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The Clone Wars Returns February 2020, and All the Other Star Wars News Just Revealed at D23

As if they weren’t content with letting Marvel hog all the news drops, Kathleen Kennedy took to the stage at D23 in Anaheim, California on Friday night to lift the lid on Star Wars’ presence on the Disney streaming service, Disney+ – with new stories on the way across three, newly renamed eras of the galaxy far, far away. Read More >>

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Hello There: The Obi-Wan Kenobi Show Is Officially Happening

Last week we heard murmurs that, after what has been years of umming and aahing, Ewan McGregor had finally signed a deal to return to the Star Wars galaxy as the legendary Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now, Disney’s just made it official. Read More >>

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In the First Mandalorian Trailer, a Lone Ranger Survives on a Galaxy’s Edge

Live-action Star Wars is returning to TV with The Mandalorian, the first non-animated Star Wars TV project since the infamous Caravan of Courage. Now, we finally have a look of what to expect from Disney+ and Jon Favreau’s mysterious tale of a wanderer on the outer rim of the galaxy far, far away. Read More >>

Daniel Craig’s Next Bond Movie Finally Has a Title: No Time to Die

The age of just calling it “Bond 25” is over. It’s time for, err, well, No Time to Die. Read More >>

The Monkey From Friends Will Star in Y: The Last Man, Has a Longer and More Varied Career Than Any of Us Ever Will

Get paid, Katie the capuchin. It’s a tough industry out there, for simians or otherwise. Read More >>

The First Trailer for Star Wars Resistance’s Second – and Final – Season is Here

Good news, if you were hoping to get a look at the return of Kaz and friends post-The Force Awakens and Last Jedi adventures soon. Bad news: they’re Kaz and friends’ last. Read More >>

Report: Ewan McGregor Will Return as Obi-Wan Kenobi in His Own Disney+ Series

After years of rumours about a potential return – in movie form – it seems like Ewan McGregor will once again don his Jedi robes. But not for the big screen; instead, he’s allegedly coming to Disney’s ever growing streaming service. Read More >>

There Was a Very Sneaky Captain America Easter Egg in Avengers: Endgame We All Missed

Avengers: Endgame might be Tony Stark’s story but it is, for better or worse at times, in many ways equally a love letter to Chris Evans’ journey as Captain America. So maybe it’s not surprising that one of the film’s most devilishly-difficult-to-spot Easter eggs in a cheeky callback to one of Cap’s cinematic foes. Read More >>

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Darth Vader and Son Artist Jeffrey Brown on Bringing His Childhood Glee to Star Wars’ Sequel Movies

Across Vader & Son and its three follow ups—Vader’s Little Princess, Goodnight Darth Vader, and Darth Vader and Friends—cartoonist Jeffrey Brown has given us a treasure trove of heartwarmingly funny insight into the weirdest parent/child relationship of the galaxy far, far away. But Brown’s latest dive into Star Wars wants to bring that approach to its next generation. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Eisenhorn, the Peculiar Star of the Live-Action Warhammer 40K TV Series

The fact that it’s somehow taken until 2019 for Games Workshop to attempt to bring the rich, ridiculous fiction of its grimdark Warhammer 40,000 universe to live-action is peculiar enough. That Gregor Eisenhorn is the face of that long-awaited push, even more so. Need a quick trip to the Black Library to brush up on him? We’ve got you covered. Read More >>

Mattel’s New Star Wars Barbies are Amazing

When you think of “Star Wars Barbies” as a concept, you think it would be very easy for Mattel to just put Barbie in a Princess Leia costume and call it a day. Which, to be fair, Mattel has indeed done. But it has also gone beyond that to deliver two extra Star Wars Barbies who definitely are...well, quite something. Read More >>

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The Star Trek Movies You Mostly Don’t Like Are Now Owned by the Same Company That Owns the Trek TV Shows You Do Like

Allow us to introduce you to the latest inconsequential benefit of our megacorp dystopia. I have to admit it, as far as incredibly minor bright sides to the horrifying rise of media studio megamergers go, “At least CBS owns the Kelvin Timeline Star Trek movies” is not as immediately exciting as “At least the X-Men can appear in the MCU.” Read More >>

The Very Hollywood Reason You Might Not Know Neil Gaiman Wrote Princess Mononoke’s English Dub

Princess Mononoke is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s finest, but its epic tale of gods can only be matched in fantasy for the weird story behind its arrival on Western shores in 2000. One notable part of that often forgotten history? Neil Gaiman wrote the English script... although it was pretty hard to find his credit. Read More >>

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The New Dark Crystal Trailer Is Somehow Even More Gorgeous Than the Last

But even though darkness looms over Thra’s beautiful environs, a resistance rises. Read More >>

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Watch Han Solo Han Roll-o in Star Wars’ New Short Series, Roll Out

BB-8 is one of the cutest additions to the Star Wars galaxy under Disney’s purview. So perhaps this is the inevitable conclusion of a design that has won the hearts and plundered the wallets of countless Star Wars fans: What if... what if everyone in Star Wars was shaped like a BB-unit? Read More >>