19 Things I’m Dying to Carbonate With SodaStream’s Magical New Machine

Being able to carbonate water in your own home is awesome. Not being able to inject the same magic bubbles into every other liquid you can get your hands on? That’s a drag. But no longer! The SodaStream Mix is a new machine that can bubblify anything. Are you quaking with glee yet? I know I am. Read More >>

An Inside Look at the New MacBook’s Weird-Ass Slim Battery

The new MacBook has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve, from a new keyboard to a force feedback trackpad, and of course a lovely new hi-res screen. But maybe the coolest new feature is deep on the inside; terraced batteries that can put more power in a thinner package. Read More >>

How Tinder Would Have Looked in the 1980s

Swipe left? What do you mean “swipe”? How’s about pressing the left arrow key to painstakingly move a pixelated image of a man wearing a jean jacket to the recycling bin! Then just wait, wait, wait, and try again. Everyone’s dream partner is out there somewhere, and if no one calls the landline, maybe just maybe you’ll find them! Read More >>

MacBook Meta-Review: The Laptop of the Future, Just a Liiittle Too Early

Apple’s newest MacBook is undeniably slick. But with its single port and a processor that’s far from super-charged, it’s also got a few potential pain points. The first reviews are just coming in, and it seems like a shoo-in for Laptop of the Future. Just maybe not quite yet. Read More >>

Seven Machines That are Meta as Hell 

What’s better than a monster machine? A meta machine, that's what. Here is an array of machines that really took the advice “Just do you!” to heart. Read More >>

Intel’s £170 Stick That Turns a TV Into a Windows Desktop is Now on Sale

The Intel Compute Stick, a snazzy dongle that can turn anything with an HDMI port into a full-fledged Windows computer, made a bit of a splash when it touched down at CES 2015. And now it's landing for real, with pre-orders being taken for the clever £169.95 device. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Not the Next Big Thing, Just a Fantastic Phone

Remember the good old Samsung Galaxy S III? It was a fantastic little trooper, but we’ve come a long way since plastic phones were king. iPhones, Nexii, Motorolas and HTCs have been pushing the limits of style and substance, and now the Galaxy S6 is finally, finally catching up with them. It’s stylish, it’s solid. It’s the whole package. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Has as Much Bloatware as Ever

You know the rumours about how the Galaxy S6 would have dramatically less bloatware? How a bunch of the Samsung apps would be deletable if not completely optional? Yeah, not true: the Galaxy S6 has as much bloatware as ever. Read More >>

Facebook is Finally Getting Messaging Right

Facebook wants to be your everything, and the next step in its long and deliberate journey to subsume the entire world is here. Messenger, Facebook's separate (and now genuinely useful) messaging app, is growing up, and you have every reason to be excited. Read More >>

The Perfect Android Keyboard for Barely Keeping in Touch

Cool. Nice. Damn. lollollollollollollollollol. ⊙_⊙ oh, hmm. ⊙﹏⊙. K, thks ツ ❤ Read More >>

This is the Worst Thing About Voicemail

Regardless of how you feel about voicemail, I think we can all agree that this is the worst. Read More >>

What is the Most Horrible Technology Sound?

Technology is amazing, until it starts generating noises that make you want to lock yourself inside a Faraday cage time machine and zip back to the Stone Age. Read More >>