Your Android Phone Has Been Sending Location Data to Google, Even If You Opted Out

Tech companies like Google and Facebook provide services in exchange for your data. We’ve known this. But they’ve always stood by the reasoning that it’s nothing to worry about because you’re given a choice. Sometimes the choice is agreeing to a terms of service. With location tracking, Google has always made it possible to opt out, but according to a new report, Android has been forcing location tracking on you whether you like it or not. Read More >>

The United Nations Will Send its First Mission to Space in 2021

The United Nations has announced a date for its first ever mission to space — and it’s pretty soon. Read More >>

How Elon Musk Plans to Go to Mars

SpaceX plans to build a “self-sustaining city” on Mars, according to its founder Elon Musk. But, while we now know a lot more about how SpaceX plans to get to Mars, details about how people will actually survive up there remain sketchy. Read More >>

Watch Elon Musk Reveal His Plan to Colonise Mars

We’re finally going to hear Elon Musk’s plans for a mission to Mars. You can watch along at 19:30pm UK. In the meantime, here’s some of what we expect to hear, and what it means to the plan to finally put a person on Mars. Read More >>

SpaceX Just Passed a Major Milestone on its Mission to Mars

SpaceX has been talking up its Martian travel plans for a while now, but we still don’t know how it intends to get (or survive) there. As of today, however, it’s cleared a major hurdle: the rocket engine it will use to get to the Red Planet just fired-up for the first time. Read More >>

These Deep Space Images Reveal a New Type of Galaxy

Hubble’s deep field images have provided the farthest glimpses we’ve ever had of galaxies in spaces. Combining those images with a new telescope view has revealed that there are even more galaxies there than we knew—including a mysterious, new type of galaxy. Read More >>

We Now Know What Caused the Weird Erruptions Rosetta’s Comet

Last summer, something strange happened on Rosetta’s comet. After a period of calm, the comet began erupting, throwing huge jets of comet dust into space before abruptly stopping. Now, we finally know what happened. Read More >>

This New Gadget Could Detect Food Contamination in Minutes

When an outbreak of food poisoning hits, we trace our culinary steps backwards in an attempt to untangle the cause, hopefully before it can hit again. But a new sensor could radically change all that. Read More >>

Where We Will Grow Food After We Scorch the Earth 

A relatively small number of crops make up a lot of the world’s diet. But, as the world gets hotter, the places that we’re able to grow these vital foods is moving. Read More >>

We Finally Know What Made the Huge Heart on Pluto

Almost as soon as Pluto came into view, we saw it: a big heart splashed across half the dwarf planet’s surface, like something left it there on purpose for us to see. A year after we spotted it, we have an answer as to what put it there. Read More >>

No, NASA Did Not Just Change Your Zodiac Sign

NASA did not just rewrite the zodiac chart. But here’s why so many people are convinced that the agency did—and the real story behind the rumour. Read More >>

Watch 35,000 Fishing Vessels Move Around the World in This Map

There are thousands of ships sailing the seas to catch the fish you eat, and now you can watch them sail the ocean in almost real-time on this interactive map. Read More >>

Russia’s Blood Red River is Even Worse Than We Knew

Last week, strange images of a river that had turned blood red emerged out of Russia. Now satellite images show that the red waters run much further through the area — and it’s been happening for decades. Read More >>

We Finally Know What This Big Red Splotch on Pluto’s Moon Is

Almost as soon as Pluto’s moon Charon came into view, we had a question: what’s that big red splotch on top of it? Now, we finally have an answer. Read More >>

SpaceX Will Start Launching Rockets Again in November

Two weeks ago, a SpaceX rocket inexplicably burst into flames, taking its satellite payload up in smoke. Now the space company has given a date for when we can expect to see its rockets back in the air. Read More >>