Ada Lovelace: The World’s First Computer Programmer Was a Victorian Mother of Three

Does the name Ada Lovelace ring any bells? No? Seeing as you're reading this on a computer, tablet or smartphone, it should. The Victorian mother-of-three, born 1815, was the world's first ever computer programmer. Read More >>

What is the New £1 Coin’s iSIS Security System?

There's a new £1 coin heading to your pockets starting today, and though its twelve-sided, threepence-piece shape evokes a time when a washboard was considered a legitimate musical instrument, it's actually the most high-tech coin of all time. We've has a good look at its reverse-side design, but what's so special about its iSIS security stuff? (Yes we know ISIS has generally come to mean something else in the years since this tech was developed). Read More >>

Virgin Media Now Has a Superfast Broadband Plan for Gamers

You can make a good living out of eSports these days, but if you're stuck on a slow or inconsistent broadband connection, it's like asking Usain Bolt to run a world record time through treacle. Virgin Media's courting the most demanding of gamers with a new broadband deal aimed specifically at them, the "Vivid 200 Gamer" package. Read More >>

The Sound of These £3,699 Earphones is Reserved for Your Dreams Only

Knowing the fortunes of my favourite bands, I'm pretty sure I could purchase the members outright for the same price as the oBravo EAMT-1 earphones. The "most expensive" in the world, the luxury in-ears will set you back a stonking £3,699. Read More >>

Acer’s Crazy 21-inch Curved Screen Gaming Laptop Makes a Mockery of Your Desktop Rig

There must come a time in every product designer's life, brow-beaten by countless concept rejections, when they just go "fuck it, I'm doing it my way", throw caution to the wind and submit the barmiest idea for a product they can muster. Perhaps one in a thousand blue-sky-thinking designs get cleared for production. Today's miracle? The Acer Predator 21 X. Read More >>

Apple iCloud 2TB Option Will Slow the March of Pesky “Storage Full” Notifications

We're just a few days out from the Apple September iPhone event, and the company seems already keen to find ways to mitigate that humongous impending tax bill. It's updated its iCloud cloud storage plans to offer Apple device users a 2TB option. Read More >>

RIP, Google Chromebook Pixel 2

The finest Chromebook money can buy is being discontinued. 2015's Chromebook Pixel 2 is being phased out according to VentureBeat, without any replacement on the horizon yet. Read More >>

Sonos Speaker Control Coming to Spotify

Spotify's apps are already great for acting as mobile remotes for whichever device is currently streaming tunes from the Swedish service. It's made my home cinema-connected PS4 my go-to stereo system as a result, letting me line up tunes through the PlayStation app before blasting them through my 5.1 speakers. So today's news comes as a natural extension of those capabilities – the Spotify apps will soon let you take complete control over any wireless Sonos speakers you may have. Read More >>

You’ll Need an Extra Pair of Eyes for LG’s Massive New Monitors

You can splash out for a Pascal-powered Nvidia GTX 1080 all you want, but if you haven't got a decent monitor to go with it, all that pixel-pushing power is going to waste. LG's rolling start to its IFA 2016 showcase kicks off with a duo of new monitors, each ticking what are likely to be expensive boxes for demanding gamers. Read More >>

WikiLeaks’ Moral Code Questioned After Private Info of Innocent People Shared

Julian Assange may have promised a "harm minimisation policy", protecting the private details of WikiLeaks subjects unless directly linked to uncovering government corruption. But that's been called into question by a new report from the Associated Press, which states the whistleblowing group shared personal information on "hundreds" of innocent people. Read More >>

Stop the Harambe Memes, Pleads Cincinnati Zoo

Your Harambe tributes are not appreciated, according to the zoo that was once the home of the fallen gorilla. Read More >>

Your Chromebook Has a Five Year Lifespan

If you were an early adopter of Google's first wave of Chromebook laptops, you might want to start preparing your finances for an upgrade. Google's End of Life policy for its devices means that support for the oldest of Chromebooks could soon draw to a close. Read More >>

Shut Up Twitter Trolls With Problematic Quality Filters That Put You in an Echo Chamber

I'm sure Twitter means well with its new "quality filters" aimed at silencing the trolls, but it's really just turning its back on a problem rather than dealing with endemic abuse all over its platform. Read More >>

We Played No Man’s Sky with an Astronomer to Separate Its Science Fiction from Facts

Space, that oh-so-often-quoted final frontier. For many of us, the closest we’ll get to the great beyond up above our atmosphere rests firmly within the world of science fiction. The super-hyped, recently released No Man’s Sky went one step further than most space-based games have gone before, offering up a near-infinite, procedurally generated universe of planets, each with their own unique flora, fauna and underlying periodic table to explore and exploit. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Teardown Reveals its Waterproof Guts

Drop your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 down the toilet and all you'll have to worry about is who was in there before you – its IP68 rating means it's fully waterproofed for up to 30 minutes in five feet of water. But how has Samsung managed to keep all those smart components safe from a soaking? Read More >>