This Australian Says He and His Dead Friend Invented Bitcoin

A monthlong Gizmodo investigation has uncovered compelling and perplexing new evidence in the search for Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin. According to a cache of documents provided to Gizmodo which were corroborated in interviews, Craig Steven Wright, an Australian businessman based in Sydney, and Dave Kleiman, an American computer forensics expert who died in 2013, were involved in the development of the digital currency. Read More >>

google glass
Oh God Robert Scoble Is Wearing His Google Glasses in the Shower

And more importantly, publicly sharing photos of himself doing it, soaking and unclothed. The future is now. Read More >>

Hearing the World’s Tallest Building Creak in a Storm Is Terrifying

Dubai's Burj Khalifa skyscraper is a lot of things: a testament to humankind's love of building humungous stuff for the hell of it. It's very shiny! And in a bad storm, it sounds like it's about to fall apart. Read More >>

Are Sane Adults Allowed to Ever Use ;) ?

You probably haven't regularly used smileys since your middle school days, when modems screeched and President Clinton rained ordnance against Bosnian war criminals. You've grown up since then, but the ;) has remained inert, a relic of type. In our new modern age, is it ever okay to drop a smiley? Read More >>

Leaked Paper Reveals Wide Reach of America’s Drone Killings

A leaked top-secret Justice Department white paper reveals the true extent of US drone killings—and lays bare the fact that unmanned aircraft are targeting far more than just Al-Qaeda terrorists. Read More >>

What Is Bitcoin?

Maybe you've heard of Bitcoin—it wants to shake the entire global economy, and has become the financial bubble du jour with a skyrocketing value. It's online money—an alternative to pounds and euros. Well what's that mean? It's complicated, but we break it down. Read More >>

Facebook Home
Facebook Home Review: Surrender Yourself Unto Zuck

Facebook Home isn't a Facebook Phone, nor is it really "a bunch of apps," or a new operating system. It's an admission: Facebook means a lot to me, and is an interesting view of my life — and I want to look at it all the time, everywhere I go. If that sounds like you, Home is where your heart should be. If not, your phone will become something you hate. Read More >>

Facebook Home
The Facebook Phone: It’s Finally Sorta Real

We've been talking about it for years now — half dread, half excitement — and now it's no longer just our imaginations. The Facebook Phone is as real as it's probably ever going to get: it's called Facebook Home a complete Android takeover that converts your smartphone. Read More >>

What Is Facebook’s Big Mysterious Phone Going to Be?

Next week, Facebook is going to show us its "new home on Android." What does that mean? We're not sure—we could be days away from The Facebook Phone, or just a lovely new life-consuming app. But here are our best bets for what Zuck has up his Androidy sleeves. Read More >>

That Internet War Apocalypse Is a Lie

You might've read some headlines today—in very reputable publications—saying that there's an internet attack underway. The biggest in history. Enough to slow down the internet. This would be exciting and scary, except it's just not true. Read More >>

Smartphones Have Ruined Our Ability to Make Wasted Fools of Ourselves

The modern smartphone, for all its utility as a way of capturing crimes in process, waddling babies, and public disasters, has one chilling effect on society: it's now dangerous to get insanely fucked up in public. And that's a damn shame. Read More >>

The Next iOS Needs to Look Like This

It's not a good sign when the best iOS features are imaginary ones designed by people who aren't getting paid to do it instead of, you know, Apple. Like this revamped vision for iPhone multitasking. Apple, steal this now. Read More >>

It Took Five Years to Make a Truly Beautiful Android Phone

Android has become an enormous success in part by appealing to a lot of people who don't prioritise aesthetics. It's no wonder it's been relatively ugly for half a decade. But finally, it's spawned a truly gorgeous object for everyone: the HTC One. Read More >>

Kevin Lynch
Apple’s Big New Hire Sure Doesn’t Like Apple Sometimes

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch — that's the guy in charge of technology at a very powerful and important technology company — is jumping ship, reportedly for Apple. Which is odd, because he's said a lot of mean, frustrated things about Apple! Read More >>

The Single Creepiest Thing You Can Do on Facebook

Always be nice, and cool. That's the motto around here. But sometimes you just want to make someone wildly uncomfortable. Or maybe you want to avoid social nightmare! Either way, here is some sacred social media advice. Heed or perish. Read More >>