OnePlus Reveals That Its TV Will Feature a 55″ QLED Screen

OnePlus has shared a couple of titbits about its upcoming telly, namely that it'll feature a 55" QLED screen. Read More >>

Xiaomi Launches Its Entry-Level Redmi 7A With a Big Range of Features for Such a Tiny Price

Xiaomi has announced the Redmi 7A - a budget smartphone that doesn't scrimp on features. Read More >>

foldable phones
TCL Files Patents for More Foldable Phones and They’re Real Ugly

We've known TCL has had foldable smartphones in the works since leaked patents surfaced earlier this year, and thanks to a second leak, we've got a peek at some renders. And they're ugly as heck. Read More >>

The National Lottery Celebrates 25 Years by Giving Away Free Cinema Tickets for This Weekend

"What's the link between the lottery and cinema?", is something I know you've not asked and don't care about. Let me tell you. The National Lottery funds the British Film Institute (BFI). The end. Read More >>

Huawei Mate X Will Feature the Company’s New Kirin 990 Chipset

Huawei's Yanmin Wang, president of CEE, Nordic and Canadian Regions of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group, has confirmed that the upcoming Mate X will feature the Kirin 990 chipset. Read More >>

electric vehicles
The World’s First Pop-up EV Charging Points Are Being Trialled in Oxford

Cheltenham-based consultancy firm Duku and its sister company Albright IP have developed a pop-up EV charging point that's being tested in the real world in a pilot program taking place in Oxford. Read More >>

Nokia’s Camera Company Has Leaked a Photo of the 7.2 Showing off a Triple Lens Circular Camera Array

An enthused member of the company that Nokia works with on its smartphone cameras was so excited about the Nokia 7.2 press event that he tweeted out pics he reeeeally shouldn't have. Read More >>

Amazon Pop-Up is Serving up a Fusion of the World’s Worst Cuisines Next Week for the US Open

To celebrate its exclusive coverage of the US Open that kicks off next week, Amazon is serving up a deranged and unholy mash-up or British and American classic food and drinks, and I think I love it. Read More >>

Nokia Is Launching a Budget 5G Smartphone Next Year That’s Half the Price of What’s on Offer Right Now

Smartphones are expensive little buggers, and Nokia has been releasing a number of pretty decent budget handsets as an affordable alternative. And entering the even more expensive 5G market is next on the list. Read More >>

GCSE Students Can Get a Free Sundae at Bella Italia Today, and Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

It's free food day! And also GCSE results day, which is basically the same thing this year, so you regardless of your results, who doesn't want to use them to get free ice cream sundaes? Read More >>

smart speakers
Google Reportedly Relaunching the Home Mini as the Nest Mini With Overhauled Features

Google is rumoured to be relaunching the Google Home Mini with overhauled features and dubbing it the Nest Mini instead. Read More >>

It Looks Like Sky is Rolling out a New Booster as Part of an Unannounced WiFi Guarantee Service

A new booster device was spotted over on Sky's website for its Sky Q customers but was swiftly taken down, indicating the company may have some more new services on the way. Read More >>

The Motorola RAZR is Set to Launch at the End of This Year and is Going to Have a Hefty Price Tag

The rebooted Motorola RAZR was announced earlier this year and this week we got some more tidbits on a possible price and release date. Read More >>

Three is Pulling the Plug on Its Half Price Unlimited Data Deals Tomorrow so Grab One While You Can

Three's six month half price unlimited data deals are fantastic. It would be a shame if someone... stopped the promotion. And that's exactly what is happening at the strike of midnight on Thursday, August 22. Read More >>

McDonald’s Spicy Nugs Get Dissed by London Chain Serving up Posh Lobster Nugs

In a restaurant chain that ceases to exist outside of the bounds of London, a new form of spicy nugs are coming. Lobster nugs. Posh nugs, if you will. Read More >>