KFC to Launch ‘I Love You Bacon’ Burger

The Colonel's latest invention is a burger with lots of bacon on it. KFC's official description of the burger reads: Read More >>

Pot Noodle Launches Revision-Powered Vending Machine for UK Students

Pot Noodle is launching what it is calling the world's first revision-powered vending machine. Read More >>

Tinder Announces New ‘Festival Mode’

Person-matching swipe-simulator Tinder has launched a mode specifically for festivals. Read More >>

eBay’s Bank Holiday Deal is a Hefty 30 Per Cent Off Sound and Vision Tech

Had your eye (or even your ears) on some fancy tech to spoil yourself with this bank holiday weekend? I know I have. Read More >>

OnePlus Pro 7 Press Renders Have Finally Arrived

We can't help but feel a little bit sad as OnePlus 7 leak season draws to a close. We've been treated to everything from an in depth look at the phone's specs (lots and lots of specs), the Pro's beautiful packaging, and even the rumoured prices. Read More >>

1p and 2p Coins are Here to Stay

After Philip Hammond floated a proposal in the 2018 Spring Statement that would scrap 1p and 2p coins for being too hard to store, the Treasury faced backlash from groups claiming that millions of people in the UK still relied on cash as their main spending method. Read More >>

Pornhub Wants to Buy Tumblr and Restore All of the Lost Porn

Tumblr ain't what it used to be. After being acquired for somewhere in the region of £840 million by US telecommunications company Verizon Media Group in 2006, its proud new owners recognised a problem: Tumblr couldn't find profitability. Also, porn was everywhere. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Get a New UK Release Date Very Soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold, an incredible if unfinished feat of phone engineering could finally be getting a new release date. The exact reason for Samsung's rush to market with the Fold is not known, but one might assume it has something to do with Sammy wanting to be the first big phone maker to get a big, proper folding smartphone to market. The plan backfired, however, when reviewers, influencers and partners who had received a review device started reporting issues with the phone, including a particularly damning review of the hardware by tech destroyers iFixit (since deleted). Read More >>

UK Defence Secretary Fired for Huawei 5G Plan Leaks

Gavin Williamson has been dismissed as defence secretary following "compelling evidence" that indicated he was the one to leak information from a national security council meeting. Read More >>

In-Skill Purchasing Comes to Amazon’s Alexa in the UK

In-skill purchasing released last year in the US, allowing developers to monetise custom-made skills, sell microtransactions and suggest products for users to buy, all through Alexa. Now, the service is headed to the UK. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Put a Password on Your Smart Fridge

IoT gadgets are everywhere these days. Connect your toys to the internet. Connect your oven to the internet. Connect your light switch to the internet. Read More >>

We Now Know Pretty Much Everything About Google’s New Pixel 3a Range

Well, it happened. Any smidgen of mystery that once surrounded Google's upcoming Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL has now vanished. Read More >>

Even the OnePlus 7 Pro’s Packaging is Leaking

A new leak has revealed two accessories that supposedly come bundled with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Read More >>

Big Ben Costume Left Outside London Pub Briefly, Gets Stolen

The Big Ben London Marathon runner who went viral after having a bit of trouble crossing the finish line has had his costume stolen from outside a pub. Read More >>