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North Korea’s Broadcasting Strange Codes on the Radio and Nobody Knows Why

Lately some strange radio broadcasts have been coming from North Korea, according to the South Korean government. Read More >>

So Long, and Thanks for All the Giz

I've never felt compelled to write a goodbye note from a job before. OK, so there was the final editor's letter in T3, but that was broadly about the issue's goodies, with a quick, pithy, passing-on-the-baton paragraph. It seemed to fit the bill. Read More >>

Why Can’t All Smartphone Boxes Be Side-Loading Like the Huawei P8?

It's rare that a smartphone's box is cause for comment. But if the atypical top-loader is getting a bit Betamax, this unique side-loading number from Huawei for the P8 is pure VHS. Read More >>

Huawei’s P8 and P8 Max Smartphones Land in London Looking Like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Huawei has just unveiled two new smartphones, the P8 and the P8 Max, at its global launch event in London as the Chinese phone don looks to establish itself further in Europe. Read More >>

Virgin Media Tops Data Speeds and Scots Suffer Internet Indignity in Giz UK Broadband Audit

At the end of last year, we asked the Giz UK community to give us a random snapshot of its broadband. Nothing overly scientific – we know fluctuating broadband is a complicated beast with many, many different individual reasons for it. But there was a general feeling that some people had signed up for speeds that they couldn't realistically achieve, and we wanted to see how much this was the case. Read More >>

Pictures From Apple Watch Launch in Covent Garden

The recently reviewed Apple Watch has landed at London's Covent Garden Apple Store this morning. The doors opened at 9am to introduce the shortest public queue in the history of Apple launches to the pre-orderable smartwatch. Although as you can't walk away with one today, we totally understand the lack of urban camping apparatus, y'all. Here's some snaps from the event. Read More >>

EE Wi-Fi Calling Disables Apple Continuity on iPhones

Yesterday we broke the news that Apple had beaten Samsung and Microsoft to the punch with the iOS 8.3 update bringing EE's Wi-Fi Calling service to iPhones last night, two days ahead of when it hits Galaxies S6 and S6 Edge. Read More >>

Apple Pushes Out iOS 8.3 Update and Beats Samsung to EE’s Wi-Fi Calling (Updated)

Apple's iOS 8.3 update has gone live to the iPhone and iPad masses from 6pm this evening. It rolls out CarPlay connectivity, more diverse emojis (check out those thumbs up top) and, most importantly, a slightly longer keyboard space bar, alongside the standard performance tweakages. Nice, but so far, so typical an OS update. Read More >>

Apple Watch Meta-Review: Sexy Time But Still With Much to Prove

Yes, the verdicts are starting to come in for Apple's first smartwatch. Well, the verdicts from predominantly US journalists who have clearly been given a fair amount of time with their Apple Watches if Mashable's 10-chapter review and the 32-strong cast/credits list for The Verge's take is anything to go on (including four "extras" – on a product review! What a time to be alive). Read More >>

How Many Apps Have You Downloaded in the History of Your Smartphones?

Through a series of events that included an old iPhone giving up the ghost and a random conversation on Twitter, I just found out that I've downloaded 740 apps on iTunes alone. I didn't dare look at Google Play. Read More >>

Liberal Democrats’ Website Error Page Lays the Internet Smackdown on Cameron

The new 404 page on the Liberal Democrats' website is really quite something. The day after TV's first general election showpiece, in which the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was notably absent, it should certainly raise a chuckle amongst the coalition. Read More >>

Ban This Click Filth! You Won’t Believe What Clickbait Made This Hate List

The Media Blog has started a 'Clickbait Banned List' in the name of, well, people clicking on their site, we assume (bravo), but at least notionally seeking an end to the over-promising, under-delivering, social-serving headlines that now litter much of the internet. And what it did next will shock you… Read More >>

PS4’s Long Awaited Suspend/Resume Feature Lands in Tomorrow’s System Update

Remember when the PS4 launched two years ago and Sony said you would be able to suspend and resume games in an instant like a smartphone? Well, from tomorrow, you finally can, as March 26 brings "Yukimura" – or system update version 2.50, if you're being formal. Read More >>

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The New Charli XCX ‘Famous’ Video is Basically an Episode of ‘Black Mirror’

Bishop's Stortford's finest, singer-songwriter Charli XCX, has a new single out called 'Famous'. Now, if you're not into Billboard 100-topping British alt-pop 22-year-olds who support Katy Perry on tour, that probably wouldn't typically blink on your radar too hard. But fronting her latest teen-pop nugget is a darkly gadget-prodding horror straight out of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series. Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV Stick to Funnel Piping Hot Telly into UK HDMI Ports for as Little as £7

Remember Amazon's Fire TV set-top streaming box that made a subsidised play to sit under your telly last year? Well, now it's available in stick form. Read More >>