People Lose Lots of Tech on London Public Transport, Including Drones and Amazon Echos

People are very good at losing things, especially on public transport in London. In 2016 35 sex toys were left on the tube, which just goes to show much much random stuff people carry around with them as they go from place to place. It's got to the point where TfL lost property auction generates hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue, all because people left stuff behind and didn't go back to claim it. Read More >>

Amazon May Launch its Prime-Centric Smart TVs in the UK

Just over a year ago Amazon launched its own range of smart TVs over in the US, which were essentially TVs with a Fire TV built right in. That included all the things you'd expect from the streaming box, like Alexa and a very heavy focus on Prime Video, just in a 4K TV. Now it sounds as though those TVs may be coming to the UK. Read More >>

Forget Prime Day, eBay is Giving Buyers 20% Off 20 Brands

For the rest of today and tomorrow Amazon is offering discounts on a bunch of things that you may or may not have an interest in. The thing about Prime Day is that all the discounts have been decided for you ahead of time, so if there's nothing you want there's nothing to buy. eBay has something else, and for most of this week is offering customers 20 per cent off their order - provided they order from the right brand. Read More >>

An Orange Supremacist and Other Nicknames: What Charlie Brooker’s Cancelled 2017 Wipe Could Have Said About Trump

Last year Charlie Brooker announced that he was going to ruin everyone's Christmas by cancelling 2017 Wipe, the cynical yearly round up we really could have used after that abysmal year. Brooker was "too busy" apparently, because the end of last year also saw the release of a new selection of Black Mirror episodes on Netflix alongside Cunk on Britain. Read More >>

The 2018 England Squad Have Been Added to Miniland at Legoland Windsor

Despite all the people who jumped on the bandwagon after England started doing well in the World Cup, our national team did not win the tournament. France did, and England got beaten by Belgium (again) to come in fourth. Still it's the best result the team has managed since 1990, and some footbally types are quite pleased with the results regardless. Not as much as if they'd won, but still. So lots of things are being done to celebrate, including adding the team to the Miniland area of Legoland Windsor. Read More >>

prime day
Don’t Forget Prime Day Also Means a 20% Discount in the Amazon Warehouse

Most people will probably forget that the Amazon Warehouse exists, I know I did, but it is a great place to get some discounts on products that aren't technically new - but are still in sellable condition. In case you hadn't noticed, Prime Day is currently going on and the Amazon Warehouse isn't being left out. Read More >>

Another Man’s Been Jailed for Selling Kodi Boxes and Dodgy IPTV Subscriptions

If you were thinking about selling off some dodgy pirate streaming boxes to make some quick money, it's probably a good idea to scrap that plan and come up with something less illegal. Another man has received a five year, three month jail sentence for selling over 8,000 piracy boxes. His wife received a two year suspended sentence for her trouble as well. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at The Lego Movie 2’s Lego Sets

The Lego Movie: The Second Part may not be arriving in cinemas until next February, but that doesn't mean Lego isn't going to start drumming up hype for the sequel where it can. Ahead of San Diego Comic Con this weekend, Lego has gone and shown us some of the upcoming sets that will be released to tie in with the film. It may be slightly early, but who really cares about that? Read More >>

prime day
Here Are Some More Prime Day Deals You Can Expect to See on Amazon UK Later Today

In less than three hours Amazon is set to kick off Prime Day, 36 hours of discounts and deals that will likely see you end up buying a bunch of stuff you didn't fully need but decided you wanted anyway. You can expect an awful lot of things to have their prices slashed, and to tease us a little bit more Amazon has revealed a few more discounts to try and drum up some hype. Read More >>

Internet Filters Rarely Keep Under-18s Away From Porn, Claims Study

In some news that is, frankly, about as surprising to wake up and wind the sun has risen from the east, researchers from Oxford Internet Institute have that adding filters to the internet isn't a very good way of keeping porn out of the hands of under-18s. And to that I say: Read More >>

Firefox Focus Browser for iOS Can Now Lock Your Internet History Behind FaceID

Firefox has got bit into the whole internet privacy thing with the Firefox Focus smartphone browser, automatically removing things like trackers and ads, plus letting you delete your browsing history nice and easily. But if you like keeping your browsing history around for one reason or another, iOS users now have the option to safeguard it behind FaceID. That way nobody will go snooping and find out what presents you're buying them. Or what porn you've been watching. Read More >>

Even Cities Pick a Side in the Never-Ending Battle Between Samsung and Apple

The majority of people have an opinion when it comes to the whole Apple v Samsung spat that's been going on for nearly a decade, even if they claim not to. As it turns out you can also make the conflict on a city by city basis, to see which phone maker is more popular in specific areas of the country. Read More >>

Oppo’s Confirmed it Will be Officially Bringing its Smartphones to the UK

Oppo is one of those Chinese smartphone companies you hear a lot about, especially now it's developed a bezel-less phone with a pop up camera, but its devices aren't that easily available here. OnePlus is technically part of Oppo, but it doesn't count for reasons. Now the company has confirmed that it will be officially bringing its phones to the UK, so anyone wanting to buy one won't need to grab an imported model from a third party. Read More >>

Here are Some of the Deals You Can Expect to See on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is set to begin in just over 72 hours time, and while it may not be a real holiday it's worth looking forward to just to see what sort of discounts will be available. Probably nothing you desperately need, only things you might sort of want but could easily live without. The whole point is that the discounts are supposed to make you want to buy more, after all. Read More >>