent from your newsfeed? That there are neither fat bears nor bears doing crimes anywhere to be found? Reader, there is a clear scarcity of bear blogs, and for that reason, I think it only fair we point you in the right direction. Read More >>

Netflix Is Pivoting to Scripted Podcasts

As Netflix faces increased competition with the release of two major streaming services this week, it appears Netflix is getting into the scripted podcasts game. Read More >>

Finally, Action is Being Taken Against Stalking Apps

The US Federal Trade Commission has taken its first action against the developers of three “stalking” apps that it alleges could monitor users without their consent and created security vulnerabilities for victims’ devices. The regulatory crackdown isn’t much more than a nudge to be slightly less shitty, but hey, it’s a start. Read More >>

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Disney+ Will Let Users Keep Downloaded Content Even After It Leaves the Platform [UPDATED]

Update: A Disney spokesperson replying to Gizmodo’s request for confirmation told us that Disney CEO Bob Iger's comments were misinterpreted when he said, “if you are a subscriber, you can download it and put it on a device and it will stay on that device as long as you continue to subscribe.” According to the spokesperson, some films on the Disney+ service will go away at certain times and be unavailable to subscribers even if they’ve downloaded the file. The spokesperson did indicate that some titles would be available in perpetuity to subscribers who elect to download the content on their devices. But Disney was unclear about whether this simply means that you’ll be able to download whatever content is available on the service at a given time. We’ve reached out for further clarification and will update this post when we have more information. Read More >>

Amazon Found to Be Selling Loads of Expired and Inedible Food

The everything store appears to have a serious expired foods problem. Read More >>