I Reset the Dumb GE Smart Lightbulb

I’ve spent most of my day thinking about the video going around describing the absurd, 12-part process that’s required to reset GE C-Life smart bulbs. So I bought some and performed the Sisyphean ritual myself. Read More >>

Can This Little Magic App Make Your Headphones Sound Perfect?

A new app from a Latvian outfit called Sonarworks claims it can tune music to play perfectly through specific headphone models. So whether you’re using AirPods or a swanky pair of £900 Auduze LCD-2s, you’ll hear the same exact mix. Could the future of making music sound good be an app that compensates for the terrible headphones most of us insist on buying? Read More >>

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Is Just a Delight

I’ve been using successive iterations of the Kindle Paperwhite for five years now, and yes, the new one is better than the ones that came before. It’s slightly smaller, and slightly lighter, and even a little bit brighter too. Plus it’s waterproof! Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Book 2 Tries to Do Everything, Fails

Using the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 I’m reminded of the time I tried to install curtain rods in an old flat using just a tiny Philips-head screwdriver. I got the job done, but it was a real pain in the arse. Read More >>

Who the Hell Needs a Fancy iPad Anyway?

The iPad has always been a fantasy, and even as the device is more powerful and beautiful than it’s ever been before, I can’t bring myself to understand why most people would ever want one. Read More >>

Surface Laptop 2 Review: Design Overkill

The Surface Laptop 2’s billboard new feature isn’t a feature at all. It’s a colourway: You can now get the device in a severe matte black that manages to be deeply opaque whilst still being totally striking and beautiful. But that the device’s leading point of interest is a colourway should raise some red flags that maybe there’s not all that much to be excited about. And in a way, maybe there never was. Read More >>

Grado’s First Bluetooth Headphones Are Everything I Wanted Them to Be

After years of speculation about whether it would ever happen, Grado Labs’ first wireless headphone, the GW100, is finally here. Even if they’re using the same Bluetooth tech used by big box brands you might be more familiar with, they’re unlike any other wireless headphone I’ve ever used. Read More >>

Remember How Bad Android Was?

Over the last week or so, bloggers have been posting warm and fuzzy reflections about Android because we’ve just passed the 10th anniversary of the reveal of the T-Mobile G1, (AKA the HTC Dream, or colloquially the “G phone”), the platform’s first commercial device. Many folks — including this here blogger — had basically the same idea: Get your hands on the device (I took mine to T-Mobile for activation and they were all “nah”) take some photos or video, and wax about “back in the day.” Let me tell you something about back in the day: Android sucked. Read More >>

Do You Answer the Phone?

I’m not talking about when your mum calls. If your mum calls, you should answer the phone, and actually, you should just probably call your mum more often so she doesn’t have to call you. (HI MUM!) What I want to know is what you do when a number you don’t know calls. Do you answer the phone? Read More >>

Is Apple Brave Enough to Make an iPad With Face ID?

I know what you’re thinking: Innovation has slowed at Apple HQ. I agreed until I heard this news. Read More >>

Microsoft Surface Laptop, One Year Later

When the Surface Laptop was released a year ago, it immediately struck me as the Microsoft-built computer I’d been waiting for. You see, I’ve always admired the design of all of Microsoft’s Surface products, but at the same time felt that they weren’t exactly for me. The keyboard cover on the Surface Pro is just too crappy to write blog posts on; the SurfaceBook, while impressively designed with its fancy detachable hinge mechanism, is simply too bulky a machine for me to port around everywhere; and as for the Surface Studio — I don’t even know what the hell I would do with it besides play a very expensive game of touchscreen tic-tac-toe. Read More >>

Someone Convince Me That an iPhone Wallet Case Isn’t the Dumbest Idea in the World

Wallet phone cases have always seemed like a total absurdity to me. Am I wrong? Read More >>

Audeze Wants to Change How You Think About Gaming Headphones and 3D Audio

3D audio in headphones that envelops you like a surround sound home cinema is an elusive thing. The market is dominated by products for gamers, who play content that’s mixed for surround sound, and who want to hear the crunch of opponents in the bushes behind them as it’s a matter of life and death (in a game at least). Also they don’t want to wake the neighbors at 3AM. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Giant Surface Book 2 Is Very Powerful, Very Fast, Very Pretentious

Typing at work on Microsoft’s new 15-inch Surface Book 2, I can’t shake the feeling that this thing’s not for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a powerful laptop, it’s beautiful, and the workspace its giant screen affords made me completely forget I wasn’t seated at my desk with my usual 34-inch extra-wide display. So sure, the thing is for me, in the way that a very expensive sports car will most definitely sit in city traffic for hours right next to a taxi. But do I need the thing, and should I spend £3,000 on it? Of course not. Read More >>

How to Take the Best Bonfire Night Fireworks Photos With Your Phone

It just wouldn't be Bonfire Night without the climactic boom of fireworks. If you want to keep that memory all year — or at least share it with all of your friends on Instagram — these tips will help you get lovely photos with your phone, even if you're not a pro. Read More >>