Sony’s 61-MP A7R IV Looks Like the New Mirrorless Champ to Beat

It’s been a wild past year for the camera industry. After years spent focusing on DSLRs or Micro Four Thirds shooters, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic have finally all entered the full-frame mirrorless market with their EOS R, Nikon Z, and Lumix S1 camera lines. However, despite all these new challengers, Sony remains the leader in the full-frame mirrorless segment, with the A7 III outselling both the EOS R and Nikon Z combined in Japan. Now, with the new A7R Mark IV, it looks like Sony could extend its lead even more. Read More >>

Nintendo Pushes Out New Switch Hardware Boasting Almost Double the Battery Life

Just last week, Nintendo finally announced the Switch Lite—a cheaper and more portable version of the classic Switch but without the original’s TV docking support. However, it seems the Switch Lite wasn’t the only hardware upgrade Nintendo had planned, because now Nintendo has announced a new model for the standard Switch with some refreshed components and nearly double the battery life. Read More >>

Qualcomm Bumps Top Smartphone Chip in Preparation for Autumn

Typically, Qualcomm only releases one flagship chip per year. Take for example the company’s current top-spec processor: the Snapdragon 855. After getting announced late last year, it found its way into actual consumer devices earlier this spring, first on the Galaxy S10, and then on pretty much every other high-end Android phone. But now, it seems Qualcomm is breaking tradition. Read More >>

DJI’s Super-Fast Robot Car Is an Absolute Blast

The DJI Robomaster S1 is the childhood toy I always wanted. Actually, it’s way better than that. Compared to junk like the Tyco Rebound I had in the 90's, the Robomaster S1 is faster, more sophisticated, and thanks to its Mecanum wheels, much more nimble than anything my tiny kid brain could have even imagined. And that’s before you consider the Robomaster’s built-in camera, dual blasters, and its programmability. Only there’s a cost to all this, and with a base price of £500, it’s a big one. So is it worth it? Read More >>

The Switch Lite Seems Nice, But What I Really Want Is a Switch Pro

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally announced the long-rumoured Switch Lite and it looks good. Even though it doesn’t have support for the standard model’s docking feature, the Switch Lite seems like the natural upgrade for anyone still clinging to a 3DS, and a perfect handheld companion for long car rides or plane flights. Read More >>

Google Can’t Quit Trying to Make New Social Networks

Google has never made a successful social network, but you have to give the company some credit for never giving up. After the shutdown of platforms like Orkut, Google Buzz, and Google+ (and the shuttering of messaging services like Allo and Google Wave) it appears that Google is testing out yet another social network, this one called Shoelace. Read More >>

Canon Stabs Tradition in the Back With Camera That Supports Vertical Video

Canon’s G7 X line has long been a favourite of photographers who wanted a travel-friendly camera that could still capture high-quality images. But with the rise of smartphones and the decline of point-and-shoots, Canon began pushing its compact cameras towards vloggers, who I’ve seen use cameras like the G7 X and Sony’s RX100 line as a backup or more portable alternative to a big mirrorless or DSLR cam. After all, when you’re attaching a camera to a gimbal or the end of a GorillaPod, every extra bit of lightness make a camera easier to handle. Read More >>

We’ve Got All Your Summertime Apple Rumours Right Here

It’s hot, the summer hols are swiftly approaching and we’re still two months out from when Apple traditionally announces a new batch of iPhones. But that hasn’t stopped rumours and leaks from swirling including speculation about the next AirPods, the death of a once highly touted feature, what Apple has planned for 2020, and more. So here’s a roundup of all the latest iPhone news and rumours so you can prepare for the iPhone 11's official debut later this autumn. Read More >>

This Is the Best Gaming Phone Yet

Less than two years ago, gaming phones weren’t even a thing. But now, they are an entire category unto themselves. Asus made one, Xiaomi made one (with another on the way), and Razer made two. And while there are some people that continue to question why they are even necessary, it’s important to note that the superb 90Hz screen on the OnePlus 7 Pro is almost certainly a response to the high refresh rate screens that first debuted on various gaming phones. These phones influence the broader category of phones. But in the case of the Nubia Red Magic 3 that might not be a great thing. I’m not sure I’ll want to see it’s built-in fan in next year’s OnePlus. Still, its features like that (and an excellent price)that make this the best gaming phone yet. Read More >>

Dr. Mario World Copies The Worst Mechanics of Mobile Gaming and It’s Our Fault

Back in 2015 when Nintendo announced that it would start developing games for smartphones and tablets, I was excited by the prospect of playing Nintendo classics like Mario, Animal Crossing, and others without having to drag a console around (even consoles as portable as the Switch, which at the time, was still two years away). Fast forward to now. With the release of Dr. Mario World on July 10th (for Android and iOS), the total number of Nintendo mobile titles stands at seven (or six depending on how you’re counting, RIP Miitomo). Read More >>

Philips Hue’s New Bluetooth Bulbs Make It Cheaper to Try Out the Best Smart Lights

Despite being one of the most popular smart light platforms on the market, one of the disadvantages of Philips’ Hue system is its need for a bridge. That means getting started with Hue tended to cost a bit more than competing platforms, because to control even one light, you needed a hub. Read More >>

Asus Zenbook S13 Review: A Notch, a Bump, a Clever Little Laptop

When I first saw the ZenBook S13, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. For starters, putting a notch on a laptop just seemed like a weird holdover from Asus’ phone business, and its bluish silver and copper orange colour scheme sometimes made it hard to see the letters on its keys. But the more time I spent with the ZenBook S13, my feelings started to change. It’s a clever bit that takes some time to appreciate, and all told, it’s a worthy alternative to the systems like the Dell XPS 13 and Huawei MateBook X Pro. Read More >>

Samsung, What on Earth Are You Doing?

The Galaxy Fold still hasn’t gone on sale, and yet, it seems Samsung has caught a full-on case of foldable fever because based on a number of reports and rumours, Samsung might already have as many as three more foldable phones in the works. Read More >>

apple watch
Check Out Apple’s Ridiculous Patent for Adding a Camera to the Apple Watch

Since its launch back in 2015, Apple has been steadily adding new sensors and features to the Apple Watch. The first model had a built-in heart rate sensor, the Apple Watch Series 2 tacked on GPS, while the Series 3 was the first version to feature true cellular connectivity. Most recently, Apple added an ECG monitor to the Apple Watch Series 4, and based on a new patent granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple ain’t done yet. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Is Cooking Up a Dual-Screen Surface With Support for Android Apps

Computer makers have been dreaming about dual-screened laptops for a long time. Microsoft got the hype started nearly a decade ago with the Courier, a rumoured dual-screen tablet that at some point was in development but never got an official release. Now in 2019, it seems the idea behind the Courier has come full circle, based on a new report from Forbes. Read More >>