Bolt is Sphero’s Most Advanced Robot Yet, and it’s All About Education

Back in January Sphero announced that it was renewing its focus in educational robots, rather than cute toys that weren't selling as well. The Bolt is the first Sphero bot to be released since that news, and there's plenty of educational focus packed into that tiny motorised ball. Read More >>

Cornwall Has Greggs Now, and the Locals are Fuming

When you think of Cornwall the one thing that will jump to everyone's mind are the pasties. Maybe pirates and ice cream as well, but mainly the pasties. Cornwall is so famous for its pasties that it got special protections to prevent any kind of pasty from bearing the Cornish name unless it was the genuine article. So you can imagine their horror when Greggs hopped across the county borders and opened up its first branch in the south western county. Read More >>

Huawei Responds to Accusations of Benchmark Cheating by Promising ‘Performance Mode’ Will Come to EMUI 9.0

Earlier this week Huawei was accused of cheating on benchmark tests to ensure better scores for the P20, Honor Play, and possibly more unspecified devices. The response from the company during the initial reports was that benchmark cheating was rampant in the industry, especially from Chinese manufacturers, with the implication being that any benchmark cheating was only done to stay competitive with those dodgy companies. Now, the company has released a new statement promising that a 'Performance Mode' will be coming to EMUI 9.0 Read More >>

Three Has Shaken up its SIM-Only Plans, and That Means There are Discounts

Everyone likes saving money, and nobody likes complicated systems when they're just trying to get themselves a phone contract. Today Three has made some changes to its SIM only mobiles deals, including rebranding the 'Essential Plans' as 'Advanced Plans'. While that might sound bad, it doesn't mean the cheaper plans have gone anywhere. In fact the network has reduced the cost of its pricier plans instead. Read More >>

Cambridge Asda Phased Out 5p Bags, so People Started Pinching Baskets

These days a lot of supermarkets have decided they don't want to sell flimsy regular plastic bags every time you go in to do your shopping. They've been offering sturdier bags for life instead, though the downside is that they cost more. Obviously the easiest solution would be to remember to bring your own bags, but one Cambridge Asda found a lot of people just went home with baskets instead. Read More >>

Leaked Image Gives us an Actual Look at the OnePlus 6T

A couple of says ago a picture purporting to be the OnePlus 6T's retail box leaked, teasing up with the design for the upcoming handset. Now, though, we've got our first proper look at the phone, with an images alleging to be the new device hitting Chinese social network Vivo. In short, we've got a smaller notch and a triple-lens camera system on the back. Read More >>

Argos Lets You Shop With Google Assistant Now

Voice controls are the next big thing, or at least the companies that operate them seem to want us to think that way. Whether they're going to be used for controlling your smart home devices, controlling your TV, or helping your kids cheat on their homework. Shopping is a thing too, and over in the US loads of retailers have added integration with voice assistants, so you can shop for things without all the effort of using an app or going to a proper website. Argos has decided this is a great idea, and now lets you do your shopping via Google Assistant. Read More >>

BT Copies BT-Owned EE, Launches Mobile Broadband Plans

Over the past few years we've seen networks slowly realise that people would prefer to have broadband that comes from magic beams in the air, rather than a cable installed by an engineer with a six month backlog. Relish did it, then Three bought Relish and launched their own version. EE also decided to get in on the action, and now the company that owns EE has decided its a great idea. So now you can pay BT to deliver you mobile broadband as well. Read More >>

Carlsberg Decides it Loves the Planet, Switches Cans from Plastic Rings to Glue

Plastic rings from beer cans are notoriously bad for the planet. Animals get stuck in them, especially if they wind up in the sea, and we've known that for a very long time. There's even a Simpsons episode about it, back during the eighth season when it was still good. While it's been a long time coming, Carlsberg has announced it's ditching the plastic rings. Instead it will be keeping beer cans stuck together using recyclable glue. Read More >>

Some Samsung Galaxy S10 Phones Will Support 5G, but Most Probably Won’t

5G is the next big thing, or that's what the big tech companies keep telling us. The phone companies are specifically getting excited, because they're going to be the first batch of companies producing device compatible with the new networks. Samsung is among them, and it's confirmed that there will be Galaxy S10 handsets with a 5G modem inside. But most importantly, there will also be Galaxy S10s that don't support 5G. Read More >>

New Leak Shows us a Bit More About Google’s Pixel Stand

Back in July we heard about a new Google product called the 'Pixel Stand', a wireless charging dock that would turn a Pixel 3 into a screen-clad Google Home device. We haven't heard much since, but now some information has hit the net with some of the things this new device will supposedly do. Fair warning, they're not all that surprising. Read More >>

Amazon is Bringing Show Mode to the UK, Turning Your Fire Tablet Into an Echo Show

Over the past few days there has been some speculation that Amazon has a second generation Echo Show on the way, because the item is currently out of stock on the UK site. Bit of an odd way to generate rumours, but hey. That hasn't happened, but Amazon has revealed that it's bringing Show Mode, and the Show Mode Charging Dock to the UK. That's basically the next best thing. Read More >>

Huawei Caught Cheating Benchmark Tests, Claims It’s Just Trying to Keep Up With all the Other Cheaters

About five years ago there was a bit of controversy about Samsung cheating on benchmark tests, using software designed to figure out when it was happening and compensate accordingly. Then it turned out pretty much everyone was at it. In the years since you'd have thought the embarrassment of being caught would have caused them to give the cheating a rest, but apparently that's not the case. Not according to some accusations made by Huawei at any rate. Read More >>

Pornhub’s AgeID is Going to Let You Access Porn With Cards Available at Your Local Newsagent

Back in May the government announced that it was considering an alternative method for the online age verification systems it wants implemented by the end of the year - which is fast approaching with no real progress announced to the public. It suggested launching 'porn passes' that could be purchased at newsagents and used to anonymously access adult material online. Plus other age restricted material like booze and knives. Read More >>

Ofgen is Going to Force Energy Companies to Cap Your Annual Bill

Energy prices are outrageous, and even if you do try to cut down your usage and install more energy efficient appliance some energy companies will try and increase your bills every few months anyway. Or is that just me? Either way, it's good to hear that Ofgen has decided it's going to force a cap on annual energy bills, which it hopes will save people between £75 and £120 a year. Read More >>