The Communist Manifesto Gets a Comic Adaptation That’s Both Nightmarish and Timely

As widely regarded as Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto is, it can be easy to forget that the scathing, seminal critique of capitalism and the bourgeoisie was hurriedly written over the course of a few days after months of procrastination. Read More >>

star wars
Lando Calrissian is Pansexual

There’s a reason everybody loves Lando, you know. Read More >>

For the Love of God, Stop Asking the Black Panther Cast to Do the ‘Wakanda Forever’ Salute

The cast of Marvel’s Black Panther has been touring the world for months promoting their movie in interviews and red carpets where they’re inevitably asked to do the iconic “Wakanda Forever” salute. While there’s a lot to discuss about Black Panther, the one question that virtually everyone involved in the movie has been asked at some point isn’t about the film’s plot at all—it’s a request to do the salute. And honestly, it’s about time that we let those poor people do whatever the hell they want to do with their arms. Read More >>

Gotham’s Been Renewed for One Last Season so Bruce Can Finally Become Batman

While it’s been fun to watch as Fox’s Gotham has tossed out the traditional Batman origin story in favour of a wilder, more generally batshit spin on Bruce Wayne’s early years, we all know that the show’s been building to this moment. Read More >>

Legion is a Great Reminder of Just How Awful Charles Xavier Was

Though Professor Charles Xavier is a gifted telepath and an excellent educator, he’s also a rather terrible father and all-around menace to teenaged mutants. That last bit never factored too much into Fox’s live-action X-Men franchise, but it’s something that FX’s Legion is very carefully trying to remind us. Read More >>

Rick and Morty’s Coming Back for 70 More Episodes, But Aw Geez, Don’t Ask When

There was a very brief moment after Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon sent out a cryptic tweet about the show’s future when fans were all but certain that the cult hit might not be returning for a fourth season. Turns out, though, that’s not the case. Read More >>

An Eternals Movie Could Be Marvel’s Best Shot at the Film Inhumans Should Have Been

Inhumans was originally planned to be a full-length movie — until it got stuck in development hell and was repurposed into a less-than-stellar television show, becoming the kind of monumental disappointment that Marvel executives probably have nightmares about. But the studio has a great opportunity to cash in on another classic Marvel Comics group for a film project that could hit a lot of similar notes. We’re talking about the Eternals. Read More >>

Marvel Studios’ Original Iron Man Armour Appears to Have Been Stolen

We live in an age where pretty much anyone can walk into the closest big box store and come out with the basic materials needed to put together some respectable Iron Man cosplay, but for at least one person, it appears a homemade plastic suit of armour just wasn’t going to be enough. They wanted the real deal. Read More >>

avengers infinity war
Why Do You Hurt Us Like This, James Gunn?

Though Groot doesn’t have all that much to say in Avengers: Infinity War, the talking tree’s last spoken dialogue in the film is apparently quite the tearjerker. Read More >>

The New Luke Cage Trailer Debuts a Villain Who Can Break the Unbreakable Man

Luke Cage isn’t a trained fighter, an expert private investigator, or a warrior blessed with mystical energies, but he is a damn-near indestructible hero with a good head on his shoulders and a solid moral compass. But how does an unbreakable man fight someone who can render him completely vulnerable? Netflix’s new trailer for Luke Cage gives us a taste of what Harlem’s hero is up against in season 2. Read More >>

Report: Joe Russo Gave the Infinity War Answers You’ve Been Waiting for… to a Bunch of Teens

Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo stopped by Iowa City High School this week to surprise a group of unsuspecting teenagers with a lengthy chat about his most recent film and all of the burning questions that everyone still has after seeing it. Russo was surprisingly forthright with the audience, and while he couldn’t answer all of their questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future, he dropped quite a number of meaty revelations that cast Infinity War in a new light. Read More >>

Elizabeth Olsen Thinks Scarlet Witch Needs a New Costume, and She’s Right

Scarlet Witch is one of the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a major power player in Avengers: Infinity War, but there’s one thing about the character that’s been (rightfully) bugging actress Elizabeth Olsen: her costume. Read More >>

How Are Marvel’s Television Shows Going to Address Infinity War’s Devastating Ending?

The Avengers finally went up against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and set events in motion that could change the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which means, of course, that Marvel’s television shows are going to have to address what happened in Infinity War. Right? Read More >>

Westworld Has to Acknowledge the Racist Appeal of Shōgun World

As the hosts in Delos’ luxury resorts continue with their plans for a mass robot uprising, Westworld is becoming a more expansive, complicated realm—especially with the introduction of Shōgun World, a new park styled to look and feel like feudal Japan. But it’s important to consider that, on quite a few levels, the very idea of this park is rife with potentially problematic, racist ideas. Read More >>

star wars
Victoria Mahoney Will Help Direct Star Wars: Episode IX, But There’s Still Work to Be Done

On Tuesday evening, A Wrinkle in Time and New Gods director Ava DuVernay took to Twitter with a major Star Wars announcement, though it wasn’t about herself. For the first time in the franchise’s history, a black woman will direct a significant portion of a Star Wars film. Her name is Victoria Mahoney; remember it. Read More >>