Want to Commit Crimes? Upgrade to 5G, Apparently

Europe’s police agency is worried that the 5G will interfere with law enforcement’s ability to track people. Read More >>

Vodafone Has Doubled the Reach of Its 5G Network With Coverage in More Towns and Cities

Vodafone launched its 5G network just a couple of weeks ago in seven cities across the UK, and has already added eight additional locations. Read More >>

5G Railnext Granted Over £2m to Transform Your Commute With AR and MR Content

If you've found your train journeys to be somewhat lacklustre, you'll be pleased to hear that the dawning of 5G heralds changes to your commute in the form of Augmented and Mixed reality content. Read More >>

Huawei, Still on Commerce Blacklist, Reportedly Planning U.S. Layoffs

Chinese tech firm Huawei is planning on laying off hundreds of U.S. workers after landing on a Commerce Department blacklist that has savaged its ability to do business stateside, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Vodafone Is Giving Away a Free Amazon Echo Plus With Its Home Broadband Together Plan

Vodafone continues to show off its range of 5G deals and bargains with a free Alexa for home broadband customers. Read More >>

Report: All Four Major Mobile Networks in the UK Are Using Huawei 5G Gear

UK telecoms aren’t taking warnings from U.S. intelligence agencies that telecommunications gear produced by Chinese tech giant Huawei could pose a security risk incredibly seriously, at least according to a report from the Observer, which reported on Saturday that all four major carriers are currently or are planning on using Huawei networking gear for their rollout of next-generation 5G technology. Read More >>

Vodafone’s 5G Network Goes Live Today With Unlimited Business and SIM Only Data Plans

A month after EE launched the UK's first 5G mobile network, Vodafone is the second network operator to follow suit with its 5G going live today. Read More >>

BT is Jumping on the 5G Bandwagon Later This Year Using EE’s 5G Network

BT is launching 5G for its customers this autumn and BT Plus customers get first dibs on upgrading. Read More >>

Samsung is Planning a Cheap 5G Phone

So far, the only 5G phones come with ridiculously high price tags. Samsung may just be coming to the table with a solution, at least eventually. Read More >>

EE’s New Home Broadband Plans Include Apple TV 4K and BT Sport

EE is getting the news out about its broadband today, be it the new 5G mobile broadband options with the HTC 5G Hub, or its home broadband plans that include Apple TV 4K and BT Sport. Read More >>

EE Unveils the UK’s First 5G Mobile Broadband Device

EE has detailed its 5G mobile broadband plans for its 5G router, that has seen the network shift the focus from the Huawei 5G CPE Pro to the newly added HTC 5G Hub. Read More >>

Report: Trump Admin Considering Ordering All US 5G Gear Be Made Outside of China

Donald Trump’s administration is considering issuing requirements that would mandate all 5G telecommunications equipment installed in the .. be manufactured outside China, according to a Sunday report in the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Despite All the Problems, the 5G Galaxy Fold is Still Coming

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold back in February (!), we were told that there would be two different versions of the phone. One with 4G, that most people can use, and another with 5G that will be suitable for, like, five people. We haven't heard anything about the 5G model since, which shouldn't be a shock given all the shit Samsung has had to deal with the past couple of months. But it's still coming. Read More >>

Huawei Cancels Launch of New MateBook Laptop, Citing US Trade Bans

Chinese tech giant Huawei has cancelled the planned launch of a new MateBook laptop at the CES Asia 2019 trade show in Shanghai this week due to sweeping U.S. sanctions against the company, Ars Technica reported on Wednesday. Read More >>