Ring’s Linked Devices Feature Lets you Control Your Home Security Network With One App

Amazon's home security subsidiary, Ring, recently announced a feature for its app called Linked Devices that will (funnily enough) link up and improve connectivity between its devices in user's home security networks. Read More >>

Celebrate DOOM Eternal’s Impending Release With a Cold Glass of Cow Bone Vodka

What do you think of when you hear DOOM? Whatever you're thinking, it's probably not vodka and cow bones (we hope). Read More >>

The OnePlus 7T May Have 90hz Screen Despite Not Being a Pro

OnePlus is working on a new phone, and it will have a lower price than the current OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed as much in an interview with CNET, saying that it will be more "affordable" than the OnePlus 7 Pro, which starts at £699. Read More >>

Hands-on Video Leak Gives Best Look at Pixel 4 Yet

With a mere month left to go until its official reveal, the Pixel 4, while not quite as leak-prone as the Pixel 3 that came before it, has still had its fair share. Read More >>

Samsung to Cancel All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders Ahead of New Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a tumultuous old time, hasn't it? From its review model screen defects to its failure to actually launch the first time round, the Fold's grand journey to the world stage has been rough to say the least. Read More >>

raspberry pi
Surrey-Based Company sends Raspberry Pi into Space to Take Pretty Pictures of Earth

The Raspberry Pi is a hugely versatile single board computer that can breathe live into a massive variety of tech projects, including gaming consoles, claw machines, desktop PCs, and robots, as well as providing an easy way to show kids how to code. Basically, it's a bloody great bit of kit. Read More >>

Sonos Introduces its First Portable Speaker Built for the Outdoors

Sonos wants us all to get a bit more fresh air as it introduces the Sonos Move, the first battery-powered Sonos speaker built for the outdoors, shown off at its event in NYC last month. As well as the Move, the event also gave a first look at other new products coming out of Sonos later this year. Read More >>

Met Police Says It Did Supply Images for King’s Cross Facial Recognition Technology After All

After previously denying any involvement, London's Metropolitan Police Service has now revealed that it supplied image data used in the facial recognition technology employed by the developers of the King's Cross estate between May 2016 and March 2018. Read More >>

Friends Central Perk Couch Will Appear at Famous Landmarks Worldwide

Many of us here at Giz UK are huge Friends fans, and are delighted that the influential sitcom is celebrating its 25th anniversary by taking the Central Perk couch on a world tour with stops in the US, EU and more. Read More >>

Bar Wars: A New Hop – Introducing Stormtrooper Beer

The Death Star must be a pretty boring place when there aren't rebels scurrying around providing targets to shoot at (and miss), so some industrious Stormtroopers decided to put their spare time to good use and brew and market their own beer, as you do. Read More >>

Dell’s Foldable Laptop Display gets Yet Another Patent

Dell's rumoured foldable laptop display just got another step closer to reality. Read More >>

Cheapest Airbnb in the UK is a One-Person Tent in Someone’s Back Garden

Would you pay £8 (and a £1 service charge) to stay in a crappy tent on someone's patio? Read More >>

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro get Android 10 in new OxygenOS Open Beta

OnePlus is making Android 10 available on its OnePlus 7 and 7 pro handsets as part of the latest OxygenOS Open Beta, which is available right now. Read More >>

XKCD Forum Breach Impacts More Than Half a Million Users

XKCD, a popular science and technology webcomic, is the latest site to have its user's information breached, resulting in 562,000 accounts having their usernames, passwords, and IP addresses exposed online. Read More >>

OnePlus TV will be a Dolby Atmos-Equipped Display with Eight Speakers

Under a month away from its official reveal, more details about the OnePlus TV have been teased courtesy of Amazon India. Read More >>