Amazon Walks Back Its New Pre-Order Policy Probably Because It Sucks and We All Hated It

Amazon is finally reversing the terrible policy it was apparently testing out in Europe that saw customers charged for their games at the point of order, rather that dispatch. Read More >>

Starbucks Is Letting You Borrow Cups at Gatwick for Free and You Just Know They’ll Get Stolen

In an effort to do its bit for the environment, Starbucks is trialling reusable cups for its customers at Gatwick airport, saying that it could cut down on 7,000 paper cups if people cooperate. Read More >>

A Domino’s Store in London Tried to Deliver Pizza to Queen Elizabeth After a Prank Call

A Domino's driver attempted to deliver four cheeseburger pizzas to one Elizabeth, residing in Buckingham Palace, and was surprised to find out someone was pulling his leg. Dude. Come on. Read More >>

McDonald’s is Trialling Extended Breakfast Hours and So Help Me if You Don’t Get Your Arse Down There

Miracles happen but once every few thousand years. First, there was that Jesus chap who pulled fish and bread out of his arse (metaphorically speaking) to feed the masses. And now McDonald's is taking up the mantle by serving breakfast until 11am. Read More >>

Amazon is Offering 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Just £15

Amazon is offering the newly announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate three month subscription for half price - that's three months of Game Pass, Game Pass PC, and Xbox Live Gold for just £15. Read More >>

apple watch series 4
O2 Launches Apple Watch 4 With Six Month Free Airtime Promotion

O2 is launching the Apple Watch Series 4 today and to mark the occasion, it's offering six months of free air time to new and existing iPhone customers on custom plans. Read More >>

Ebay’s 36-Hour Site-Wide 10% off Sale Kicks off Today

Ebay is knocking 10 per cent off everything until tomorrow night - even things that are already discounted - so get your butt into gear and get over there. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy These Gorgeous Peter Pan 50p Coins to Support Great Ormond Street Hospital

More fancy 50ps are coming that cost significantly more than 50p to purchase, because of course they do. In this instance, it's even more laughable as they're not even real currency. The good news is a portion of the profits will go to charity. Read More >>

Lego Says It Didn’t Steal the Idea for Its Jurassic World T-Rex From Lego Ideas Submission

Lego revealed its 3,120 Jurassic World T-Rex this week, complete with minifigs and the iconic Jurassic Park gates, but now the company is fending off any potential accusations that it's based on a rejected Lego Ideas concept. Read More >>

fake news
Operation Fishwrap Repackages Old Terror Attacks as New Ones for Your Dumb Friends to Share

Analytics firm, Recorded Future, has purported to have discovered an online campaign that is recycling news about past terror attacks and re-framing them as new incidents on social media. Read More >>

Sky Mobile is Giving All of its Customers Free Unlimited Data This Weekend

To celebrate its one million customer milestone, Sky Mobile is giving away free unlimited mobile data this weekend so you can stream as much HD porn as you like without eating into your data. Read More >>

KFC Has Launched a Quorn Imposter Burger for Vegans Right Under the Colonel’s Nose

There's an imposter in the Colonel's ranks and the old fool isn't doing anything about it, which is great news for vegans who want the KF without the C. Read More >>

EE Being Investigated by Ofcom for Not Capping 118 Calls for That One Guy Who Still Uses It

BT, who owns EE, could be in for a slap on the wrist from Ofcom after it owned up to not capping the call rate on 118 numbers for EE customers. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 4 Is Bigger, Better, and Launches This Summer

If you want a fitness tracker but don't necessarily fancy dropping a couple hundred quid on something fancy, you're in luck; Xiaomi is launching its Mi Smart Band 4 in the UK this summer for just £35. Read More >>

The North is Sick of London-Centric Politics and Calls for a Revolution in How It’s Treated

London needs to buck up its ideas and start investing in the north before it starts clamouring for its own king/queen, as newspapers in the region are pressing for a "revolution" in the way the north is treated on their front pages. Read More >>