You Can Now Check the Weather on Mars Every Day

Instruments aboard NASA’s InSight lander are now gathering meteorological data from the Martian surface, allowing for daily weather reports that are being made available to the public. Read More >>

Neptune’s Smallest Moon Finally Has a Name: Hippocamp

Introducing Hippocamp – the smallest of Neptune’s seven inner moons. The recently discovered moon likely formed from a collision with another moon billions of years ago. Read More >>

Gene Therapy for the Most Common Form of Blindness Gets Its First Human Test

An 80-year-old woman from Oxford is the first patient to undergo gene therapy to treat age-related macular degeneration—the most common cause of sight loss in the world. Read More >>

The Enduring Mystery of the Martian ‘Blueberries’ Discovered by Opportunity Rover

NASA has officially called an end to the historic Opportunity rover mission, ending a spectacular, 14-year adventure on the Red Planet. One of the rover’s most intriguing discoveries, however, came just two months after it landed, when it stumbled upon tiny objects bearing a startling resemblance to blueberries — the nature of which still divides scientists today. Read More >>

Space Harpoon Successfully Snatches Floating Hunk of Space Debris

A small satellite has captured a piece of space debris using a claw-tipped harpoon. The test represents an important technological achievement given our mounting space junk problem. Read More >>

New NASA Mission Will Look Back at Billions of Years of Cosmic History

A newly approved NASA mission, called SPHEREx, will use a space-based observatory to study the early conditions of the Universe and hunt for the celestial ingredients required for life. Read More >>

Newly Discovered African Titanosaur Had a Distinctly Heart-Shaped Tailbone

Titanosaurs were the giants of the giants—four-legged behemoths that stomped around Cretaceous South America and Africa 100 million years ago. The discovery of a previously unknown titanosaur in Tanzania with a unique heart-shaped tailbone is adding to our knowledge of these enigmatic beasts, and how they lived and evolved on the African continent. Read More >>

nuclear power
Remote-Controlled Probe Picks up Radioactive Debris at Fukushima for the First Time

Tepco, the state-owned operator of the badly damaged Fukushima nuclear plant, has conducted an important test in which a remote-controlled probe managed to grasp several small grains of radioactive debris, AFP reports. The successful operation marked an important achievement for the company as it prepares for a cleanup operation that could take decades. Read More >>

Famed WW2 Aircraft Carrier Torpedoed in 1942 Found Miles Deep in Pacific Ocean

After 77 years, the wreck of the USS Hornet has finally been found, lying more than three miles deep in South Pacific waters. The storied aircraft carrier—sunk by Japanese torpedoes in 1942 with the loss of 140 men— played a critical role during the Second World War, most famously in the Doolittle Raid and the Battle of Midway. Read More >>

2-Billion-Year-Old Squiggles Could Be the Earliest Evidence of a Mobile Life Form

The reported discovery of 2.1-billion-year-old fossilized track marks etched in sedimentary rock is pushing back the earliest evidence of self-propelled movement by an organism on Earth by a whopping 1.5 billion years. Read More >>

Curiosity Rover Says Goodbye to Its Home of a Year With Superb Panoramic

The twisting terrain of Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars has been home to NASA’s Curiosity for over a year, but it’s time for the rover to move on. As a final gesture before trekking toward a nearby region rich in clay, the probe captured a stunning 360-degree panorama of its final worksite at the ridge. Read More >>

Stanford to Investigate Links Between Faculty and Rogue Chinese Scientist

Three high-profile faculty members at Stanford University are under investigation for alleged ties to He Jiankui, the Chinese scientist who claimed to use CRISPR to produce genetically modified human babies last year, MIT Technology Review reports. Read More >>

Whoa, Uranus Looks Messed Up Right Now

The appearance of a massive white cap on Uranus may seem alarming, but as planetary scientists are learning, this is what a prolonged summer looks like on the remote ice giant. Read More >>

Danish Workers Unearth ‘Still-Sharp’ Medieval Sword While Digging Out Sewer

When plumbing planner Jannick Vestergaard and engineer Henning Nøh woke up on the morning of February 5th, it likely never occurred to them that their day’s work would result in the discovery of an extraordinary double-edged sword dating back to the 14th century. Read More >>

Freaky View from Lunar Orbit Shows Chinese Lander on the Moon’s Far Side

An image captured by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter shows the Chang’e 4 landing site from a distance of over 200 miles, revealing both the probe and the desolate lunar landscape around it. Read More >>