How to Disable Those Huawei Lock Screen Ads

This week there have been reports of advertisements for appearing on the lock screens of several of their devices. Read More >>

I Can’t Stop Playing With Oppo Reno’s Nub

This week Oppo's 5G Reno phone went on sale. I've been playing with it and while a full review is still aways off, there is one thing I must share immediately: I am obsessed with its nub. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: All The Leaks And Rumours So Far

We're still a couple of months out from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but the leaks and rumours are already flowing. Read More >>

Here’s The World’s First Water Powered Tesla

While some might argue that solar power is a pretty clean energy source, this gentleman decided to take things to the next level. Read More >>

Sign In With Apple Mandatory For Apps With Third Party Logins

One of the biggest privacy features shown during WWDC’s keynote this week was Sign In With Apple. Read More >>

Alert: iPads Are Getting Mouse Support!

During the WWDC 2019 keynote last night, Apple announced a dedicated OS for the iPad. Read More >>

Google Re-Adds Huawei Device to Android Q Beta Programme

The wild ride that is the U.S. trade ban on Huawei continues today as Google re-adds one of the Chinese manufacturer's phones to its Android Q beta program. Sure, why not? Read More >>

Huawei Shuts Down Own Rep Over June Release Date For Its Android OS

Overnight it was reported that Huawei would be releasing its own operating system to replace Android next month. Read More >>

Huawei Responds to Google’s Ban

Yesterday it was reported that Google, along with a slew of chipmakers, would be suspending its business operations with Huawei. Read More >>

Google Will Continue To Support Existing Huawei Phones

Yesterday, Reuters reported that Google will be suspending its business operations with Huawei. Read More >>

These Phones Are Actually Called ‘Garlic’ And ‘Onion’

This week a new mid-range phone was introduced to the world, the Realme X. If you haven't heard of the brand, it's sort of a sibling of OPPO in that both companies come under DDK in China. Read More >>

game of thrones
Those Wild Game Of Thrones Finale Spoilers Are Probably Legit

Earlier this month a massive Game of Thrones spoiler post was published online. It was essentially a laundry list of major plot points and deaths from the final three episodes. Read More >>

How The Battle of Winterfell Looked on an 8K TV

If your Game of Thrones experience was the same as mine this week, you would have been treated to unwatchable 720p blotches of black, grey and brown, stretched across a cinema-sized screen. It wasn't cute. Read More >>