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Greta Thunberg’s Message to Capitalists: ‘Act as if You Loved Your Children’

Greta Thunberg is over it. The 17-year-old Swedish climate activist spoke at the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday where she told all the business leaders, bankers, and politicians in the audience that they need to get their shit together if we are to survive the climate crisis. Read More >>

Doomsday Is Now Just 100 Seconds Away

We are 100 seconds to midnight, which means doomsday has never been closer. Read More >>

The World Was Supposed to Eliminate This Greenhouse Gas – But Emissions Hit a New High Instead

The world’s quest to reduce an extremely potent greenhouse gas isn’t going as well as we thought it was, according to a new study. HFC-23, known as fluoroform, is a greenhouse gas that has 12,000 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide does. Read More >>

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Extreme Heat Is Another Legacy of Segregation

Racism has consequences, especially in an era of climate change. Read More >>

Blame Your Old Refrigerator for Melting the Arctic

The ozone hole was caused by chemicals formerly used in air conditioners and refrigerators. But new research shows that the same stuff is also behind half of the warming the Arctic experienced between 1955 and 2005. Read More >>

Pokémon Sword and Shield Are Secretly About Climate Change – and My Weezings Are Here to Prove It

In good news for Pokémon-obsessed people (me), Nintendo appears to only be getting started with its Sword and Shield world. The company has plans to add expansion packs later this year to bring new adventures to the Galar region. That’s dope! Read More >>

climate change
When All the Forests Burn

Nature offers us some of the most sophisticated technology there is. While scientists and engineers continue to scratch their heads trying to figure out how to develop ways to effectively capture our carbon, trees already cracked the code. They’ve been absorbing carbon forever, man. So have other kinds of flora. Grasslands, wetlands and even underwater kelp forests pull carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in, well, themselves. Read More >>

Firefighters Save Australia’s Endangered ‘Dinosaur Trees’ From Raging Bushfires

The Wollemi Pines in Australia are like nothing else in the world. These so-called “dinosaur trees” live in northwest Sydney, and they were extremely close to being burned over and lost forever. In a rare victory among all the Very Sad News coming out of the Australian bushfires, the New South Wales Rural Fire Service managed to save these centuries-old trees. Read More >>

This UN Treaty Would Tackle the Climate and Extinction Crises

The animals need saving. From fires, from deforestation, and from climate change, of course. That’s why the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity released on Monday its first draft of an update to the global biodiversity treaty. These targets are just as much about people as they are about wildlife. Read More >>

Bushfires Are ‘Obliterating the Cultural Memory’ of Australia’s Aboriginal People

The deadly, ongoing bushfires in Australia have been burning for months. Around Christmas, however, the glittering orange flames grew closer to the community of East Gippsland in eastern Victoria, home to more than 46,000 people. Alice Pepper, an indigenous community organiser with the Gunaikurnai people, among them. Read More >>

The Number of Fires in the Amazon Rainforest Spiked in 2019

Last year was certainly the year of fire, and the Amazon was at the epicentre of it as humans used fires to clear land. Now, data from INPE, Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, confirms what we all suspected: The Amazon Rainforest suffered its highest rate of deforestation in a decade last year and the number of fires lit grew by 30 per cent compared to 2018. Read More >>

2019 Was the Second-Hottest Year on Record

If you lived on Earth last year, you knew it was freaking hot. Now the scientists have confirmed it. In fact, 2019 was the second hottest year on record, according to data the European Copernicus Climate Change Service released Wednesday. Read More >>

The Latest Victims of Australia’s Record Drought: 10,000 Feral Camels

When people think of Australia, kangaroos and koalas may come to mind, but the country is also home to more than a million camels. But while Australians race to save the country’s native wildlife in the face of massive bushfires and crushing drought, the non-native camels face a different fate. Officials are planning to kill 10,000 camels over the next several days. Read More >>

Indonesia Turns to Weather Control to Stop Rains Amidst Deadly Floods

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta experienced some of the worst flooding in nearly a decade as the new year began last week. At least 43 people have died and nearly 400,000 have been left displaced. Read More >>

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These Toxic Chemicals Need to Be Banned in the Next 10 Years

Dangerous, toxic chemicals are everywhere: in your furniture, on your walls, and even on your dinner plate. These harmful substances should’ve been banned long before they made it into anyone’s home, but perhaps they’ll finally meet their fate in the roar this new decade will bring. Read More >>