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There’s an Automation Crisis Underway Right Now, It’s Just Mostly Invisible

What actually happens to workers when a company deploys automation? The common assumption seems to be that the employee simply disappears wholesale, replaced one-for-one with an AI interface or an array of mechanised arms. Read More >>

The US State of California Bans Deepfakes in Porn and Politics

California has become the latest American state to ban politically motivated deepfakes amidst growing concern about how the technology could be used to interfere with the 2020 presidential election. Read More >>

Adobe’s New AI-Powered Plugin Intelligently Reframes Videos for Screens With Different Shapes

Adapting videos to various screens has been a challenge ever since movies shot for wide cinema screens were first broadcast on square TVs. We’ve now got devices like tablets and smartphones added to the mix, so Adobe has created an AI-powered plugin that can automatically prep a video for any screen while ensuring the most important parts are always in frame. Read More >>

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Influential US Coalition With 15 Million Members Calls for Outright Ban on Facial Recognition

More than thirty US organisations on Thursday called for a nationwide ban in America against government use of face recognition calling the technology “unreliable, biased, and a threat to basic rights and safety.” Read More >>

Taylor Swift Threatened Legal Action against Microsoft over Racist and Genocidal Chatbot Tay

Taylor Swift tried to block Microsoft from using the moniker Tay to a chatbot that turned into a depraved racist troll vessel, according to a new book from Microsoft President Brad Smith. Read More >>

Met Police Says It Did Supply Images for King’s Cross Facial Recognition Technology After All

After previously denying any involvement, London's Metropolitan Police Service has now revealed that it supplied image data used in the facial recognition technology employed by the developers of the King's Cross estate between May 2016 and March 2018. Read More >>

Facebook: Guess We’ll Disclose the Whole Face Recognition Thing (Since We Have To)

Facebook says it’s giving the axe to one face-scanning tool and introducing a wider rollout for another – this time by giving users a heads up about it first. Read More >>

Lego is Finally Introducing Audio and Braille Building Instructions for the Visually Impaired

Lego remains one of the most popular and valuable toy lines but the company’s sets are also some of the least accessible to those dealing with visual impairments. To remedy this, the Danish toymaker has announced a pilot program to update its building instructions with verbal descriptions so each step is compatible with Braille and screen readers – and it's using AI to automate the time-consuming process. Read More >>

‘Time AI’ Crypto Company Sues Black Hat After People Laughed at Its ‘Time AI’ Tech

The creator of a curious encryption technology was heckled on stage during a bizarre presentation at the recent Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, and now the company has filed suit against the conference organisers for allowing them to be roasted. Read More >>

Murder Suspect Caught After AI Detected Victim’s Face When Used to Apply for Online Loan

An online lending company tipped off police to a suspected murder after a man allegedly tried to scan his dead girlfriend’s face. Read More >>

Gmail Is Getting Autocorrect to Fix Your Duckups

Everyone has carefully crafted and proofread an email, only to find a glaring typo or grammatical error after hitting send. To help our fallible human eyes, Google is introducing new spelling and grammar autocorrection to Gmail. Read More >>

Make Jordan Peterson Say Anything You Want With This Spooky Audio Generator

People are really freaking out about deepfake videos, the technology that can make people say things they never actually said. But what about deepfake audio? Audio spoofing has gotten very good, and there’s no better example than this website which lets you say anything you want in the voice of self-help guru and Canadian professor Jordan B. Peterson. Read More >>

Bizarre Sponsored Talk on ‘Time AI’ Encryption Tech Mocked at Black Hat Conference

Attendees at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, booed and ridiculed a sponsored talk on Thursday called “The 2019 Discovery of Quasi-Prime Numbers: What Does This Mean For Encryption?” that touted a bizarre technology called “Time AI”, Motherboard reported on Saturday, with the conference even going so far as to delete material on the talk from its website. Read More >>

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Researchers Say This AI Can Spot Unsafe Food on Amazon Faster Than the US Food and Drug Administration

It’s been most famously used to swap celebrities into movies and even erase unwanted moustaches, but the real power of artificial intelligence is its ability to spot patterns in large amounts of data and make startlingly accurate predictions. Researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health have now trained a deep learning AI to find dangerous food items potentially needing a recall by analysing reviews on Amazon’s website. Read More >>

Should Artificial Intelligence Be Credited as an Inventor?

A collaborative research team claims their artificially intelligent system should be recognised as the rightful inventor of two innovative designs, in a potentially disruptive development in patent law. Read More >>