Group FaceTime is Finally Coming to Apple Devices Courtesy of iOS 12.1

Do you desire to show off your mesmerising mug to multiple other human beings via the medium of a digital call? Then prepare to have your day made: group video chats are finally coming to FaceTime with Apple's latest iOS update. Read More >>

Looks Like Facebook May Roll Out a Feature That Lets You Unsend Messages

Are you the sort of impulsive, filter-free individual who goes on Facebook and sends regrettable messages after one too many pints of Belgium's fightiest lager? Then good news! It looks the social media site is about to roll out a message-kiboshing feature. Read More >>

Apple Watch 4’s ECG Sensor Can Identify a Certain Heart Defect With 98% Accuracy

Thought Apple's latest wearable only had a shiny new screen to boast about? Think again. Not only is the Apple Watch 4's new display obscenely sharp, the gadget also packs in a range of sophisticated health features, including new ECG tech that can monitor and identify heart defects. Read More >>

Huge Quantities of Fugly Fruit And Veg Are Being Discarded Before They Ever Reach Supermarkets, New Study Finds

We've heard about the Ugly Duckling, but the Fugly Fennel? That's a new one on us. Apparently though, around a third of all fruit and veg grown across Europe never reach supermarkets as a result of being deemed too ugly for consumption. Read More >>

More Info on The Rumoured iPhone XI Plus Has Been Found in The iOS 12 Beta

There are three things that are unavoidable in this life: Death. Taxes. Stumbling upon online iPhone leaks. Rumours that Apple will soon reveal three new iPhone models next month have been swirling for a while now, and a recent piece of dev-digging in the iOS 12 beta code seems to have revealed a shot of the all-but-confirmed iPhone XI Plus... though that name could obviously still change. Read More >>

20m Fans Tuned Into BBC One to Watch England Beat Sweden in Their World Cup Quarter Final

Alright, that figure is a tiny bit of a fib. The actual number of folk who tuned into the Beeb to watch England vanquish the Swedes 2-0 was a 'mere' 19.9 million; a peak high recorded as the quarter-final match of this thrilling World Cup was ending. Read More >>

The iPhone 8 Returns to The Top of The Sales Charts, and it Might Have Something to do With The World Cup

Spoiler: Apple is making a lot of money with its portable telephone devices. It's also not a huge surprise that new sales figures show the iPhone 8 is outselling the more expensive iPhone X. Read More >>

Xbox One is Getting New Seagate SSDs Made Specifically For The Console

There's a big old video game shindig going on right now in Los Angeles. This year's E3 kicked off in style last night, with EA showing a lot more of its eagerly anticipated MMO/shooter mash-up, Anthem. There was also some gadget-related news, with Seagate announcing a special SSD designed specifically for Xbox One. Read More >>

Looks Like The Next Apple Watch Could Have Solid-State Buttons

It seems the next Apple Watch could ditch physical buttons in favour of solid-state ones. Read More >>

The New Blackberry Will be Revealed in June

Yes, the BlackBerry is still a thing, wisenheimer. Online speculation has been swirling for months that a new BlackBerry, called the Key2, was set to be announced. Now, the company has confirmed the device's existence by sending out invitations for a June 7 launch event in New York City, where the Key2 is specifically mentioned. Read More >>

The Apple Watch Could Soon Support Third-Party Watch Faces

In a rumoured, decidedly un-Apple move, it looks like the Big A could be about to let third-party developers design faces for the Apple Watch. Read More >>

The Mini Mega Drive is Coming. Sega, Take All of Our Money

Fun fact: the first video game console I ever owned was the Mega Drive – cheers for the best birthday gift ever, Grandad. With this quick anecdote out of the way, please indulge my inner eight-year-old losing his shit over the fact Sega is re-releasing the classic system in mini form. Read More >>

Amazon May Soon Stop Selling Google’s Nest Thermostats

Fight! Fight! Fight! The ongoing seismic (yet somehow, undeniably petty) tit-for-tat scuffle between Amazon and Google continues to rumble on. Recent rumours suggest the online retailer will soon stop selling the Big G's line of Nest products. Read More >>

Celebrate The Nintendo Switch’s First Birthday by Using a PS4 Pad to Play on it

Nintendo's adorable/surprisingly good handheld hybrid came out one year ago today. As it turns the grand old age of one, a shiny new peripheral has turned up, providing plenty of additional pad options for those not keen on stumping up for the system's pricey Pro Controller. Read More >>