Dark Phoenix’s Simon Kinberg Took Inspiration From Nolan’s Batman to Bring the X-Men Down to Earth

There’s an unsteady, chaotic energy coursing through much of Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix. It almost feels like an extension of the existential crisis its titular hero finds herself in as she becomes the most powerful mutant to ever walk the Earth. That feeling, according to Kinberg, was a wholly intentional part of his directorial debut. Read More >>

A Brief Explanation of Dark Phoenix’s Confusing Alien Villain

While Fox was perfectly fine spoiling Dark Phoenix’s major death in early advertisements, the true identity of Jessica Chastain’s alien character was kept conspicuously hush in the weeks leading up to the film’s premiere. Though an explanation for the codename she was referred to by the studio (“Smith”) is never explained in the film itself, a brief exchange is packed with just enough information about Chastain’s character to reveal who they are and how they fit into the larger Dark Phoenix Saga. Read More >>

Simon Kinberg Likens Dark Phoenix’s Original Ending to Captain America: Civil War and Captain Marvel

While the cast of Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix has spoken about the similarities between the film’s original ending and the ending of another recent big superhero film – similarities that were so extensive they required the final X-Men installment to undergo extensive reshoots – everyone has been coy about what that other superhero film was, as well as how Dark Phoenix’s new ending sets it apart. Read More >>

Jessica Jones Season 3 Is a Last Call That Feels Too Familiar

Jessica Jones understands that recovering from psychological trauma is often a lifelong process, something marked by countless instances of backsliding and false starts that can make it feel like one might never be whole again. In the Netflix series’ third and final season, the MCU’s favourite nihilist detective is extremely back on her bullshit, which is to say that she’s getting by via the only ways she knows how: drinking, fighting, and doing the occasional bit of heroic vigilante work. Read More >>

The Swamp Thing TV Show Has Been Cancelled

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing series from executive producer James Wan has reportedly been cancelled after just one episode. Read More >>

Wolverine Isn’t in Dark Phoenix for a Good Reason

Wolverine could have been in Dark Phoenix, but he’s not. That’s probably for the best. Read More >>

Dark Phoenix Is a Bittersweet Goodbye to Fox’s X-Men

Simon Kinberg’s Dark Phoenix became one of the most significant of Fox’s X-Men films the moment it became clear it would be the last instalment in the franchise that set the stage for the modern comic book movie boom. Not only was the film going to bring the story of Charles Xavier’s mutant heroes to an end, it was going to do it by revisiting one of the most contentious, intricate parts of the X-Men mythos. Read More >>

A Jurassic World Animated Series From Dreamworks Is Stomping Its Way to Netflix

In the Jurassic Park franchise, humans have never had the common sense to learn from their past mistakes and stop trying to genetically engineer dinosaurs. That’s why, whenever something goes wrong at the park, people end up getting killed. But a little loss of life has never been enough to stop the capitalist machine, and in Netflix’s new animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, we’ll be introduced to InGen’s latest go at turning a Dino-safari into a grand, moneymaking opportunity. Read More >>

Before Chris Hemsworth Fought to Keep Thor Fat in Avengers: Endgame, He Almost Played Gambit

Avengers: Endgame takes Thor to an emotional low point so dark that he sinks into an existential, alcohol-fuelled depression. It causes the thunder god to go through a drastic physical transformation we don’t see until halfway through the film. When we first see Thor’s new form, it’s initially played for laughs, but as Endgame unfolds, it’s shown to be a reflection of where the character’s at emotionally. Read More >>

A New Jessica Jones Teaser Introduces the Final Season’s Premiere Date and Villain

Jessica Jones is the last of Marvel’s Defenders to make her exit from Netflix’s corner of the MCU, but before she leaves, there’s one last case she’s got to solve. And it’s going to push the hard-drinking hero to her limits at a time when she’s already stretched thin. Read More >>

The X-Men’s Quicksilver Speeds Into Space in This Surprisingly Cool Dark Phoenix Clip

Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in Fox’s most recent X-Men films has been one of the franchise’s most interesting characters, in part because of the innovative way filmmakers have taken to visualising his super speed. Dark Phoenix wouldn’t be a proper X-Men sendoff without the silver-haired speed demon, and in a new clip from the film, he gets his time to shine. Read More >>

Good Omens is a Delightful Apocalypse We’d Be So Lucky to Live Through

The present-day pop cultural landscape in which Amazon’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens premieres is in a curious, apocalypse-obsessed state that Agnes Nutter would have found quaint, but fascinating all the same. Epic films and television shows about hapless heroes attempting to avert or prevent the prophesied end times are a dime a dozen, and audiences have become so inured to them that we don’t particularly care about the exact mechanics. The world is imperilled, heroes do what they can to save the day, things usually end up working out all right, and we’re on to the next doomsday blockbuster Read More >>

star wars
The Marvel Approach Won’t Work for Star Wars, According to Kathleen Kennedy

The similarities between Star Wars: The Force Awakens and A New Hope are as plentiful as they are obvious, because even though the newest trilogy introduces a whole slew of new characters, the story being told about bringing balance to the Force is the same. Respecting the original Star Wars films was always an important part of J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy’s approach to telling stories in the franchise, but with The Rise of Skywalker, the filmmakers are ready to lean into some new filmmaking sensibilities. Read More >>

The Soul Stone Was the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Least Interesting MacGuffin

Long before any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s heroes had the slightest inkling they might one day have to literally turn back time to save half of existence, Thanos was busy moving heaven and Titan to get his sizeable purple hands on each of the Infinity Stones. Read More >>

game of thrones
Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Has a Lot to Say About His Books After the Big Finale

Now that Game of Thrones’ series finale has come and gone, even more attention is being paid to author George R.R. Martin. He’s mostly been minding his own business and living his life while the rest of the world harangues him about the final two entries in the series of novels that started it all. Read More >>