Goodbye, Peppa Pig

My seven-year-old daughter has gotten into some straight-up terrible TV shows of late. While I’m glad one of them is a magical-girl show like Sailor Moon, which organically extends her genre palette, it’s absolutely awful. I long for simpler times — times when I’d watch Peppa Pig with her. Read More >>

star wars
No, a Lando Movie Isn’t the Next Star Wars Story… for Now

Articles have been popping saying that a Lando Calrissian movie was set to be the next spotlight film in the works from Lucasfilm. But, sadly, that’s not true yet. Read More >>

stephen hawking
Stephen Hawking’s Graphic Novel Biography Shows How He Saw the World – and the Universe

If all you know about Stephen Hawking is that he was on The Simpsons and other TV shows, then a new graphic novel coming next year will be the perfect way to improve what you know about one of history’s greatest theoretical physicists. Read More >>

watch this
Someone Inserted Harrison Ford’s Face Into a Solo Trailer and It Is Wrong Wrong Wrong

It’s a heartwarming moment when Harrison Ford surprises Alden Ehrenreich during a press junket interview. But it’s a bloodcurdling experience watching the older man’s young face slapped onto the younger man’s present-day body. Watch this fan edit of the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and see for yourself. Read More >>

Margot Kidder, Who Defined Lois Lane for a Generation, Has Passed Away

Margot Kidder, the woman whose performance perfectly captured the essence of The Daily Planet’s most fearless reporter, passed away on Sunday at her home in Montana. Read More >>

Let’s All Pray Something Like The Rain Never Happens in Real Life

The apocalypse in Netflix’s new eco-disaster series The Rain happens with frightening speed. One minute, high schooler Simone is joshing with her friends and flirting with a boy. The next, her family’s racing down the highway in their car and then leaving it behind to run through the woods on foot. And when the clouds burst open, everything about her life gets turned upside down. Read More >>

Rare Adam West PSA Will Make You Miss the Bright Knight Batman Even More

If you’re a fan of the 1966 Batman show, the first thing that will hit you as you watch Adam West in this retro PSA is a strong wave of nostalgia. There he is, smooth as a silk Bat-cape, purring through his lines about pedestrian traffic safety. But, by the time the clip ends, things feel unexpectedly weird. Read More >>

Here’s the New Trailer for The Incredibles 2

A fresh promo for Pixar’s superhero sequel reveals a big shift in the Parr family dynamics and the desire to make people trust metahumans again. Read More >>

Things I Never Knew About Writing Comics Until I Wrote Comics

I’ve spent most of my professional career writing about comics (and video games), putting forth what I understand about the art form’s mechanics and creators in essays, reviews, and interviews. I thought I got comics, at the very least the superhero genre aspect of the medium. They’ve always been part of my life. But then I started writing a superhero comic book myself, and suddenly I realised how much I didn’t know. Read More >>

American Gods is Turning Media Into a Millennial

It truly sucks that Gillian Anderson won’t be reprising her role as shape-shifting deity Media on American Gods. But it sounds like the producers of season two are taking the opportunity to add a similar character that will present the same kind of ideas, but in a totally different and fresh way. Read More >>

One of The Most Memorable Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Characters Developed From a Mistake

The classic Bill & Ted teen time-travel comedies are beloved artefacts of late-1980s/early-1990s goofiness. The titular characters romp through time and existential states, and hijinks ensue. But one of the weirdest characters in the series had their origin in a late-night work accident. Read More >>

Ready Player One Is an Orgy of Nostalgia in All the Wrong Ways

The early reactions to Ready Player One after its screening at SXSW were mostly positive, but don’t count io9's among them. It isn’t so much a movie about loving old video games and other cultural artefacts. It’s about loving to love those things, which makes Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the bestselling novel feel hollow despite—or maybe because of—the relentless pop culture references it throws at you. Read More >>

The Academy Didn’t Have the Guts to Give Get Out Best Picture

Both Get Out and The Shape of Water are great films about outsiders, made by people from non-white backgrounds. But, Get Out is a lot less comforting, which is probably why it didn’t win Best Picture last night. Read More >>

Some of The Tick’s Classic Villains Might Show Up On the New Series

Sure, Amazon’s new Tick show is great and all, but will we ever get to see old friends like Chairface Chippendale, the Breadmaster or—please, please—the Evil Bomber What Bombs at Midnight? We went straight to The Tick creator Ben Edlund and demanded to know, and his firm, emphatic answer was... maybe. Read More >>

star wars
Everything Donald Glover Says Just Makes Us Want a Lando Calrissian Movie Even More

Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian in the Han Solo movie. It was the casting that made everybody stand up and applaud when it was announced last year. Now that we’ve seen a trailer for Solo and are hearing Glover talk about playing Cloud City’s chief dude, our hunger for a Lando-centric project has only intensified. Read More >>