Amazon May Launch its Prime-Centric Smart TVs in the UK

Just over a year ago Amazon launched its own range of smart TVs over in the US, which were essentially TVs with a Fire TV built right in. That included all the things you'd expect from the streaming box, like Alexa and a very heavy focus on Prime Video, just in a 4K TV. Now it sounds as though those TVs may be coming to the UK. Read More >>

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Don’t Forget Prime Day Also Means a 20% Discount in the Amazon Warehouse

Most people will probably forget that the Amazon Warehouse exists, I know I did, but it is a great place to get some discounts on products that aren't technically new - but are still in sellable condition. In case you hadn't noticed, Prime Day is currently going on and the Amazon Warehouse isn't being left out. Read More >>

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Amazon Prime Day: All The Best UK Tech Deals

Amazon Prime Day is upon us! You know, the day of the year where Amazon cuts the price of tonnes of its stock, and we all end up spending far more money than we should on stuff that we don't really need. Read More >>

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Here Are Some More Prime Day Deals You Can Expect to See on Amazon UK Later Today

In less than three hours Amazon is set to kick off Prime Day, 36 hours of discounts and deals that will likely see you end up buying a bunch of stuff you didn't fully need but decided you wanted anyway. You can expect an awful lot of things to have their prices slashed, and to tease us a little bit more Amazon has revealed a few more discounts to try and drum up some hype. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Expected to Charge at Least £150,000 for Space Rides in His Rich People Escape Pods

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is making rapid progress on his plan to leave all of us poor suckers behind on this godforsaken planet, and he plans to start selling tickets for suborbital space flights in 2019. On Friday, a new report claimed that the right to be a Blue Origin guinea pig will cost £150,000 to £226,000. Read More >>

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Watch Toys “R” Us’ Geoffrey the Giraffe Get Knocked Out of the Ring With an Amazon Box

Geoffrey the Giraffe, venerable mascot of the now-defunct Toys “R” Us retail chain, was doing pretty good for himself at the Florida Supercon’s FCSW 30-man wrestling rumble on Friday — until, like in real life, he was cold-clocked with an Amazon Prime delivery box and stumbled unconsciously out of the ring. Read More >>

Here are Some of the Deals You Can Expect to See on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is set to begin in just over 72 hours time, and while it may not be a real holiday it's worth looking forward to just to see what sort of discounts will be available. Probably nothing you desperately need, only things you might sort of want but could easily live without. The whole point is that the discounts are supposed to make you want to buy more, after all. Read More >>

Snapchat’s Next Big Idea Is Apparently Just Getting You to Buy More Stuff on Amazon

Snapchat’s owner Snap appears to be working on a new search tool that would give you yet another avenue to absentmindedly buy shit from Amazon. Read More >>

Amazon Accused of Profiting From the Sale of Nazi Material

Amazon's open door Marketplace, where anyone can sign up to sell anything and it comes with the vague assurances that Amazon is behind it all, is being abused by racists, wouldn't you know? The non-shock news comes via the US-based Action Center on Race and the Economy, which has found a grim list of Nazi merchandise and general racist material up for sale to fund the activities and bumper stickers of the hate-spreaders. Read More >>

The Tech Gods Won’t Save You

In times of great strife and uncertainty, it’s natural to look for heroes, leaders whom we can point to and say, “that right there, that’s what we believe in.” In a more armorial age, these heroes were warriors and generals. Throughout the political turmoil of the 20th century, champions of conscience earned our admiration. These days, it seems, being a rich doofus with a single benevolent bone in your body is enough. Read More >>

Amazon Called Out For Failing to Keep White Supremacist Garbage Off Its Platforms

Amazon has policies against hateful products, but a new report finds that it could be doing far more to enforce its own rules and tamp down hate-based merchandise on its platform. Read More >>

Report: Amazon May Prey on Your Toys ‘R’ Us Catalogue Nostalgia By Mailing You Its Own

E-commerce giant Amazon, which remains determined to cannibalise what’s left of the brick-and-mortar competitors it helped kill off, may be making a move on the turf formerly occupied by bankrupt retail chain Toys “R” Us with plans to distribute a holiday toy catalogue. Read More >>

Amazon Plots Free-to-Air, Ad-Funded TV Channels

A job posting for Amazon seems to have revealed a massive change that's coming to its film and TV offerings, with the retailer-slash-broadcaster looking to hire someone to manage free-to-air and ad-funded entertainment channels. Read More >>

I’m Starting to Have Serious Doubts About Amazon Prime

My own personal Amazon Prime day is in a week. It’s not the day that Amazon puts a lot of random crap on sale. (That’s in approximately two weeks.) My day is when Amazon will charge me £79 for another year of membership. That’s £30 more than what I paid five years ago, when I signed up for a free trial of Prime and forgot to cancel it. This year, I think I might bow out. Read More >>

Amazon’s ‘Show Mode’ Basically Turns Your Fire HD Tablet Into an Echo Show

Back when Amazon announced the Echo Show, the first thought that crossed my mind was whether this was a worthwhile purchase - and whether you could get the same sort of thing by hooking an Echo to a Fire Tablet. I had that same thought when Amazon rolled out Alexa to cheaper Fire tablets earlier this year, and now the lines are even more blurred with the launch of 'Show Mode'. Read More >>