How This Dubious “Doctor” Became “The Most Quoted Human on the Planet”

Online, Steve Maraboli looks like the trope of a motivational speaker – photos of him speaking onstage, podcasts, apparent endorsements by celebrities, frequent mentions about best-selling books. He spent the last two decades crafting this image, building an online empire of self-mythology. He has falsely presented himself as a doctor, a United Nations humanitarian programme director who won an award from US Vice President Joe Biden, and an orator who has been quoted by the pope. He’s built his brand on an abundance of lies. Recently, that brand allowed him to be involved directly in an industry that works with vulnerable people – drug rehabilitation patients in the US state of Florida. Read More >>

Man’s Confession of Killing His Sister Reportedly Caught on Doorbell Camera

A former American football player accused by law enforcement of murdering his pregnant sister allegedly confessed to the killing while standing in front of a doorbell camera that captured the moment. Read More >>

ProtonMail Just Launched a Calendar So You Can Encrypt Your 2020

ProtonMail – an email service that makes it ridiculously easy to encrypt communication – has now made it ridiculously easy to encrypt your schedule. Read More >>

Thing I Instinctively Hate Likely to Become Wildly Popular

In its quest to create new ways to make its denizens dissociate from reality, Snapchat is launching a cartoon series that puts user avatars in the episodes. Read More >>

China Set to Launch Its GPS Competitor Next Year

China is close to launching the last two satellites that will complete BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System – the nation’s rival to the United States’ Global Positioning System. Read More >>

There’s at Least One Thing That Bing Does Better Than Google – Disinformation

The Bing search engine – which is still around ten years after Microsoft created it, despite having only five per cent market share – gets a lot of flak for not being as useful as Google’s search engine. But a recent study found that it’s actually even worse at delivering information than was previously known. Read More >>

US Navy Pilot Who Filmed UFO Describes Moment It Stopped Behaving Within The Normal Laws of Physics

In 2004, Navy Pilot Chad Underwood was on a flight-training exercise near the California coast when he spotted and filmed an unidentified flying object with an infrared gun-camera pod. The video of the 40-foot-long oblong mass travelling about 138 miles per hour – now known as the “Tic Tac” – was released in a 2017 New York Times report about the Pentagon’s UFO research programme, reigniting public fascination with mysteries in the skies. Read More >>

Trolls Sent Strobing GIFs to People With Epilepsy in A Targeted Attack During Epilepsy Awareness Month

The Epilepsy Foundation filed criminal complaints this month following an attack on its Twitter account that could have harmed people with epilepsy. Read More >>

Investors Want to Exhume Body of Crypto-CEO Who Had the Password to Millions In Bitcoin

It’s been about a year since users of Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX were informed that the company’s CEO unexpectedly died, taking the password that accessed most the money from their accounts with him to the grave. And now, those clients want to know what’s inside that grave. Read More >>

‘It Was an Almighty Boom’: Car Explosion Chalked Up to Excessive Air Freshener Use

Let this serve as a lesson for those who mask the smell of smoke in their car with an exorbitant amount of air freshener spray. Read More >>

737 max
Boeing Halts 737 MAX Production

Boeing will halt production on its infamous 737 MAX plane nine months after authorities grounded the passenger airliner following crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia that took 346 lives. Read More >>

Instagram AI Will Shame Users Before They Post Offensive Captions

In Instagram’s latest push to be one of the least toxic of the major social media services, the platform is launching a feature that warns users before they post something that could be offensive. Read More >>

privacy and security
Ring User Blocks £300K Bitcoin Extortion Attempt by Taking Out the Batteries

Tania Amador of Grand Prairie, Texas, awoke on Monday to an alarm and a sinister voice speaking to her through her Ring device. Read More >>

air travel
Chilean Plane Carrying 38 Passengers Disappears During Flight to Antarctica

Operators lost contact with a C-130 Hercules military aircraft on Monday at 6:13 pm GMT – almost an hour and a half into a flight carrying 21 passengers and 17 crew members to Antarctica, according to a statement released by the Chilean Air Force. Read More >>

dating apps
Jeffrey Epstein-Funded Geneticist Is Building a Dating App That Only a Eugenicist Could Love

Renowned Harvard Medical School geneticist George Church has focused his work on reversing the effects of ageing, helping humans become immune to viruses, and eradicating genetic diseases. He’s hoping to come closer to accomplishing at least one of those goals with a disturbing dating app that swipes right on eugenics. Read More >>