NBA Will Use Microsoft Teams to Project Fans Into Game Arenas

Competitive sports just aren’t quite the same without fans. Unfortunately, because we’re living through a global pandemic with a coronavirus that thrives in mass gatherings, having fans at games in person isn’t exactly possible right now. But that doesn’t mean professional sports leagues are ready to restart their seasons without them. So they’re doing something about it. Read More >>

Intel’s High-End 10th-Gen Desktop Processors Have Hit the 14nm Limit

How much can Intel squeeze out of its 14nm architecture? A lot, surprisingly, especially since things didn’t go as planned for its 10nm process. After six years on the same process, and five on the same architecture, this latest round of desktop processors still manages to make a few changes, most notably a thinner die STIM (solder thermal interface material) that helps improve thermal performance, and a boost clock of up to 5.3GHz on its highest-end CPU, the Core i9-10900K. But when you run the benchmarks and compare it to other processors on the market, it’s clear that Intel has reached its limit with 14nm. After all this time Intel really will need to find a way to move on to a smaller transistor architecture (probably 7nm at this point) if it wants to compete with AMD. Read More >>

Our First Look at the New Back to the Future Game Is Also Our Last Look, That’s How Time Travel Works Right?

Great Scott! Ravensburger is getting “heavy” with its latest game, Back to the Future: Dice Through Time, which puts players in the driver’s seat of the DeLorean to stop Biff Tannen from screwing up the timeline. In our exclusive first play-through, we found the game to be a fun and surprisingly insightful homage to the entire Back to the Future series – but be warned, it’s not easy getting back to the future. Read More >>

All Three of Apple TV+’s Shows Are Free to Watch Now Too

Apple TV+, the tech giant’s foray into the streaming wars, may not have the library to match some of its rivals. But Apple is making some of its series and films available for free anyhow. If you haven’t taken its £4.99-per-month subscription service for a spin just yet, now’s your chance. Read More >>

Oops, Apple Leaked Its Own Product on YouTube

Apple has seemingly foiled its characteristically tight-lipped approach to new product launches by evidently mistakenly confirming one in an unrelated YouTube tutorial on its support channel. Read More >>

The Tech in Westworld’s Episode 3 Shocker Is Already Here and Much Worse Than You Think

The latest episode of Westworld had a huge reveal about the real world outside of the parks, one that embodies the show’s latest motto that “free will is not free.” The whole thing might seem far-fetched, like human robots, but it’s actually terrifying once you realise predictive algorithms are already here...and have a much bigger hold on you than you realise. Read More >>

Chiropractors Told to Stop Pretending They Can Treat Covid-19

Chiropractors in Canada and elsewhere are being told to stop advertising their services as a treatment for covid-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus. Read More >>

YouTube Upgrades Trending Section with New Explore Tab

After almost two years of testing, YouTube is finally moving on from the boring old Trending tab with the introduction of the new Explore tab. Read More >>

The Razer Blade Stealth is the Beefy Little Laptop I Always Wanted

My first gaming laptop, which I bought more than 15 years ago, was a 10-pound, 17-inch beast so big and heavy I only really moved it around when travelling back and forth between home and college. I eventually upgraded to a 15-inch laptop that was a little easier to carry around, but because its case and cooling couldn’t handle the desktop-class CPU inside, the thing constantly overheated and burnt out after just a year. Ever since, I’ve been on a quest to find a do-it-all machine good for gaming, editing, and everything else I need, while still being portable enough that I never feel stressed about carrying it around. With the latest Razer Blade Stealth, my search has ended. Read More >>

Apple Tells Geniuses They May Run Low on iPhones Thanks to Coronavirus Shutdowns in China

As the global outbreak of the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, Apple has warned technical support staff at stores that it may fall short on replacement iPhones and parts, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Amazon Bans 1 Million Products Falsely Claiming to Cure Coronavirus

If you do an Amazon search for “coronavirus,” you get a tonne of self-published guides on how to beat it, a foul-mouthed colouring book, some sanitising products, and of course, face masks. But in recent weeks, Amazon has banned more than 1 million products for falsely claiming that they can cure or protect against COVID-19, Reuters reports. Read More >>

Baby Yoda Steals the Show in Hasbro’s Adorable New Star Wars Vehicle Line

Star Wars toys are all about getting the characters we love in playable plastic format, but really, from Kenner Troop Transports to Micro Machines, some of our fondest memories are of getting those glorious vehicles to shove said characters into. And that’s what Hasbro’s latest Star Wars toy line is all about, in very cute fashion. Read More >>

Another Fitness Tracker For Your Finger, Now With a Button

Smart rings have a few advantages over more common wrist-worn wearables. For starters, they can be more discreet, fashionable, and comfortable to wear while sleeping. The main issue is there aren’t as many of them out there – much less ones that offer the same breadth of features as wristables. That’s why it’s nice to hear about a new player in the field, the Circular smart ring. Read More >>

More Than 350 Employees Risk Their Jobs to Call Out Amazon’s Climate Failures

Earlier this month, Amazon told employees to stop talking publicly about its inadequate climate plan or risk losing their jobs. In response, 350 employees took to Amazon Employees for Climate Justice’s (AECJ) Medium page on Sunday evening to lay out why Amazon should beef up its climate plan and what the stakes are in an act of mass disobedience. Read More >>