How to Choose the Right Platform to Run Your Smart Home

Maybe you’re taking your first tentative steps into the smart home market, or maybe you’re expanding what you’ve already got, but at some point you’re going to want to get everything working together—or else be faced with using dozens of different apps every day to get your smart gadgets doing your bidding. Read More >>

After Bear Repellent Incident, Amazon Plans to Store Some Hazardous Products at Specialised Warehouses

Following an episode involving discharged bear repellent at an Amazon warehouse late last year that affected dozens of onsite workers, the company plans to store similarly hazardous products in specialised facilities. Read More >>

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The Next Evolution of Online Shopping Is Letting a Bot Buy You Underwear

Online retailers are engaged in a constant, all-consuming quest to make the process of buying stuff ever faster and more efficient and to remove as many barriers between you and the final click-confirmed purchase as possible. Amazon has experimented with IRL ‘dash’ buttons that automatically order you more washing powder or nappies. Smaller retailers like Blue Bottle have pushed subscription models that let you elect to have your coffee delivered monthly. Read More >>

Amazon Invests in Deliveroo After Repeated Failed Attempts at Trying to Buy the Delivery Service

After shutting down its Amazon Restaurants service last year because it just couldn't compete with the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, Amazon is getting back in the game, contributing to a $575m investment in Deliveroo. That's around £481m. Read More >>

Amazon to Roll Out Automated Packing Machines, Offers £7,800 for Employees to Become Gig Workers

Amazon plans to introduce new packaging machines at its warehouses that could eliminate 1,300 jobs across the US, according to a new report from Reuters. Coincidentally or not, Amazon also announced this week that it was launching a new programme to encourage some existing Amazon warehouse employees to quit and start their own businesses delivering Amazon goods. Read More >>

SanDisk’s 1TB microSD is Now Available to Order on Amazon but it’s Pretty Pricey

SanDisk unveiled its 1TB MicroSD along with Micron at MWC back in February. SanDisk's offering is the faster of the two and it's finally available to order over on Amazon for a rather hefty £453.99. Read More >>

Amazon Teams up With Next for a Convenient High Street Stop That You Can Collect Your Parcels From

Missed Amazon deliveries will become a thing of the past thanks to a new partnership between the online retailer and Next that has resulted in a love child we can all get behind. Amazon Counter is the new click and collect service that is going live in the high street chain's stores starting today. Read More >>

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Everything Jeff Bezos Said to Convince Humanity That Space Colonies Are the Future

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest man on the planet, gave an hour-long presentation last week about his plans for humanity’s future living on the moon and in space colonies. It was a bit like watching a monologue from a sci-fi movie in a lot of ways. And now you can finally view the entire presentation online for yourself. Read More >>

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The Star Trek Picard Show Will Air on Amazon Prime Video Internationally

We’re on the precipice of there being more Star Trek than ever before—and outside of the US and Canada, up until now, the vast majority of its broadcast history has been accessible through Netflix. That’s about to change, just in time for one of the most anticipated Trek projects of all. Read More >>

What’s Really Going on With These Amazon and Google Gadget ‘Experiments’?

This glorious Monday comes with two interesting titbits for gadget lovers. First off, Amazon reportedly hasn’t ruled out launching another smartphone despite the debacle of its first attempt, the Fire Phone. Second, a CNET interview with Google’s Pixel team lead Mario Queiroz reveals the company is experimenting with foldable phones. Exciting, right? Read More >>

Amazon Says it Told Some Sellers it Was Blocking Ads With ‘Religious Content’ By Mistake

Amazon mistakenly told some sellers that it had launched a prohibition on ads with “religious content,” with one seller claiming “serious loss in revenue” and others reporting similar issues on seller forums, CNBC reported this weekend. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Reveals Lunar Lander Designed for ‘Sustained Human Presence on the Moon’

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin announced its first lunar lander, Blue Moon, at a recent press conference. Read More >>

100 Amazon Seller Accounts Reportedly Phished, Breached, and Robbed

Last year, around 100 Amazon seller accounts were reportedly breached by cyber criminals, who funnelled money coming in from loans and purchases to their own accounts, according to Bloomberg’s telling of the previously unreported incident. Read More >>

Amazon Says ‘Extensive’ Fraud Allowed Cybercriminals to Siphon Cash From Seller Accounts

UK legal documents obtained by Bloomberg show that e-commerce titan Amazon fell prey to “extensive” fraud that allowed cybercriminals to obtain access to around 100 seller accounts and transfer cash into their bank accounts, with the company confirming to the news agency that it had completed an investigation into the incident. Read More >>

You Can Get an Echo Dot for as Little as £16 When You Sign Up for Amazon Music Unlimited

The best-selling product of 2018 on Amazon –the company's own Echo Dot smart speaker with Alexa– is now available for just 99p with the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan. Read More >>