The PS5 Price ‘Leaked’, But Naturally it Turned Out to be Bogus

Last weekend French supermarket chain Carrefour briefly listed a price for the PS5, its digital-only equivalent, and a bunch of accessories that will be available at launch. This felt like a big deal, since Sony has yet to announce any sort of pricing, but obviously that price was bogus. Read More >>

That New Nest Speaker Could be Here by the End of the Month

About a month ago, Google unveiled the design of an upcoming Nest speaker after a bunch of leaks basically forced its hand. While being able to see the thing is nice, we still weren't privy to other important details like when the thing would arrive and how much it would cost. Now, though, we might just have that information. Read More >>

The Echo Flex is Getting a New Clock Attachment

One of the things that people may like about the Echo Flex, aside from the fact it's a miniature Echo that plugs into the wall, is that there are attachments that can plug into it and offer a bit more functionality. So far we've had a motion sensor and nightlight, though Amazon has just announced a clock attachment is coming too. Read More >>

UK’s Contact Tracing App Could be Replaced With a ‘Risk Rating App’ By the End of the Month

The palaver of the ill-fated contact tracing app continues, because I guess the government couldn't fuck it up enough the first time. It was originally planned as an app that logs the devices of people nearby, automating a warning system should one of them test positive for COVID-19, but that's not happening anytime soon. Instead we could get a new 'risk rating' app. Read More >>

A Foldable Pixel Could be Coming, According to a Leaked Document

We're still a way out from the launch of the Pixel 5, but obviously the phone business doesn't just look a few months ahead. No doubt there are years of Pixel devices in the pipeline, and apparently one of them is a foldable device codenamed 'passport'. Read More >>

This Map Shows You All the Local Restaurants Doing ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ Discounts

So the chancellor, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that the best way to help stimulate the economy is to get people out in restaurants eating food. So there's this whole 'Eat Out to Help Out' scheme going on, which gives you money off food if you stay inside the restaurant - which has been perfectly timed to launch at the same time Boris Johnson is doing a big push against obesity. Read More >>

The Pixel 5 and 4a 5G May Arrive in Early October

Earlier this week Google announced that the Pixel 4a was coming to the UK, but not until 1st October. That has widely been regarded as a strange move, since it's hitting the US on 20th August, and people don't really want to wait that long to buy the phone for themselves. Well, there may be another obstacle, because by the time the Pixel 4a arrives in the UK, we may well be days away from the launch of the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G. Read More >>

All the Best Network Deals for Buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in the UK

So the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, which were both announced at Galaxy Unpacked yesterday. Pre-orders opened pretty much immediately, meaning anyone who wants the phone can get their order in right away. The only question is where to buy them from. Well to help you make up your mind we've dug through all the networks to see what sort of deals are available for you to enjoy. Read More >>

Here are Some More Puppets Coming to the Spitting Image Revival

Back in March, BritBox announced that it would be launching its first original programme: a revival of the puppet-fuelled satire Spitting Image. We already saw a bunch of the puppets when the series was announced, but now a few more images have been released - presumably to drum up hype. Read More >>

How to Watch Samsung Announce All its New Devices at Galaxy Unpacked

Today is the day of Galaxy Unpacked, when we can finally stop talking about rumours and leaks for the Galaxy Note 20, Tab S7, Watch 3, Buds Live, and the Z Fold2. Because they're being announced on stage for us all, and it gives us a few days of breathing room before we start hearing stuff about the Galaxy S21 - or whatever next year's model is going to be called. Read More >>

Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord: Which Mid-Range Phone is Best?

Today Google finally got round to launching the Pixel 4a, the second mid-range Pixel device that the company has produced. And possibly the most delayed Pixel yet, thanks to all the issues with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Google to scrub a suspected launch back in May. Read More >>

google pixel
Everything You Need to Know About the Pixel 4a

After a few months of stalling, and hoping nobody notices the phone was due to be announced in May, Google has finally come around and told us all about the Pixel 4a. Because it's about time, and people were starting to get impatient. So before we lose you to the lures of the OnePlus Nord or some other mid-range device we haven't thought to recall, let's get all these details out of the way. Read More >>

smart home
The eufyCam 2C Review: Big on Privacy, But There’s Always Room for Improvement

In the age of the smart home it's never been easier to try and make your house more secure with technology. Whether it's a doorbell camera to show you whether that really is your Amazon delivery at the door, motion sensors around the windows, or cameras keeping tabs on who might be trying to get in the backdoor when you're not there. The problem is that most of these devices lean very heavily on the cloud, and as the various security scandals involving Ring doorbells (among other things) have shown us, dumping all your home security needs into the hands of big tech isn't always the best idea. Read More >>

OnePlus Nord Review: A Weird Mix of Improvement and Compromise

It's here. Nearly anyway. OnePlus has announced the Nord, promising us the OnePlus experience without having to pay what is now a OnePlus price point. Or the price point of the bigger companies like Apple and Samsung. The phone was announced last Monday, and is set go to on sale on 4th August. I've had my hands on the phone for a few weeks now, and am here to tell you what it's like. Let's take a look. Read More >>

Samsung’s Own Leak Confirms Earbuds are Called Galaxy Buds Live, Not Beans

Phone leaks are weird, and it doesn't help that a decent number of them come from manufacturers themselves - rather than the typical string of people on Twitter. The latest relates to Samsung's next wireless earbuds, with features being revealed in the latest version of the Galaxy Buds app. Read More >>