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Dating App The League Will Start Making Its Users Face-Time Each Other

The League dating app – which filters users to make sure they’re in the right league – has decided to mess around with video speed dating. Read More >>

Private Equity Ghouls Buy Organisation That Handles Non-Profit Domains

Private equity firm Ethos Capital has acquired the Public Interest Registry (PIR), the agency that operates the .org domain, which is used for non-profit organisations' websites in the US. Read More >>

Instagram Investigating App That Allowed Users to Peek Into Private Accounts

Instagram is trying to shut down a stalker app that cracks through the social media platform’s privacy settings. Read More >>

Netflix Will Revise Nazi Documentary After Poland Accuses It of ‘Rewriting History’

Netflix plans to revise a recently released documentary after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki implored Netflix CEO Reed Hasting to edit maps shown in the series. Read More >>

Mother Who Allegedly Starved and Pepper-Sprayed Her YouTuber Children Dies in Hospital

Warning: This article includes descriptions of sexual and physical abuse of children. Read More >>

Polish Prime Minister Implores Netflix to Change Nazi Documentary The Devil Next Door

Poland is pressing Netflix to change a map in one of its documentary series, accusing the streaming service of “rewriting history.” Read More >>

Gender-Reveal Plane Crash Is Perfect Metaphor for Gender-Reveal Parties

The increasingly popular ritual that celebrates the misguided notion of the concept of gender continues to get dafter as expecting parents find new ways to risk lives and destroy property while telling their loved ones the gender they intend to assign their children upon birth. Read More >>

Man Pleads Guilty to Remotely Controlling His Girlfriend’s Car With a Computer

An Australian man pleaded guilty this week in the country's Magistrates Court to stalking his ex-girlfriend, largely through the use of an app that tracked and controlled her car. Read More >>

Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Teens on a Bible App

A registered sex offender in the US state of Florida has been arrested for allegedly targeting teenagers on a Bible app. Read More >>

Microsoft Tried Out a 4-Day Workweek and Hot Damn, It Worked

Microsoft’s Japan offices recently experimented with shorter work weeks, and the results provide a glimmer of hope that large companies can alter the work week and save us from collectively burning out. Read More >>

Network of ‘Camgirl’ Sites Exposed Data of Users and Sex Workers

A company that runs several sites featuring camworkers left the back-end database unprotected, allowing the data of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of customers and sex workers to be exposed. Read More >>

French Students Will Now Have to Learn About Bitcoin

High school students in France may be among the first people in the world to actually understand how cryptocurrency works. Read More >>

A Radio Enthusiast Was Livestreaming Sensitive Medical Patient Information Being Sent to Pagers

Pagers used within the NHS are leaking sensitive patient information, and an amateur radio enthusiast has been broadcasting some of that medical data on a webcam livestream, a security researcher has found. Read More >>

Untitled Goose Game Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Sow Chaos Only a Goose Could Love

The Untitled Goose Game that became a viral phenomenon right after its launch a month ago has been vulnerable to hacking, according to a report from a security researcher. Read More >>

Samsung’s ‘Space Selfie’ Satellite Plummets From Sky Onto Horse Farm in US

A satellite that Samsung used for a PR stunt in which it sent a selfie of model and actor Cara Delevingne into space has crash-landed on a farm in Gratiot County, Michigan. Read More >>