Early Galaxy S11 Leaks Suggest Samsung Is Going Huge on Battery

Now that all the big 2019 phones have been released, it’s time to look forward to next year’s handsets, and if these early leaks are any indication, the Galaxy S11 could be in line for a huge upgrade in the battery department. Read More >>

Does the Pixel 4 Have a Bending Issue?

So far, aside from concerns about its face unlock working even when someone’s eyes are closed, the Pixel 4's launch has been smoother than Google’s previous phones. However, in a recent video, YouTube channel JerryRigEverything may have uncovered a potential issue with the latest Pixel. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Goes Full Batman

From the moment I opened up the Surface Pro X, I got the sense that Microsoft had entered a new chapter for its homegrown hardware. Gone are the huge bezels and hard edges found on the company’s previous detachables, and in their place you something that’s sleek and sophisticated, unlike anything Microsoft has made before. And when you combine its stealth black-on-black colour scheme with nifty tricks like its hidden stylus storage, I was hit with a realisation: the Surface Pro X is Batman. Read More >>

Dell’s Latest Pro-Grade Monitor Has a Built-in Colourimeter and Thunderbolt 3

For high-end content creators, making sure your work’s colours are on point is a never-ending battle. So to make things a bit easier, Dell has created what it says is the world’s first 27-inch 4K monitor with a built-in colourimeter and Thunderbolt 3. Read More >>

Google Buys Fitbit, Your Data, and a Wearable OS That Doesn’t Suck

For a long time, it’s felt like Google has left the fate of its smartwatch and wearable platform — Wear OS — to third-party device makers like Fossil. But that’s all about to change now that Google has agreed to acquire wearable giant Fitbit. Read More >>

More Leaks Surface of Moto’s Slick Razr Reboot

One of the most tantalising smartphone rumours this year has been about Motorola’s reboot of the iconic Razr. And thanks to a recent slew of leaked images, we might now have a better idea of what Moto will announce on 13th November. Read More >>

LG’s G8X Dual Screen Phone Gives You the Most Screen For Your Money

Back in 2011, the original Samsung Galaxy Note confirmed people had an insatiable appetite for big screens. And just in the last couple years, we’ve had phones with extra long screens, transforming screens, flexible screens, and even wraparound screens. But now with the G8X Dual Screen, LG is hoping to top them all by giving us more display (or should I say displays) for way less money. Read More >>

Samsung Brings Big, Bright QLED Displays to Laptops For the First Time

Samsung knows that its recent laptops haven’t quite made the impact it wanted, so for its next batch of notebooks, Samsung is trying something new: borrowing the QLED display tech used on Samsung’s high-end TVs and putting them on the upcoming Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion. Read More >>

Apple Pulls iOS 13.2 After Users Complain Update Bricks HomePods

While the HomePod delivers the impressive audio quality, it hasn’t quite enjoyed the widespread success of competing smart speakers like the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo. And now, things have just gotten worse now that Apple’s iOS 13.2 patch has reportedly started bricking HomePods. Read More >>

The Fujifilm X-Pro3 Is a Love Letter to Street Photography

Quite often in today’s world, we’re so focused on editing, sharing, and posting our photos, we often forget to enjoy the simple things like just grabbing a camera, hitting the streets, and seeing what you run into. But with the new X-Pro3, Fujifilm is looking to blend the best things about old-school rangefinders with the convenience of modern mirrorless cams. Read More >>

A Month With the Improved Galaxy Fold and I Actually Still Like It

Following the ambitious but janky Royole Flexpai, Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was supposed to be the redeemer, a device that demonstrated the power of foldable tech. Then Samsung gave the Fold to a bunch of savages (aka tech reviewers), who pawed at it like it was a normal phone, and then the Fold had to go away for some upgrades. Read More >>

Red Founder Kills the Company’s Holographic Phone Project, Announces Retirement

The Red Hydrogen One was a phone from another dimension. It was big, super heavy, and was billed the world’s first holographic phone. Except it never quite delivered, and now, alongside a retirement announcement, Red founder Jim Jannard is cancelling Red’s Hydrogen project altogether. Read More >>

Microsoft Snipes Another Streamer From Twitch as Shroud Moves to Mixer

First, it was Ninja, and now it’s Shroud, as Microsoft has inked a deal that will have yet another one of Twitch’s most popular streamers switch exclusively to Mixer. Read More >>

Google Says It Will Fix Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Fail ‘in the Coming Months’

On the new Pixel 4, Google opted to replace the traditional fingerprint sensor used on its previous handsets for an iPhone-like face unlock system featuring a sophisticated infrared 3D dot projector. However, unlike the iPhone, the Pixel 4's face unlock works even if a person’s eyes are closed, which is a potential security issue Google says it plans to patch sometime in the next few months. Read More >>