Everything Samsung Announced at the Galaxy Unpacked Event Last Night

Last night was the night Samsung finally spilled the beans on a bunch of products we already knew everything about, plus a couple we weren't that familiar with. All in all, there were nine devices on show, and for those of you who missed all the news last night let's run through everything that happened. Read More >>

The Galaxy S10 5G Will be Launch With EE and Vodafone

Samsung has just announced a number of partners working with it on 5G, and the Galaxy S10 5G smartphone. While we don't know exactly when the phone will arrive (early summer, is what we've been told), but Samsung confirms it will work with EE and Vodafone's 5G networks. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is Coming to the UK This Summer

2019 is the year of 5G, even here in the UK thanks to EE and Vodafone promising to have their commercial networks up and running before the end of the year. It looks like we're going to have plenty of 5G-ready devices to take advantage of the speedy, low latency networks, including the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e

After what seems like a lifetime of leaks, the day is finally here. It's Galaxy Unpacked, where Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy S10 range of smartphones. As the name suggests it's the tenth iteration of the flagship Galaxy S range, and Samsung has been bigging up the fact that it's been doing this for ten long years. The short version of this article is that damn near all the rumours and leaks were true. That means we get four Galaxy S10 devices: the S10, S10+, S10e, and the S10 5G. Read More >>

Samsung’s Foldable Phone is the Galaxy Fold: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Finally. After many years of rumours, leaks, and teases, Samsung has a foldable phone for the world. It's officially called the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Here's everything we know so far. Read More >>

Citymapper is Taking on the Oyster Card with Citymapper Pass

Paying for transport can be a huge pain in the arse, though things have got better thanks to the adoption of contactless card readers in recent years. Now you don't need to worry about having exact change on your person every time you need to go to work, but you do need to make sure you have enough money on whatever card it is you use to pay. Citymapper wants to take that thought process a step further, with a payment system that covers any and all transport you might want to take, in the form of a subscription service called Citymapper Pass. Read More >>

How to Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Launch Event at Home in Your Pyjamas

At long bloody last! It feels like this every time there's a big phone announcement, because we've been dealing with the soul-crushing swarm of leaks for the past several months. Naturally us tech journalists can't wait for this to be over, so we can get a few minutes of rest before rumours for the Galaxy Note 10 start hitting the web. Read More >>

Sky TV, Broadband, and Phone Services Are Getting a Price Hike From 1st April

If you're a Sky customer, you might want to pay attention. It looks like you might have to start paying more money for your service come April, as let slip by a change to the small print that was spotted by our colleagues over at T3. Read More >>

Leaked Galaxy S10e Poster Promises ‘Premium Fun, for Everyone’

Tomorrow evening is when the Galaxy S10 finally arrives, and we can stop all this speculating over what the phone might be like. While we've already heard pretty much everything there is to know about the S10, S10 Plus, and S10e, there's still marketing material to be leaked. Like this S10e poster (via GSMArena). Read More >>

The Huawei P30 Pro Will Launch in Paris on 26th March

If anyone was counting on Huawei unveiling the P30 range of smartphones at MWC this weekend, I have some bad news. You won't be seeing the P30 or P30 Pro during Huawei's press conference on Sunday. Instead, like the P20 range, the company has opted to do its own event that'll take place in Paris on 26th March. Read More >>

Friends’ Central Perk is Being Immortalised in Lego Form

Lego Ideas is a great way for people to submit their own creations in the hopes that they'll be turned into a proper buyable Lego set. Sets that get enough vote have to go through a review board, and the latest batch of results are in. Good thing too, since the Lego Flintstones set is set to arrive later this week, and we need something to look forward to. Two sets made it past the review board this time around, and they are a Lego-fied version of Central Perk from Friends and a rendition of classic Disney short Steamboat Willie. Read More >>

You Can Buy the Lego Flintstones Set From 20th February

Back in October Lego announced two new Lego Ideas submissions would be produced as actual sets: A treehouse, which is an original creation, and Lego-version of the house and car from The FlintstonesNow that last one has been made, and it will be available for you to buy and build next week. Read More >>

Samsung Accidentally Confirms Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Fit e Ahead of Schedule

While most of the Samsung leaks have been focused on the Galaxy S10, and to a lesser extent the foldable Galaxy F, we have been hearing bits about other Galaxy devices that will be unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked next week. Wearable devices that Samsung just out by accident, thanks to an early update to its own app. Read More >>

Gizmodo UK is Hiring a News Editor

Do you have an appetite for writing interesting news stories? Think you can handle the random variety of topics we report on each day? Or are you daft brave enough to try and beat Gary Cutlack at his own game? We've been down a News Editor ever since my boss decided to let me take control of Gizmodo UK last year, and now we're looking for a replacement. If you've ever wanted to work here and tackle the Giz UK news beat, this is your lucky day. Read More >>

The Galaxy S10 Will be Out on March 8th, According to Samsung’s Own Website

We all know that Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S10 next Wednesday, but so far we haven't heard anything definitive about when the phone will actually arrive in the hands of the people. As it turns out Samsung's own website has been ready to spill that piece of information, promising that pre-ordering will guarantee delivery by 8th March. Read More >>