Is That White Chocolate or the Surface of Mars?

A new image of dunes on the Martian north pole looks a lot like a chocolate bar. Read More >>

I Made Amazing Images of Galaxies and Nebulas in Minutes Using This Idiot-Proof Automatic Telescope

Steven Bellavia couldn’t find the astrophotography setup he wanted, so he built his own. The engineer’s “Bellavia Mini” combined decades of expertise and a love of telescope building into an observatory that fits in the back of his car. Bellavia laboured over perfecting every element – the optical tube is made from wood, rather than aluminium, to prevent distortions from temperature changes, for example. Read More >>

Extremely Massive Neutron Star May Be the Largest Ever Spotted

Scientists have discovered what could be the largest neutron star on record, according to new research. Read More >>

We Now Have an Image of the Second Interstellar Object Ever Observed

Last week, the Minor Planet Centre announced that astronomers had tentatively discovered the second interstellar object on record – and now we have a picture of it. Read More >>

Scientists Debut Powerful Magnet for Future Particle Collider

Physicists at Fermilab have produced and tested a powerful magnet of the sort that could appear in the next generation of particle colliders. Read More >>

This Is an Especially Good Picture of Saturn

I’ve seen many pictures of Saturn, some crisp and clear, some blurry, some big, some small. I think I have the authority to tell you that this new image from Hubble is an especially good one. Read More >>

This Device Generates Electricity From Darkness

Scientists have created something of a reverse solar cell: a tool that generates electricity from the darkness of night. Read More >>

A New Way to Measure Cosmic Distance Could Help Solve a Frustrating Inconsistency About the Universe

We can add yet another way to measure the universe’s expansion onto the pile of controversy that could perhaps be the most exciting story in cosmology today. Read More >>

Have Astronomers Just Spotted Another Interstellar Object?

An amateur astronomer may have detected an object from outside our solar system, according to an announcement from the Minor Planet Center. Read More >>

The Most Powerful Lightning Bolts Occur in the Weirdest Places

Superbolts, the strongest lightning bolts, occur at surprising times and in surprising places, a new study has found. Read More >>

Newly Identified Electric Eel Species is Most Shocking Animal Ever

Genetic data has revealed several distinct electric eel species living throughout South America, including the most shocking eel (and animal) discovered yet. Read More >>

Why xkcd Creator Randall Munroe Wrote the World’s Most Extreme ‘How To’ Book

While waiting for your flight to board, you look at your phone and realise its battery is at 1 per cent. You look around but can’t find a power outlet. There might be practical solutions to this problem. Or, you could follow Randall Munroe’s instructions and attach a paddle wheel to an escalator in order to power a generator that can then charge your phone. Read More >>

Ancient Rock Reveals Shocking First Day After Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Impact

Scientists say they have spotted evidence of what it was like on the first day after the dinosaur-killing impact event, thanks to an analysis of rock taken from the famous Chixculub crater. Read More >>

Rooster Kills Australian Woman

A 76-year-old woman died after being pecked by a rooster in South Australia, a recent case study reports. Read More >>

The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything, Finally Cracked

We all know that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, thanks to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Now, we also know that it’s the sum of three cubes. Read More >>