Watch Ryan Coogler Break Down Black Panther’s Stunning Casino Fight

Amongst its other virtues, it’s impressive how cleanly and beautifully shot Black Panther’s fight scenes are. In a new video, director Ryan Coogler breaks down the work that went into one of the film’s best. Read More >>

One Former Blade Runner Star Wasn’t Impressed With Blade Runner 2049

When Blade Runner 2049 offered an extended stay in the universe created by Ridley Scott’s original, most of the major players from the original returned in some form or another. The most important character who didn’t is Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty, which is just as well, considering what Hauer thinks of the film. Read More >>

When Black Panther 2 Happens, It Needs To Feature This Unused Character Concept

Sure, T’Challa is a great Black Panther, but what if we saw someone else in the suit? Read More >>

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His Dark Materials TV Series From BBC Might Finally Be Getting Off The Ground

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about BBC’s adaptation of Philip Pullman’s lauded His Dark Materials fantasy series. But a recent tease might indicate that it’s about to finally get off the ground. Read More >>

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A Half-Remembered Retelling Makes This Star Wars Fan Film Special

There isn’t a lot of writing in the Star Wars universe. Stories seem to mostly be passed along via oral culture—one person telling a story to another, with all the foibles and forgetfulness personal retellings entail. This Star Wars fan film captures all the fun, and all the forgetfulness, of a good retelling. Read More >>

This Featurette Takes a Close Look at Black Panther’s Stunning Score

The music for Black Panther is something else. A synthesis of big-budget film orchestration and African-inspired instrumentation, it’s as compelling a creation as the film itself. In this featurette, its composer shows the process that gave it birth. Read More >>

Altered Carbon’s Showrunner Talks The Show’s High Nudity Quotient

Altered Carbon is a show that is obsessed with nipples. There are nipples, and butts, and general displays of nudity, absolutely everywhere, from the pilot on. According to showrunner, writer, and executive producer Laeta Kalogridis, that’s done for intentional effect. Read More >>

Ryan Coogler Wanted To Put Kraven The Hunter in Black Panther

For a Marvel fan, the opportunity to play in the MCU sandbox must be a thrill. Think of all the characters yet to be introduced! Director Ryan Coogler recently revealed the one character he wished he could have included in Black Panther, and it’s a good one. Read More >>

Need a Primer On All Things Wakanda? Try This New Black Panther Trailer

With just a day to go, Marvel has released another trailer/featurette for the film, this one focusing on the world of Black Panther—the major players, the conflicts at play, and the comics history that informs it. Featuring commentary from the film’s crew and staff, this trailer walks you through everything you need to know walking into the Afro-futurist superhero epic. Read More >>

James Mangold Would Prefer You Not Call Logan ‘High-Octane’

James Mangold, director of Logan, is an individual of strong opinions. And he has very specific ideas about the ways he does and doesn’t want his latest film to be received. Read More >>

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Rian Johnson Gives His Interpretation of Rey’s Enigmatic Mirror Vision

The Last Jedi continues down its path to be the most explained Star Wars movie ever made, as director and writer Rian Johnson offers some interesting insight into one of the film’s most intriguing moments. Read More >>

This Trailer Showcases Everything That’s Wild About Gotham’s Teen Batman Adventures

Fox’s Gotham is a wild ride. A cheesy, flamboyant take on Bruce Wayne’s youth that’s somehow morphed into the madcap adventures of Teen Batman-But-Not-Batman, it’s—well, it’s something else. Read More >>

Explore The Space Between Script and Screen With This Comparison From Inside Out

Much the way emotions live inside every person, a script lives inside every movie, helping shape it, direct it, give it life. Scripts form a superstructure around which films are built. But the execution of a scene can diverge wildly from what’s in the script, for better and for worse. Read More >>