Lego Ideas’ 10th Anniversary Vote Gives Old Rejects a New Chance at Life

The great thing about Lego Ideas is that fans get to have their say on which fan-submitted Lego models they'd like to see made, but the downside is that only a small handful of them ever do. It's rare that the selection committee picks more than two, and even then they usually just pick one. But Ideas' 10th anniversary has just been and gone, and to celebrate Lego is letting fans choose an old reject and give it a new chance at life. Read More >>

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Celebrate ‘National Streaming Day’ With £15 off the Roku Streaming Stick+

These days it seems as though every day is some sort of special day, thanks to marketing departments and advertisers deciding this is the new best way to try and sell things. Today that day is apparently 'National Streaming Day', which means absolutely nothing to most of the population, but for us it means there is some money to be saved on streaming hardware. Specifically streaming hardware made by Roku, who have a vested interest in making people buy its products. Read More >>

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Get a £100 Discount on the Google Home Max With Today’s Daily Deals

When it comes to smart speakers (or speakers of any kind, really) you generally get what you pay for. Cheap speakers never sound as good, and if you are willing to pay a bit more you can get something a lot better. Of course we all love to save money, and when a great speaker gets a hefty price cut it should peak your interest. Especially when it's the Google Home Max, a device we called "the best smart speaker on the market" (at the time) in our official review. Read More >>

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Unlimited Everything for £20 at Three is Your “Pff, 5G” Deal of the Day

I may have made this comparison before, but it feels like paying full price for Three's Unlimited everything SIM card is like buying a full price sofa at DFS. It gets discounted so often that you'd have to be a sucker to pay an extra £4 every month. As you would expect that means it's back down to £20, which means you can get unlimited calls, texts, data, and tethering to do with as you please. It's a 12 month contract, which means that price is safe for at least another year, and it shows you're keen to reject the 5G services being pushed through this year by the other networks. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G Will Hit the UK on 7th June

5G is coming, and we've been told that phones will be available to buy when the first commercial 5G networks get switched on. So far only Vodafone has announced a solid release date (3rd July), while the other three have been quite vague. Whatever actually happens, though, it's been confirmed that Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G will be arriving in the UK quite soon. On 7th June, to be exact, nearly a month before Vodafone kicks off its 5G rollout. Read More >>

OnePlus Bullets Wireless vs Bullets Wireless 2: What’s the Difference?

Despite some rumours that OnePlus would jump onto the wire-free earbud bandwagon, the company has not decided to ditch all their wires. Instead, it has released a newer version of last year's Bullets Wireless, in the inventively named Bullets Wireless 2. Obviously a new product means new features, but just how different are they compared to last year? Fortunately, I have both pairs in my possession, and can tell you just how different they are. Read More >>

A Limited Number of OnePlus 7 Pro Devices Go on Sale Tomorrow Morning

The OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't go on sale until 21st May, but if you really want to get it sooner you can. Not only is there a London pop-up on 17th May, OnePlus is offering a limited number of orders tomorrow morning. Read More >>

OnePlus 7 Pro Review: This Display Really is as Good as They Said it Would Be

Today is the day the OnePlus 7 Pro got announced. For real anyway, because thanks to all the leaks and the trickle of announcements OnePlus made ahead of time we basically knew all there was to know about the phone already. This is also the first time OnePlus has released two phones at the same time, despite bragging about that this time last year, because apparently it has the resources to support a dual-device launch now. Read More >>

OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 7 Pro: Which Phone is Right for You?

For the first time ever, OnePlus has decided it's going to sell two phones at the same time, despite boasting about not doing that last year. It's something to do with the fact it's more popular now, and the company has the resources to develop and support two handsets at once. So we have the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro, both of which have respective pros and cons. The 7 Pro is nicer and flashier, but it's also more expensive, while the 7 is more affordable but doesn't have quite as much to offer. So which should you buy? Read More >>

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10% off the Iron Man 4K Movie Collection is Your ‘F*ck You, Thanos’ Deal of the Day

Endgame has arrived, and no doubt most serious Marvel fans will have seen it at least once over the past couple of weeks. But in times like these it's always a good idea to go back to the root of everything, and in the case of the MCU that means popping back to the Iron Man trilogy. Iron Man kicked everything off, and Iron Man 2 really pushed for that whole 'shared universe' idea in a way that Samuel L Jackson's original cameo couldn't. Read More >>

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20% off eBay Electronics is Your Electrifying Deal of the Day

Welcome to another instalment of daily deals, trying to save you money on things you may or may not known you needed to buy. Bringing you the best (we think) deals on tech and other nerdy shit that we could find while dosing ourselves with a large cup of hot caffeine. Today's main deal? A discount code that will net you 20 per cent off some new electronics over on eBay. Read More >>

Three is Finally Going to Start Selling OnePlus Phones in the UK

Back when the OnePlus 6T was announced last year OnePlus announced big new partnerships with retailers and networks that made the phone more widely available. Because before UK buyers were limited to going through O2 or the official OnePlus store. The only big UK network that hadn't signed on was Three, for reasons unknown, and despite some speculation that the 6T would eventually come to the network nothing ever materialised. Well until now. Read More >>

stranger things
Lego’s Started Teasing its Stranger Things Range, Arriving Early Next Week

Recently we saw a teaser image for what claimed to be a Stranger Things-themed Lego set, and at the time I wondered whether it was real because Lego adapting such a mature-themed show was completely contrary to how it's operated in the past. But it looks like my scepticism was misplaced, because Lego's started teasing the new range for a midnight launch at the Leicester Square Lego Store next week. Read More >>

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50% off Lego BB-8 is Your Force-Filled Deal of the Day

And after a couple of years absence we return with Gizmodo UK's Deals of the Day, because everyone loves saving money on things and we like the traffic brought in by people trying to save a few quid on things they couldn't justify buying at full price. The aim is to get a list of great deals up once a day, but that will of course be reliant on the number of deals that are available at any given time. We'll try and show off one of them, at the very least. Read More >>

Buy the OnePlus 7 Pro Early at One of OnePlus’s Pop-ups

For the past couple of phone launches OnePlus has decided it will reward fans who queue up for ages. Those people that risk the possibility of poor weather were rewarded with the opportunity to buy the latest OnePlus handset before they go on general sale. Those past events have obviously been such huge successes that OnePlus is doing it again on 17th May for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Read More >>