Lego Ideas’ Dinosaur Fossils Set is Fiddly to Build, But Looks Fantastic

The latest Lego Ideas set is the Dinosaur Fossils, and just like most of the Ideas sets we've seen in the last couple of years, it's a very nice set indeed. Praise must be given to Lego's Ideas initiative; it's a wonderful way for us to get an interesting assortment of sets that wouldn't normally fit in the main Lego line-up. This latest set is a 910-piece set aimed at adults (it's 16+), with a price tag of £55. For a set with nearly 1,000 pieces, that's quite a steal – but bear in mind the majority of the pieces are very small. Read More >>

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Lego

So: you’ve discovered the lure of the mighty plastic brick, eh? We welcome you, AFOL, into our Lego-filled arms. Buying Lego for children isn’t too much of a hardship: there are dozens, hundreds even, of low to mid-priced sets for kids. You’re likely to pick a set with a theme that best corresponds to your kid’s interests. Into Disney? Pick a Frozen set. Like superheroes? There are tonnes of Marvel and DC-themed sets. Like ninjas? Take a look at Ninjago. Read More >>

What On Earth is Going On With Lego BrickHeadz?

I buy a lot of Lego, and as such, I frequent the Lego website quite a lot, scouting out my next purchase. I'm also quite keen on keeping an eye on what new sets are landing, as the 1st of each month often brings in some new releases. Read More >>

The New Lego Star Wars Imperial Destroyer is Here – And It’s Galactically Expensive

Say goodbye to your entire bank balance, my Lego-loving friends: Lego has just revealed its next Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set, and it's a big 'un. The biggest one yet, in terms of length. And it's got a giant price tag to match. Read More >>

Lego Disney Train and Station Review: Expensive, But Exquisite

Lego's latest super-expensive set seemingly came out of nowhere: the Disney Train and Station was announced earlier this month, and was made available to VIPs to buy last week. Everyone else can get their hands on it in September – but with a £300 price tag, is it worth scrambling for? Let's see, shall we? Read More >>

Lego Ideas Tree House Review: Tedious Build, Tremendous Model

The latest set to come from Lego Ideas, the innovative scheme that produces models as designed by the Lego community, is the Tree House. At £180, it's the most expensive set in the range to date, but with over 3,000 pieces it's also the biggest. The Lego Ideas range has been host to some of my favourite ever Lego sets – the Old Fishing Store, Voltron and the Pop-Up Book just to name a few have all been fantastic, mainly thanks to their uniqueness. The Lego Tree House, which became available to the public on 1st August, might not be the most innovative or creative theme – we've all seen or heard of a treehouse, of course – but the Lego rendition of what is a fairly ordinary idea is simply fantastic. Read More >>

There’s 20% Off Everything on the Amazon Warehouse for Prime Day

If you're after a bargain, Amazon's Prime Day is the place to go today. But if you're after a bargain and you're not too bothered if your item is absolutely pristine and brand new, it may be worth checking the Amazon Warehouse. Typically selling stock at reduced prices to begin with, over the course of Prime Day there's an extra 20 per cent off everything you purchase from the Warehouse. Read More >>

Kobold V300 Robot Vacuum Review: Does The Job You Hate (But With a Hefty Price Tag)

There's something hilariously surreal about watching a chunk of plastic make its way around your living room, cleaning up your fluff and crumbs as it goes. Read More >>

Lego’s Jurassic Park: T. Rex Rampage is a Beautiful Beast

Lego's Jurassic World sets have been around for a while, but so far they've always been aimed at kids. Despite some of them being on the expensive side, the models have always been fairly simple and they've revolved around the piddly plastic dinosaurs. I'm not knocking them; there's nothing wrong with those piddly plastic dinosaurs. Or at least there wasn't, until I feasted my eyes on Lego's latest Jurassic World set: the T. Rex Rampage. It's a 3,120 piece beast comprising of a brick-built dinosaur and a huge replica of the iconic Jurassic Park gates. Read More >>

Top Gear Makes a Return to Forza

If you've been playing Microsoft's exclusive racing series Forza for a while, you'll probably remember that the BBC's topical car programme Top Gear used to make an appearance once in a while. Back then, though, it was everyone's favourite/most hated [delete as appropriate] Clarkson, May and Hammond. But since they've sodded off over to Amazon*, Top Gear's gone through a range of different hosts. Two mainstays, though, have been profession racing driver-cum-presenter Chris Harris, and of course The Stig. These two will be the faces (or white helmets; obviously The Stig has no face) that'll pop up in Forza Horizon 4's Top Gear Story, that's available now. Read More >>

Lego Reveals Two New Star Wars Sets, Coming Next Year

There are two new and shiny Lego Star Wars sets for us to look forward to, but we've got a while to wait for them. They're making their debut at San Diego Comic Con later this month, but us regular plebs won't be able to buy them until January 1st, 2020. That sounds like the distant future but it is in fact only six months. Read More >>

A 3,120 Piece Lego Jurassic World T-Rex is Coming This Month

Jurassic World has been a popular range for Lego for some time, but up until now all of its included dinosaurs have been nothing but plastic toys. The sets have been great, but they've been more aimed at younger builders; more playsets than the kinds of things we grown-ups like to build and put on display. That's all about to change with the latest Jurassic World set revealed: Lego Jurassic Park T.Rex Rampage is a 3,120 piece model including a buildable 69cm long Tyrannosaurus Rex and the iconic Jurassic Park gates that are nearly half a metre high. Read More >>

Forza Horizon 4 Just Got More Awesome (Thanks To Lego)

Remember when Forza Horizon 3 had a Hot Wheels expansion? Well, Playground Games is doing a similar kind of thing with Forza Horizon 4... but this time with a much better franchise: LEGO. Oh hell yes, brick-built cars are coming to Forza. Read More >>

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Get Half Price Xbox Live Gold For Your Bank Holiday Bonanza Deal of the Day

Amazon will use any old excuse to flog us some tat for less than RRP. Today's excuse is that it's a bank holiday, which if you ask us is a pretty reasonable excuse. We're not at work, so we have nothing better to do that laze idly on the sofa in our underpants, exercising our index finger by scrolling through shopping websites mindlessly on our phone's browser, occasionally clicking "add to basket". Read More >>

Finally, Now TV is Getting Full HD

Am I dreaming? Is this real? Now TV, Sky's answer to contract-free on demand streaming, forever plagued by an image quality capped at 720p, is finally getting 1080p. You better believe it... but it sounds like you're possibly going to have to pay extra for it. Read More >>