Lego Technic Top Gear Rally Car: A Nifty But Expensive RC

In December, Lego released the first Top Gear tie-in Lego set: a Technic app-controlled rally car. It's not exactly an iconic piece of Top Gear's history; it's a generic rally car emblazoned with Top Gear and 'Stig' branding. It's not a car that's been featured in the series, if that's important. But it is a pretty nice-looking car that packs in plenty of detail. Better yet, it has two motors powering it, meaning you can send it drifting around the legs of your dining room table. Well, almost. Read More >>

Tado Smart Themostat Review: An Expensive and Imperfect Solution to a First-World Problem

One of my most annoying first-world problems of recent years has been getting into bed, then realising that the heating is still on. Read More >>

CES 2020: Japanese Company Has Created a Harness That Tells You What Mood Your Dog is In

Japanese innovation company Langualess has created something that's equally brilliant yet ridiculous: a harness with a colour-changing panel that illustrates how your dog is feeling. The colour of the panel will let you know whether Fido is is happy, relaxed, stressed, interested or excited. Of course, if you've ever met a dog you'll realise that these moods are pretty easily spotted in a dog thanks to an existing device already built into our canine critters: their damn tail. Read More >>

Samsung Unveils The World’s First 5G Tablet – But It’s Only Coming to Korea (For Now)

A blog post shared yesterday on Samsung US's corporate newsroom website reveals the company's plan to roll out 5G to more devices. Over 6.7 million Galaxy smartphones with 5G shipped in 2019, which is no small feat considering how new the technology is. As a result, Samsung is keen to get more 5G-enabled devices out of the door, and it's expanding that range to include devices other than smartphones, too. Read More >>

CES 2020: Looks Like an Alexa-Powered Ring Chime Pro 2 is on the Way

It seems Amazon's push to have Alexa in all areas of our lives continues: details of a new Ring Chime Pro have surfaced ahead of CES next week, and it appears to contain full Alexa support. Read More >>

CES 2020: Leaked Photos Reveal Samsung’s Upcoming Frameless 8K TV

Samsung make some excellent TVs, but the latest that's set to be announced may be the most enviable yet. Images leaked by German website 4kfilme show a glorious 8K QLED TV, but one that's devoid of any bezel. One of the images, showing the TV mounted flat to a wall (above) makes it look like a thin canvas print and it's glorious. Read More >>

Subway Joins the Plant-Based Fast Food Trend With a Meatless Meatball Marinara

It's January Veganuary, and every food outlet wants to be damn sure we know about it by introducing some new plant-based options to its menu. Just yesterday, KFC launched its vegan burger and Aldi rolled out a bunch of vegan-friendly ready meals. And today is Subway's turn: the sandwich king has announced its meatless meatball marinara sub. All the joys of tucking into a gooey, messy meatball sub with none of the meat. Read More >>

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How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Christmas Gifts

I know, I know. It sounds horribly ungrateful that anybody would even consider selling the Christmas presents that their friends and family painstakingly picked out for them, (probably) went through the effort of queuing in a crowded shop for, and spent their hard-earned money on. But the fact is most of us have already got enough crap in our lives. We don't need even more useless stuff cluttering our homes. We really appreciate cousin Fred's thoughts, but that Abba LP is never going to get played, and sorry Aunt Gertrude, those bright pink Crocs are never going to see light of day. Read More >>

So It Turns Out That Bella Italia’s “Awful-Sounding” Christmas Menu is Actually Delicious

We don't like to be proved wrong here at Giz UK, but sometimes it happens – and when it does, we'll gladly hold our hands up. And such is the case with Bella Italia's Christmas menu: when it was announced last month, we used choice words such as "awful" and "horrendous" to describe it. Read More >>

Lego’s Black Friday Deals Kicked Off Today With Up to 30% Off Random Sets

Forget all those other deals on cheap tech we've been posting about all week; we really only care about one shop's Black Friday sale: Lego. Its true Black Friday sale has kicked off today, with 20-30 per cent off a selection of sets. But we've got to say, it's a bit disappointing so far. Read More >>

Even More Tech Deals From Amazon’s Black Friday Sale (26/11)

It's not even Black Friday yet and we're already Black Friday-ed out. Amazon is keeping us busy by rolling out a range of new deals every day this week. They're of varying quality, but we've picked out the most interesting ones for you below. Read More >>

Lego Ideas’ Dinosaur Fossils Set is Fiddly to Build, But Looks Fantastic

The latest Lego Ideas set is the Dinosaur Fossils, and just like most of the Ideas sets we've seen in the last couple of years, it's a very nice set indeed. Praise must be given to Lego's Ideas initiative; it's a wonderful way for us to get an interesting assortment of sets that wouldn't normally fit in the main Lego line-up. This latest set is a 910-piece set aimed at adults (it's 16+), with a price tag of £55. For a set with nearly 1,000 pieces, that's quite a steal – but bear in mind the majority of the pieces are very small. Read More >>

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Lego

So: you’ve discovered the lure of the mighty plastic brick, eh? We welcome you, AFOL, into our Lego-filled arms. Buying Lego for children isn’t too much of a hardship: there are dozens, hundreds even, of low to mid-priced sets for kids. You’re likely to pick a set with a theme that best corresponds to your kid’s interests. Into Disney? Pick a Frozen set. Like superheroes? There are tonnes of Marvel and DC-themed sets. Like ninjas? Take a look at Ninjago. Read More >>

What On Earth is Going On With Lego BrickHeadz?

I buy a lot of Lego, and as such, I frequent the Lego website quite a lot, scouting out my next purchase. I'm also quite keen on keeping an eye on what new sets are landing, as the 1st of each month often brings in some new releases. Read More >>

The New Lego Star Wars Imperial Destroyer is Here – And It’s Galactically Expensive

Say goodbye to your entire bank balance, my Lego-loving friends: Lego has just revealed its next Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series set, and it's a big 'un. The biggest one yet, in terms of length. And it's got a giant price tag to match. Read More >>