How to Watch Classic Simpsons in the Original 4:3 Aspect Ratio on Disney+

A lot of people were excited by the news that Disney+'s UK catalogue would feature 30 seasons of The Simpsons, only to have their hopes dashed by the fact they featured classic episodes in their 'remastered' 16:9 aspect ratio. Since the originals were shown in 4:3 it meant that chunks of the frames ended up being cut, and with them a number of visual gags that The Simpsons is known for. Read More >>

Pornhub Data Shows New Lockdown Rules Aren’t Really Changing Our Wanking Habits

It's not really news to say that being stuck inside on a lockdown was sending people flocking to the porn sites, especially the porn sites that offered free access to their normally-paywalled premium content. But lockdown is slowly being relaxed in England and (to an extent) Northern Ireland, while Scotland and Wales continue with stricter measures that were imposed at the end of March. How has this affected the porn-watching habits? Apparently not that much. Read More >>

Lego’s Next Big Car is a 3,696 Piece Lamborghini Sián

Lego has released a lot of cars over the years, but it's always the Technic creations that seem to impress the most - especially the Bugatti Chiron. That car was a 1:8 scale miniaturized replica of the car itself, replicating all the features that made it what it was (except the driving part, obviously). Now Lego has announced it has a successor - the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. Read More >>

Facebook Launches Dedicated Audio Calling App, Even Though Messenger and WhatsApp Both Do That

It never ceases to amaze me at how Facebook manages to churn out random apps that do pointless things, despite a long history of those apps doing atrociously. The latest app, called CatchUp, makes even less sense than normal, however, because it's all focussed around audio calls. Something that everyone can already do on Facebook apps that are actually popular - namely WhatsApp and Messenger. Read More >>

Amazon Pantry is Being Shut Down in the UK on 30th June

At times it feels as though Amazon sells just about everything, and for several years you've been able to order food, drinks, and other products you'd normally have to trek to the supermarket for. Amazon Pantry could be quite useful at times, but after 30th of June it'll stop being of any use to anyone. Because that's the day it's being shut down in the UK. Read More >>

Wallace and Gromit are Getting the AR Treatment with a Brand New Game

Ever since Pokémon Go hit the scene and made people realise that augmented reality gaming could prove popular under the right circumstances, it seems like every company out there has been trying to mimic the success of Niantic's flagship title. There have been AR games based on Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, even Niantic itself tried to replicate its own success with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And now that list is set to include Wallace and Gromit. Read More >>

This Incredible Deal From Three Offers Unlimited Everything for Just £16 a Month

Unlimited data is a great thing, and it's even better now that all the major networks have some sort of unlimited tariff for all your data-hungry needs. Three often has the best prices, though, and the latest one on offer is too good to miss out on. You can get unlimited data (including tethering), calls, and texts for just £16 a month. Read More >>

Ikea is Reopening Most of its Doors on 1st June

For those of you who have been stuck at home unable to get some critical remote working furniture delivered, there is hope. No longer will you have to wait for a delivery slot in almost a month's time, because Ikea is reopening the majority of its shops on 1st June. In England and Northern Ireland, anyway. Read More >>

Looking For a Galaxy S20? Three Has a Bunch of Great Deals For You to Enjoy

Samsung's Galaxy S20 range is not for the light-walleted, but now that the devices have been around for a couple of months (and Samsung presumably wants to shift stock during the pandemic) you can get some really got deals on thee S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Like these ones on Three. Read More >>

BBC 4 is Set to Become a Repeat Channel, Ahead of Maybe Going Subscription-Only Outside the UK

The fate of BBC Four has been up in the air for a while now, with persistent rumours that the channel will be axed to help the Beeb save money - much to the dismay of a lot of people who like watching all those niche arts programmes, documentaries, and other bits that don't quite fit on BBCs One to Three. Well now changes are coming, and while BBC Four isn't being axed per se, it's going through some major changes that do basically the same thing. Read More >>

OnePlus’s ‘X-Ray Camera’ Debacle Should be a Warning to Stop Using Multiple Cameras as a Gimmick

There's not much happening in the phone world right now, and barring the rumours and leaks about what may or may not be coming later this year, the biggest news of the week seems to be the OnePlus 8 Pro's fourth camera lens. You know, the one that has been dubbed the 'x-ray camera' on account of it being able to see through thin clothes and some electronics with thin plastic and little to no IR shielding. Because it's creepy that a camera can do that without much in the way of specialised or expensive equipment. Read More >>

IFA 2020 Organisers Make Stupid Decision to Keep the Show as a ‘Real-Life Event’

The COVID-19 pandemic isn't really too kind on the events industry, certainly not those that can easily pivot to an online-only system and require actual people to turn up en masse. For us at Giz UK that means no MWC, a wildly different San Diego Comic Con, and the promise that IFA 2020 would be something new and different. But it's just been announced that it's still going to be a 'real-life event' in Berlin. Read More >>

Facebook Just Bought Giphy, is Rolling it Into Instagram, and God Dammit

Well everyone, there goes Giphy. What has always felt like the best place to find and create GIFs (among other GIF-like videos) has now been purchased by Facebook. Oh, and it's being rolled into Instagram, which basically means it's pretty likely that Giphy will be ruined before long. Read More >>

Lego’s New 3,281 Piece Haunted House Arrives on 20th May

For the past few years Lego has slowly been adding fairground sets to its range, so that the most Lego-hungry types can build a full-scale one for themselves. From the now-retired Carousel and Ferris Wheel, all the way to the super-expensive roller coaster from a couple of years ago, Lego seems to be going all in. Read More >>

Ryanair Will Make You Ask Permission to Use the Toilet When Flights Resume

Sometimes it feels like budget airlines are doing their absolute best to make air travel a complete fucking misery, and are constantly looking for new things they can do to make it worse. Ryanair is the latest offender, announcing it plans to make passengers ask permission to use the toilet once flights resume. Read More >>