smart speakers
How to Turn Your Smart Speaker Into a White Noise Generator

Those smart speakers you’ve allowed into your home can do more than look up the weather forecast and set timers for your eggs – they’re growing increasingly capable of taking on a host of other tasks, including becoming an ambient or white noise generator. If you need help focusing or falling asleep, a path to peaceful slumber awaits. Read More >>

google stadia
Is Your Internet Fast Enough for Google Stadia? If Not, There’s Still Hope

The video game streaming revolution is coming, and Google Stadia is helping to lead the charge – but do you have enough bandwidth to play along when it launches today? Here are the minimum requirements for running Stadia, and how you can get your internet connection in shape ahead of time. Read More >>

All the Best Video Calling Options, Ranked

We now have the technology to see each other when we want to chat. And when it comes to video-calling apps, you’ve got a plethora of options to pick from on phones, laptops, and even TVs. Here are the ones we like the most, ranked. Read More >>

how to
The Best Ways to Send Huge Files to Other People

You’ve got a huge file to send to someone else – what’s the best way of going about it? Your cloud storage service of choice might well offer a robust file-sharing option, and the maximum attachment size limit on your email client might be higher than you think, but there are also a growing number of simple, one-stop file-sharing tools that make this boring-but-important a breeze. Read More >>

how to
How to Keep Group Chats From Driving You Mad

There you are, minding your own DM business, when all of a sudden you’re added to a group chat with a bunch of other work colleagues, neighbours, parents, old school friends, or people probably, maybe going to a party in three weeks’ time. You don’t have to settle for this shoddy group chat etiquette – here’s how to stay out of it. Read More >>

social media
How to Make Your Social Media Feeds About More Than Just Your Boring Friends

Remember when opening up social networking apps was exciting? Now, all your friends seem to post about is politics/their baby/their side business/what they’re eating. The good news is that the best social apps go way beyond your friends and family – there’s interesting content out there if you know where to find it. Read More >>

how to
How to Speed Through Youtube Videos, Podcasts, Audiobooks, and Even Netflix

Who has the time to watch and listen to everything out there, right? Netflix has riled up movie makers by testing out variable speed settings in its Android app so you can speed up the movie to get through it faster. For the time being, it’s only a limited test, but you’ve got a host of other ways to get through your movies and your podcasts more quickly. Read More >>

digital assistants
How to Find and Delete Everything You’ve Ever Said to Your Digital Assistants

Most of us are comfortable using digital assistants to ask about the weather, or the traffic on the way to work, or just how many years it’s been since our favourite sports team actually won anything – but what’s happening to all of our voice commands and queries? And just how many human beings are listening in to them? Here’s how to see what’s on file, and how to delete it. Read More >>

The Best Alternatives to the Subscription Services Taking Over Your Digital Life

We live in a subscription-filled world – a few pounds a month in return for a bevy of digital services. (Apple alone has launched what feels like several dozen in the last year). But is this the best use of your money? Are the alternatives to subscription packages actually... better? Here are the options you need to consider. Read More >>

The 10 Settings You Need to Change on Your Amazon Fire TV

In a crowded marketplace, the Amazon Fire TV sticks and boxes remain some of the simplest and least expensive ways to get music and movies up on your big-screen TV – especially if you’re invested in Amazon’s streaming services. If you own a Fire TV device, here are ten tricks to get more from it. Read More >>

Google’s New Anti-Smartphone Apps, Ranked

We know that we’re all spending too much time glued to our phones, rather than looking at the person we’re talking to, the movie we’re watching, the sunset we’re missing, or the children we’re ignoring, and Google and Apple know it too. Google has pushed out six ‘experimental’ apps to try and curb our collective smartphone addiction – and here’s what we think of them. Read More >>

The New Pixel 4 Real-Time Transcription App Is Amazing – What to Use If You Can’t Get It

Among the new features onboard the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL phones is a Recorder app that can transcribe spoken audio in real-time – a tool that could prove hugely useful in lectures, interviews, and more besides. It works offline too, but it’s not your only option for converting speech into text. Read More >>

The 20 Apple Arcade Games That Make It Worth the Money

Out of all the subscription bundles that Apple has pushed out in its recent lurch towards being a services company, it’s the £5-a-month Apple Arcade one that makes the most sense – a tonne of exclusive games for mobile and desktop, all for one flat fee. Just how good a deal Apple Arcade ends up depending on the games. We’ve heard a lot about the captivating Day-Glo endless runner game Sayonara Wild Hearts, but there are countless other games also available and it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you. That’s where we come in. Read More >>

web browsers
Why Your Web Browser is Running Slowly and How to Fix It

We do just about everything inside a browser nowadays – stream movies, write essays, chat with friends, edit photos – and serious slowdowns inside this key bit of software can have a serious impact on how much we get done. With that in mind, these are the reasons that your browser is slowing down, and what you can do to fix it. Read More >>

Add These 9 Simple Browser Bookmarks to Make Your Online Life Easier

Your browser bookmarks might be stacked with articles you’ll never get around to reading, and sites you’ve long forgotten about, but there are ways to use bookmarks more productively – save these 9 handy URLs in your browser, and you’ll be able to get more done and more quickly while you’re online. Read More >>