air travel
Flight Turned Back After Pilot Spilled Coffee Causing Control Panel to Melt and Smoke

An aeroplane flying across the Atlantic Ocean had to reroute after a pilot spilled his coffee in the cockpit and damaged the audio control panel. Read More >>

Wildly Popular Kid YouTube Channel Accused of Deceptively Promoting Products to Millions of Children

Over the last three years, a consumer watchdog group has increasingly focused on the deceptive ad campaigns of social media influencers’ who manoeuvre within emerging platforms that are loosely regulated – but now the organisation has turned its attention to how children are being exploited in this field. Read More >>

American Airlines Mechanic Charged with Sabotaging Flight

An aircraft mechanic has been charged with tampering with an American Airlines aeroplane before a flight of 150 passengers was scheduled to take off. Read More >>

The iPhone Lenses Are Giving Me Trypophobia

I’ve been nauseous all afternoon. It started when I was scrolling through Twitter and saw the first glimpses of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max and their triple-camera horror show. Read More >>

Taylor Swift Threatened Legal Action against Microsoft over Racist and Genocidal Chatbot Tay

Taylor Swift tried to block Microsoft from using the moniker Tay to a chatbot that turned into a depraved racist troll vessel, according to a new book from Microsoft President Brad Smith. Read More >>

Amazon Office Workers Plan to Strike Over Company’s Inaction on Climate Change

Hundreds of Amazon employees have signed a pledge to strike later this month, standing against the company’s failure to take action to fight climate change. Read More >>

Acupuncturist Went Too Deep, Punctured Patient’s Lungs

The New Zealand Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC) has admonished an acupuncturist for going too deep, way too deep. Read More >>

Facebook Throttles Satirical Women’s Site Reductress for Sharing ‘Clickbait’

A satirical women’s site that lambasts clickbait content is being suppressed on Facebook because the social media platform determined Reductress was sharing clickbait. Read More >>

Google Bans Ads for ‘Experimental Medical Treatments’

Google plans to crack down on ads for unproven medical treatments, as the company has observed a rise in predatory scams that target desperate patients. Read More >>

Have You Seen This Infamous Knife-Snatching Crow?

Canuck, a bad-ass crow hero who likes knives, fire, and crime, has reportedly gone missing. Read More >>

Scammer Successfully Deepfaked CEO’s Voice to Fool Underling Into Transferring £200,000

The CEO of an energy firm based in the UK thought he was following his boss’s urgent orders in March when he transferred funds to a third-party. But the request actually came from the AI-assisted voice of a fraudster. Read More >>

Tesla Malfunction Locks Out Owners Who Depended on App for Entry, Forces Them to Scramble for ‘Keys’

Some Tesla users who rely on the app to gain entry to their Model 3 were temporarily unable to get into their electric cars yesterday. Read More >>

Mystery Russia Explosion Reportedly Happened During Mission to Recover Nuclear-Powered Missile from Ocean

U.S. intelligence has reportedly determined that a mysterious blast that occurred on Russia’s northern coast earlier this month took place during a mission to reclaim a nuclear-powered missile. Read More >>

Oculus Co-Founder Accused of Sexual Assault

An Oculus VR founder has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during a VR demo in 2016. Read More >>

Medicine Swap Screwup Gave Babies ‘Werewolf Syndrome’

A medicine imbroglio left several parents in Spain scrambling to figure out why their children were growing hair all over their bodies. Read More >>