Health Experts Say Alcohol Limit for Men Should Be One Drink a Day

Experts are saying there shouldn’t be a gender gap when it comes to safer drinking. On Thursday, a committee of experts brought together by the U.S. government to work on updating the country’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans released their recommendations. Among them: Both men and women should limit their consumption of alcohol to one drink on days they decide to drink, a reduction from the two drinks that men were previously advised to stick to. Read More >>

Shopkeeper Lands Himself with £8k Fine for Pranking Police with Carrot Juice

A shopkeeper from High Wycombe who was fined for drinking carrot juice out of a beer can in a no-alcohol area has landed himself with £8,000 of court costs after losing his case against the council. Read More >>

Guinness Owner Pumps £80m into Helping Pubs Reopen

Global brewer Diageo, owner of the Guinness brand and many other famed international social lubricants, has revealed a plan to support pub groups across the world with as much as $100m (£80m) in investment. The money is to assist in the installation of plastic screens, hand sanitiser pods, and all the other new ways pubs are about to transform into places as comfortable and welcoming as an emergency dental surgery but at least more hygienic places to get your teeth smashed out in at closing time. Read More >>

Unions Warn Trump and Brexit May Smash the Scottish Whisky Industry

The many Scottish whisky makers are teetering awkwardly between two deadly highlands precipices at the moment, according to one key workers' union; to the left, the bottomless chasm of Brexit, and to the right a hole singlehandedly dug by warring US president Trump. Read More >>

Government Under Pressure to Weigh in on Early Reopening of Pubs With Beer Gardens

The hospitality industry is set to open next month, and it seems that's going to be case regardless of where we're at with the COVID-19 alert level (still at 4), but with rumours that establishments with beer gardens could be opening before the end of the month, business owners want to know what the hell's going on. Read More >>

Fancy a Takeaway Pint but Don’t Know Where to Go to Get It? Then This is the Map for You

If you've been desperate for a pint from your local because supermarket beer just isn't hitting the spot, you're weird and I don't understand you. But I can still help! Read More >>

You Can Now Get Barnard Castle Eye Test Beer

If you were about to take the car out for a spin on a trip hundreds of miles away because you can't tell if your eyes are a just bit tired of it you might need a pair of specs, save yourself the petrol money and crack open BrewDog's Barnard Castle Eye Test Beer instead. Read More >>

Pub Told Guinness Delivery Service Breaks Various Unspecified Laws

A Belfast pub scored a press and community winner recently by rigging a van with a Guinness pump and staffing a fresh pints-on-wheels service to the merriment of locals forced to stay home and slum it with canned beverages; but it's now been forced to stop by police. For either breaking 2020's impromptu emergency laws or all the old ones about alcohol dating back centuries, no one's quite sure. Read More >>

NHS Declines First Wave of Brewery Hand Sanitiser

Oh dear, the Look!-I'm-helping! efforts of the UK's brewers to convert their processes to manufacturing hand sanitiser have got off to a shaky start, as the initial batch produced by BrewDog has not been cleared for use by one NHS Trust. It didn't quite meet all the strict requirements, probably because it was made by bearded men in a malty factory. Read More >>

WHO Says Drinking During Lockdown is ‘Unhelpful’

If you've been reaching for the chardonnay at 11am, or cracking open a cold one over brunch, stop it. It's only going to make your quarantine woes worse. Read More >>

Hundreds of Bottles of Toxic Beer Found Hidden Beneath Victorian-Era Staircase

Archaeologists in Leeds discovered more than 600 beer bottles at the site of an old Victorian brewery. Stacked neatly beneath a cellar staircase, the beer inside these 19th-century bottles contains dangerous concentrations of lead. Read More >>

Kids Today Aren’t Drinking Like They Used to

Young drinkers aged between 18-24 are bucking the British binge-drinking tend and turning to low or non-alcoholic drinks instead. Read More >>

New Scientific Review Compares Alcoholics Anonymous to Therapy

A new analysis of existing research this week suggests that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and similar 12-step facilitated peer counselling programmes (TSF) really can help people dealing with alcohol use disorder to abstain from alcohol. Compared to other methods, like cognitive behavioural therapy, AA-type programmes seem to provide similar benefits in most health-related outcomes. Where AA and TSF programmes may perform better on average is in the percentage of programme participants able to abstain from alcohol for about a year or longer. Read More >>

Wales Tries to Price-Away Super Strength Supermarket Ciders

Wales has joined Scotland today in introducing a per-unit alcohol price policy, requiring all booze sold to cost a bare minimum of 50p per unit, and therefore making it slightly less convenient and costlier for youths and sports fans to stock up on crates of the cheap stuff and bottles of cider modelled on grain silos. Read More >>

Any Alcohol Use Can Harm a Foetus, New Research Review Finds

A new review study out Tuesday has a sobering conclusion for pregnant women: Drinking alcohol will increase the risk of your child being born with cognitive problems and lower birth weight. Read More >>