Church of Sheeran Approved by Local Council

Nice little Ed Sheeran isn't jizzing his money away on Teslas and jetpacks and whatnot, and is instead building a lovely little non-denominational church-type thing on the grounds of his home in Suffolk, for all his global friends of various religions to come and have a rest in, and thank their favourite god for making them mates with Ed and bestowing upon them his profitable guest vocalist appearances. Read More >>

Aston Martin Prepares James Bond’s Wife’s Car for Manufacture in Wales

That headline's not far from the truth for once, as Aston Martin's new DBX SUV was designed by the company with one particular ideal customer in mind -- a mother and business owner in her 40s, called Charlotte. "Ah, Mrs Bond," says the boss of the exclusive Kensington nursery on one morning in early September. "We've been expecting you. You can't park that there." Read More >>

London Introduces a Pavement for the Famous

The UK is to begin copying the US habit of immortalising celebrities on the pavement, with the new Music Walk of Fame laying its first slab in London this week to honour ageing rockers The Who. Read More >>

Snapchat Says It’ll Attempt to Moderate and Fact-Check Political Ads

Snapchat's boss has said he's about to ask staff to fact-check any political adverts that their backers want to appear on the platform, with the company's CEO Evan Spiegel setting up an internal team to monitor and approve all ads that appear to be coming from official campaigning sources. Read More >>

Scientists Invent Extra-Slippery Toilet Coating for Cleaner Bowls

US university researchers claim to have invented a better type of toilet, thanks to a super-slippery spray-on coating that uses "nanohairs" to make the grave substances in question less likely to stick to it. Read More >>

Flying All Good Again as EasyJet Promises to Plant Some Trees

Greta Thunberg has been given the OK to jet back from that environmental conference she's currently sailing to, as the UK's unofficial national flyer EasyJet has made aeroplanes totally fine again thanks to agreeing to plant some trees. Read More >>

BBC War of the Worlds Review: Rafe Spall Frowns for an Hour With Good Reason

OK look, I'm not a TV reviewer. I don't get things weeks in advance on DVD, or a special link to a password-protected iPlayer, or invited to advance screenings with a director/cast Q&A and herby sausage rolls after at the Bafta HQ in London. I watched the BBC's new adaptation of War of the Worlds on the telly, like a normal person, and found the experience so harrowing I felt I must immediately pen a warning for the pages of my local newspaper. Read More >>

Waitrose Caught Selling Aldi Veg With a Posh Sticker Over the Top

A scandal is once again unfolding, this time confirming what we all sort of knew all along but didn't say out loud for fear of recriminations: Aldi and Waitrose sell the same things but in different boxes. And for at least 50 per cent more money if you want the ones that have the "Waitrose" sticker on. Read More >>

John Lewis Trials Adult Playshop Concept

John Lewis has had an idea about how to make its cavernous retail caves a bit more enjoyable for the everyday shopper, and is to begin testing a range of "experience playground" options in the Southampton branch. Read More >>

Wales Wants to Let 16-Year-Olds Vote

The miniature little heritage government they let Wales have is starting a push to give 16-year-olds the right to vote, although it won't usher in a new era of Cardiff-rule for the rest of the United Kingdom as it'll only apply to the poorly-attended democracy fests that are the regional council elections. Read More >>

Welsh Medical Museum Promises 8K Videos of Anatomy and Science

Aldershot's Museum of Military Medicine is planning to move itself to Cardiff in time for the 2022 tourist season, with the new premises enabling exciting new things to lure in kids and their educational-day-trip-seeking dads, not least an 8K video space to push the human eye to the limits of its comprehension. Read More >>

McDonalds Claims to Have Innovated in the Cardboard Straw Space

McDonalds isn't done talking about cardboard straws yet, as it would like the world to know that it has been working very hard with numerous teams of paper scientists to make one that's better than the old one. Read More >>

Posh EU Football Will Continue to be Hidden Away on BT Sport

BT Sport will continue to be a vast cash drain on the finances of our largest telecoms company for the next few years at least, as the national phone network-slash-ISP has sent a fresh billion-plus cheque to Uefa in order to maintain exclusive UK rights to show live Champions League matches. Read More >>

Lorry Driver Caught With £20m of Cocaine Hidden Inside Frozen Ham

Detectives operating in the port of Harwich had a hunch that something wasn't right in the back of a lorry purporting to be delivering ham for the nation's lunches, and the vehicle was indeed riding dirty and packed with cocaine rated at a street value of around £20m. Read More >>

Labour Promises Free Fibre Broadband for the Nation… If it Wins the Election

The Labour party made one of the most staggering manifesto reveals of all time last night, with its shadow chancellor announcing a bonkers plan to nationalise much of Openreach in order to deliver a nationwide, state-owned ISP that would make all broadband connections free. And made of fibre. Read More >>