Apple Devices With Mini-LED Displays Rumoured For 2021 Release

The old Apple rumour mill is back in action and this time its chattering about an old favourite. Apple devices with mini-LED displays are still apparently on its way but we won’t see it until 2021. Read More >>

You Can Play Fallout Shelter in Teslas Now

Tesla drivers have been able to play games in their cars for a while now. What began as somewhat dodgy arcade games has branched out into more modern and beloved games such as Cuphead and Stardew Valley. Now it will let you venture into the wasteland with the addition of Fallout Shelter. Read More >>

Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing Software Won’t Work on Some Huawei Devices

Last week, Apple and Google released their COVID-19 contact tracing API to public health agencies (PHA) across the world. Known as the Exposure Notification System, its bluetooth signalling can be used in COVID-19 tracing apps. The companies also boast that it will help with battery life and privacy concerns related to tracing apps. Read More >>

iOS 13.5: All the New Features, Including COVID-19 Contact Tracing

This week Apple released iOS 13.5 to the public and with it came some COVID-19 related features such as Exposure Notification System and Face ID improvements to help with mask-wearing. Here's the full list of what's new. Read More >>

Why You’re Anxious About Coming Out of Isolation, According to Experts

Restrictions are lifting and establishments are reopening slowly around the world. While this is a cause for celebration for many, some may be worried about venturing back out into the 'real world' — and not just because of health fears. Read More >>

James Dyson Dropped £500 Million of His Own Cash on Failed Electric Car

In October 2019 Dyson halted work on its electric car project. The Dyson car, referred to internally as 'N526', was an SUV that aimed to challenge Tesla in the EV market. Seven months after the car was canned we have now seen pictures of it for the first time thanks to an exclusive interview James Dyson gave to the Sunday Times Rich list. He also revealed that and he laid down £500 million of his own money to try and get the project off the ground. Read More >>

There’s Been an Apple Powerbeats Pro Leak a Year After Its Release

Last year Apple released the Powerbeats Pro - truly wireless earbuds that sounded great, were comfortable and perfect for working out. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4a: Everything We Know So Far

Last year the release of Google's Pixel 3a heralded a shift in the mid-range phone market. Coming in at £400 and packing some flagship specs, it changed what people should expect from a a phone at that price. Other brands followed suit, including Apple with its recently released iPhone SE. Suffice to say, the arrival of Google's new budget device, the Pixel 4a, is cause for some excitement. Here's what we know about it so far. Read More >>

There Are Official Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds Now

The best thing about Zoom is the ability to set a virtual background. It's almost enough to make you forget about all those passwords that were stolen. Read More >>

LG Velvet: Everything We Know So Far

We're still a week away from the official launch of LG's new sleek-sounding phone — the LG Velvet. But thanks to some leaks and LG itself, we already know pretty much everything about it. Here's a sneak peak. Read More >>

Jay Leno Releases Unseen Footage Of Elon Musk And The First Tesla Roadster From 2008

2008 was a different time for Elon Musk. He hadn't met Grimes yet, didn't go on weird Twitter rants and hadn't publicly called anyone a 'Pedo Guy. It was also the year that he unleashed his first Tesla vehicle on the world - the Roadster. Jay Leno has reminded us of this after publishing unseen footage of an interview with Musk at the time. Read More >>

The Best Password Security Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

Over the last few weeks there has been increased concern around online security. As we spend more time connecting to new apps and programs thanks to COVID-19 and social distancing, we also provide more opportunity for hackers to breach our privacy. This has been seen with Zoom as well as allegations against social media app Houseparty. Read More >>

Apple iPhone SE: First Look Review

Last year, Google turned the mid-range phone market on its head by introducing the ludicrously-priced and well-specced Pixel 3a. A few other brands have followed suit since then, but none have been quite as exciting as the new iPhone SE. Now it truly seems like flagship inclusions at lower price points are here to stay - and it's about damn time. The trend of £1,000 becoming the norm for new phones over the last few years has been bad for buyers. A new middle ground has been long overdue and we welcome it. Read More >>

I Want To Play The Crap Out Of This Seinfeld Video Game

As many of our lives feel like they're "about nothing" in isolation, two heroes have emerged to bring us the game we never knew we needed. Developers Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon have put together a pitch and trailer for Seinfeld Adventure, and it looks really bloody good. Read More >>

A Bunch of Phones Just Got Busted For Inflating Benchmarks

The company behind PCMark's benchmarking rankings has delisted roughly 50 devices from its system after reports surfaced that their RealTek processors were boosting performance during testing. This includes phones from major manufacturers such as Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi and Sony. Read More >>