It’s Time to Admit Humans Can’t Be Trusted With Fireworks

Imagine for a second that fireworks aren't a thing. Read More >>

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The Best Educational Tech Toys for Kids and Teens

Everyone wants their kid to be a genius, but not everyone puts the work in. You're clearly not one of those people, since you've opened this article and are willing to equip your offspring with the tools they need for a bright future in STEM. Read More >>

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The Best Fathers’ Day Gifts for Geeky Dads

Us geeky types often have our parents to thank for getting us into cool stuff when we were little, and it's fun to pay that back with delightfully nerdy presents when the opportunity arises. Read More >>

Basepaws Review: Cat DNA Test is Far From Purrfect

Human DNA testing is big business now, with companies like 23 & Me, Ancestry and MyHeritage all competing for a slice of your genome. Given how obsessed us Brits are with our pets, it was only a matter of time before someone started offering DNA kits for them too. Read More >>

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The Best Cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

You've just bought the OnePlus 7 Pro (hopefully from one of our excellent deals) and you've already tried lifting a dog with the selfie camera. Now what? Time to protect your investment, that's what. Read More >>

11 Bank Holidays We Wish Politicians Would Let Us Have

This article was originally published in May 2017, but since it's a bank holiday we published it again. Read More >>

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10 of the Best Card Games for Adults

It's your turn to host games night, and you've already exhausted our entire list of the best party videogames. Time for something a little more analogue, a little more old-school, and in some cases, a lot more obscene. Read More >>

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15 Star Wars Goodies You Need This May the Fourth

Star Wars Day has become an annual tradition on May the fourth, and thanks to capitalism, every annual tradition is now a shopping event. Which means your humble droids at Giz UK have had the arduous task of shopping for hours on end to find you all the coolest, weirdest and most unique Star Wars stuff on the planet. Read More >>

Court Case Conclusively Proves a Hash Brown is Not a Phone

Giz UK's Hero of the Day award goes to Connecticut's Jason Stiber, who's paid "significant" legal fees out of his own pocket to prove he was eating a hash brown as he drove, and not talking on his phone. Read More >>

Big Ben Got Stuck on the Finish Line at the London Marathon

It seems Big Ben has used his break from bonging while renovation work goes on to train for the London Marathon. Read More >>

These are Lego’s May the Fourth Star Wars Day Deals

Next Saturday is Star Wars Day, aka May the fourth ("May the fourth be with you," for the uninitiated), and Lego's got some sweet deals lined up for us AFOLs. Read More >>

Nubia’s Bonkers New Gaming Phone Has Liquid Cooling and an Internal Fan

ZTE sub-brand Nubia has become the crazy uncle of the tech world, single-handedly responsible for many of the gadgets that have made the industry interesting again in recent years. There was the two-screen notchless phone, the flexible phone-watch thingy, and the first gaming phone with RGB lighting, the Red Magic. Read More >>

The Treasury Might Finally Cancel 2p Coins This Week

A year ago, Chancellor Philip Hammond called 1 and 2p coins "obsolete." Read More >>