Massive Warner Layoffs Gut DC Comics, DC Universe

The merger between AT&T and Time Warner into another monolithic media megacorporation has seen a massive wave of layoffs targeted primarily at Warner Bros. this week. One area hit hardest was DC Entertainment, with reports of huge swathes of staff at both DC Comics and DC Universe laid off. Read More >>

star wars
Chiss Names Are Some of Star Wars’ Coolest Bullshit

Star Wars is full of cool bullshit which is, in many ways, why we love such an absurd behemoth in the first place. Space wizards with laser swords? Extremely bullshit, and very cool (some of the time). Blaster pistols? They go pew pew, what’s not to love. Starfighters? They go pew pew and fly in space, what’s not to love!? Anyway, screw all of them. The coolest Star Wars bullshit is xenolinguistics. Read More >>

One of the Best Film Twitter Accounts Is Becoming Ava DuVernay’s Next TV Series

One Perfect Shot is one of the best follows on Twitter to lighten up your doomscroll with gorgeous shots and gifs from beloved films from all sorts of genres. And now, it’s basically becoming a TV show – with a little help from director Ava DuVernay. Read More >>

Only J-Pop Can Save Aggretsuko Now

Poor Retsuko has spent two seasons of her hilarious and occasionally heartfelt anime series expelling her existential rage via the medium of heavy metal karaoke. But in the third season, it seems like not even that can help her cope with all the new problems she’s facing. She needs J-pop bops. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek: Lower Decks is Fun as Hell, and So Much More

Coming into Star Trek: Lower Decks, there was a lot of uncertainty about the franchise boldly going into a comedic frontierStar Trek has always been open to humor in the past, but would it still feel like Star Trek if one of its own shows was more about laughs than interstellar exploration? Thankfully, we don’t need to wonder: Lower Decks does both, and it’s a blast. Read More >>

DC Weaponises John Williams’ Superman Theme to Hype Its FanDome Event

How do you advertise a virtual convention that people can’t actually attend outside of clicking a link in their browsers? Well, for DC Entertainment, it apparently involves an oddly haunting deployment of classic John Williams music and some incredibly creepy CG people. Read More >>

star trek
Days Before Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Premiere, There’s Merely Hope for International Release

In the last few years, CBS has turned Star Trek from a dormant franchise on television screens into one of its biggest assets. We’ve gone from no shows to our fourth new Trek about to air in the U.S. and Canada this week (and more on the way!). And yet, despite its global appeal, there are still frustrations about just when fans outside the U.S. can boldly go. Read More >>

What a Superhero Show Looks Like During Covid-19

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier isn’t coming out next month. The CW’s DC shows won’t be back until next year. As the coronavirus pandemic continues onwards, studios have had to reckon with what shooting a superhero show in the age of social distancing even looks like. But we actually already have an example. Read More >>

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man is a Cautionary Tale About the Power Men Wield

We, and Peter Parker, have heard it a zillion times before: with great power, comes great responsibility. The watchwords of Stan Lee are suffused into the very fabric of who Spider-Man is as a character, and how Sam Raimi brought him to the big screen in 2002 is no exception. But Raimi’s first swing with Spidey balances its earnest, comic book glee with an examination of just what power actually does to the men who wield it, Spider or otherwise. Read More >>

You Can Finally Own a Good Ghost in the Shell Movie in 4K

I mean, the 2017 film was at the least pretty to look at in UHD. That couldn’t save the everything else, though. Read More >>

The Best Disney Soundtrack You’re Not Listening to Just Got Alan Menken His EGOT

Alan Menken helped define Disney animation’s sound for decades – helping score some of the most beloved films of the company’s renaissance, and changing its soundtracks forever with The Little Mermaid’s establishment of the “I Want” song. But the legendary composer has only just snagged an Emmy for his work with the studio – and it’s for a Disney soundtrack you’re probably sleeping on. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek: Discovery Returns This October

The U.S.S. Discovery has found itself in a future far beyond anything we’ve seen in Star Trek coming out of its second season. And now, we know just when we’ll get to see them navigate that future. Read More >>

Doctor Who’s Huge New Event Nearly Got Scrapped by the Coronavirus

Move over, Daleks: you’re now officially less likely to scrap the Doctor’s plans than actual respiratory viruses. Read More >>

David Goyer Is Still Reflecting on Man of Steel’s Biggest Controversies 7 Years Later

DC’s Man of Steel is in a strange place right now. After kicking off DC’s current universe of movies, Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent has gone from unifying star to peculiar Justice League catalyst, then practically nowhere to be seen in Warner’s slate of upcoming DC movies. But while his cinematic future remains in flux, his earliest days are still being re-examined by the people who helped bring him to life. Read More >>