Want to Commit Crimes? Upgrade to 5G, Apparently

Europe’s police agency is worried that the 5G will interfere with law enforcement’s ability to track people. Read More >>

Data of Nearly Every Adult in Bulgaria Likely Stolen in Cyberattack

Someone stole the personal and financial information of millions of Bulgarian taxpayers—likely the majority of the adult population. Read More >>

Founder of Neo-Nazi Site Daily Stormer Ordered to Pay £11 Million to Target of Racist ‘Troll Storm’

Tanya Gersh has faced anti-Semitic harassment since late 2016—calls, tweets, emails, and texts demeaning her and saying she was going to die—upending the once-peaceful life she had in a quaint town in the US state of Montana. Read More >>

UCLA Professor Faces 219 Years in Prison for Sending US Missile Chips to China

An adjunct professor of electrical engineering at UCLA has been convicted of 18 federal charges in connection with illegally exporting semiconductor chips with military applications to China, The Verge reports. Read More >>

Russian Coal Plant Tells Instagrammers to Please Stop Taking Selfies in Its Pollution-Filled Waste Dump

The turquoise water of a lake in Siberia looks like a tropical paradise, and it’s drawn in hundreds of Instagrammers who have posed in and around the “Novosibirsk Maldives.” But it’s not white sands or microscopic plankton that give the water its unusual hue. The “lake” is actually a human-made ash dump, used to store toxic byproducts from a power plant’s burned coal. Read More >>

Facebook Now Shows You Where Advertisers Get Your Data—Here’s How to See It

The next time you see Facebook ads for, say, erectile dysfunction pills or egg freezing, you can check to see why you were targeted by those brands and where the companies got your data. Read More >>

Blasting Rich People Into Space Is Better Business Than Uber, Somehow

Virgin Galactic is preparing to become the first publicly traded spaceflight company, and the venture is setting a course to be profitable by August 2021, which would put it lightyears ahead of the profitability projections of another transportation-based company that simply moves people around on Earth: Uber. Read More >>

US Agents Told Huawei Still Blacklisted Despite Trump Comments, Because Nothing Means Anything

Last week during the Group of 20 summit in Japan, President Donald Trump announced that US companies could start selling tech components to Huawei, seemingly halting a weeks-long ban on sales to the Chinese tech giant. Read More >>

Amazon Confirms It Keeps Alexa Transcripts You Can’t Delete

Next time you use Amazon Alexa to message a friend or order a pizza, know that the recording could be stored indefinitely, even if you ask to delete it. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk’s Version of The Onion Could’ve Been Amazing

Elon Musk and two former Onion writers began developing Thud, a satire company in 2017. The eccentric billionaire tech CEO gave the project $2 million and asked for virtually nothing in financial returns. It could have been an ambitious and hilarious endeavour, but then Musk reportedly backed out due to his fears of how it could harm his other businesses, and the company died. Read More >>

Sent From My iPhone

Apple design wunderkind Sir Jony Ive is leaving the company after 27 years and Apple is scrambling to ensure the public that this is fine, everything is fine. Read More >>

Dozens of Drivers Got Stuck After Blindly Following Google Maps Into a Mud Pit

Nearly a hundred drivers in Colorado, USA this week followed a digital Pied Piper into an empty field where they all got stuck. Read More >>

Anonymous Hacker Sentenced After Dropping USB While Throwing Molotov Cocktail

If you’re going to commit crimes in public, it’s probably smart to secure anything on your person that connects you to other crimes. Read More >>

Google Claims It’s Fixing Issue That Let Used Nest Cam Sellers Spy on New Owners

It’s probably a bad idea to buy used connected devices because it can be difficult to determine who could still be connected to that device. Read More >>

Amazon Considers Adding ‘Surveillance as a Service’ to Delivery Drones Because Maybe Every Product Should Monitor Us

It’s become abundantly clear that Amazon is interested in incorporating surveillance into many of its products and services—through the internet, in our homes, and from the sky. Read More >>