Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

Samsung's Unpacked event is just a few hours away now, but if you can't bear to wait for the afternoon to pass, here's a roundup of the leaks and rumours about its retro-looking foldable phone. Read More >>

A Wild Microsoft Surface Duo Appears

While it was announced back in October 2019, Microsoft's Surface Duo has made its first public appearance after a video was posted of someone using the device on public transport. Read More >>

Google Reinstates Co-Star App After It Claims ‘Anti-Astrology’ Bias

Popular astrology app Co-Star has been reinstated on the global Google Play Store after it was unceremoniously struck off due to alleged metadata violations in a very Scorpio move. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S20: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

It's only been months since Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 devices were released but the rumour mill has begun firing up over the next major flagship — the Galaxy S20 series — due for release early this year. Read More >>

Windows 7 is Finally Dead

The time has come. After 10 years of service, Windows 7 has finally been put to rest by Microsoft. From January 14 2020, Windows 7 users will no longer receive technical support, security and software updates. It's time to move on. Read More >>

Underwater Speakers Used To Trick Fish Into Returning To Great Barrier Reef

It's long been documented that Australia's Great Barrier Reef is facing a tough time due to the effects of climate change and general human interference. New research suggests a radical new approach might be able to help its degrading coral cover and it involves mimicking the sound of a thriving coral reef using speakers. Read More >>

TikTok Admits It Moderated Its Newsfeed To Exclude Users With Disabilities

Social media giant TikTok has been accused of discrimination after it was reported to be excluding videos from users with disabilities on the main newsfeed, according to an investigative report from a German digital rights blog, Netzpolitik. Read More >>

Huawei Mate 30 Definitely Has No US Hardware

The Mate 30 series was the first of Huawei's lineup released without any access to Google's services, thanks to Trump's controversial ban in May 2019. But just in case it wasn't clear, a new hardware teardown by a Japanese firm and reported by the Wall Street Journal shows Huawei's managed to pull off building the smartphone without a single piece of U.S.-built hardware too. Read More >>

Getting A Phone In China Now Requires Mandatory Face Scanning

Chinese citizens will now need to have their faces scanned when purchasing a new mobile phone service after new laws came into effect on Sunday December 1. Read More >>

Three Black Holes are Heading for a Galactic Smackdown

In a galaxy far, far away, three black holes are racing towards each other. Read More >>

There’s a Place in Ethiopia That’s Too Metal to Sustain Life

Much like my teenage bedroom, scientists have found a place on Earth where no life can exist. It's just too metal to sustain it. Read More >>

Microsoft Can Now Work With Huawei, Google Still Can’t

After months of political turmoil, one major U.S. company is getting a reprieve from President Donald Trump's bans. Read More >>

Samsung Confuses Everyone Over S11 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S11 rumours have been heating up but a new piece of information suggests some predictions, like the addition of a Galaxy S11 Lite, have been a bit off. Read More >>

Apple’s Next iPhone Pro And Pro Max Should Be Juicier

Apple's iPhone 11 series was a well-needed upgrade for the lineup after it had lagged behind other flagship phones in terms of specs for some time. New reports suggest the iPhone 12 series will be even juicier. Read More >>

Black Hole Kicks Star Out of Milky Way

Astronomers have uncovered a star leaving the galaxy at an extremely fast pace. They also found out why. Turns out, it was unceremoniously booted out by The Milky Way's supermassive black hole. Read More >>