It Turns Out Apple Has No Clue About UK’s Plans to Use Its API for Contact Tracing App

A rather embarrassing snafu has popped up thanks to health secretary Matt Hancock, but luckily, he seems to lack the capacity to take personal responsibility for anything, so when he goes on the telly spouting utter shite, it's simply just another day for him. Read More >>

New UK-US Agreement Could See Space Launches Happen From the UK

The UK and US might not see eye-to-eye on 5G and who is and isn't involved in all of that, but when it comes to sending expensive rockets into space, relations are looking much better. Read More >>

Netflix Isn’t Blocking VPN Users Anymore But is Hiding Regional Titles

Netflix has quietly made some changes that will affect VPN users, and it's probably because of the pandemic. Read More >>

Apple’s AirPower Charging Mat Could Still Be on the Way After All

Apple's AirPower charging mat was cancelled last year, after the tech giant was apparently struggling to get a handle on it, but now it seems like it's back on the cards. Read More >>

Smarty SIM-Only Deal Gives You Unlimited Data for Just £18 per Month

We've got SIM-only deals coming out the wazoo this week, but they're only small so they've passed without incident. And now we've scooped them up ready for you to tuck into. Read More >>

Android 11 Will Feature a Hidden Recycle Bin and Give You 30 Days to Recover a File

Android 11 is going to have a host of fancy new features that we just can't wait for, and the latest one is a trashing feature for apps using the MediaStoreAPI that chucks files into the equivalent of a PC recycle bin so the user can still recover them. Read More >>

Boris Johnson’s Plane’s Union Jack Makeover Will Cost the Tax Payer Almost One Million Quid

What's the point of having access to a special private plane if you can't jazz it up? Well now you can, for the low, low price of one million pounds. Read More >>

EE is Offering a Whopping 100GB Data for Just £20 per Month

EE is up there when it comes to UK mobile networks, but you're usually paying for the privilege of being a customer, so it's not exactly slashing prices on the regular. So that's why this deal is unmissable, giving you a massive 100GB data for just £20 per month. Read More >>

Scientist Says Spread of Covid 19 Isn’t the Public’s Fault

Professor John Drury, a member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), would like to absolve you of all responsibility when it comes to the spread of coronavirus and shift the blame anywhere else instead. Read More >>

NHS Contact Tracing App is “Not a Priority” Anymore So That Was a Massive Waste of Time

The NHS contact tracing app is a mess, which you may have picked up on from our coverage of it so far; and now it's not going to see the light of day before winter - if it launches at all. Read More >>

BP Forecasts Lower Oil Prices as It Prepares to Take £13.9bn Hit

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown has affected a huge number of industries, with oil taking a particularly big hit as no bugger is going anywhere. Read More >>

NHS Contact Tracing App is Now Live, Possibly by Mistake

The NHSX contact tracing app has appeared in the Google Play Store, but we suspect it's either gone live before it should have, or some pillock has botched the roll-out; either option seems plausible given the history of the thing. Read More >>

We’ve Reached Peak Stupidity for Social Distancing

Have you ever wondered what Oscar the Grouch feels like, having to live in a trash can? Well now you can experience what being confined inside of a tube barely bigger than your body is like, with Tube Tube; the most idiotic thing I've seen today. And that includes Boris Johnson's TimTams speech. Read More >>

amazon echo
Echo Auto Means You Can Take Alexa on the Road With You Now

If you lament having to leave Alexa behind every time you leave the house, and crave the convenience of a voice assistant on the go, you'll bloody love Echo Auto. Read More >>

Pornhub Premium Lovers Launches for Couples Who Want to Kick it Up a Notch in the Bedroom

If you love a fist up the arse but are feeling a little shy about broaching the subject, Pornhub's new Premium Lovers subscription might be just the thing for you. Or you could save yourself £15 a month, bend over in front of the bedroom door, and drape an elbow length rubber glove over the small of your back. Read More >>