Amazon Might be Bringing a Cashier-less Amazon Go Store to London

We've been hearing a lot about Amazon Go the past few years, with Amazon pushing itself into the high street with shops that let you pick up stuff and walk out without having to queue up near a till and deal with another human being. The expansion has, for the most part, been restricted to the US, but now it seems Amazon Go might pop up in London. Read More >>

Amazon Workers in Spain and Germany Announce Strikes Ahead of Christmas: ‘Change Must Come Now’

Following protests over workers’ rights across Europe during the Black Friday crunch last month, Amazon workers in Spain and Germany continue to strike ahead of Christmas. Multiple protests are planned over what workers and unions describe as poor work environments, anti-union tactics, and demanding conditions resulting in physical and emotional pain. Read More >>

You Can Now Add ‘Bear Repellent Fumes’ to the Hazards Faced by Amazon Workers

Dozens of Amazon workers at one of the company’s fulfilment centres in the US state of New Jersey were hospitalised after an aerosol can containing bear repellent was hit. The incident occurred at the company’s Robbinsville fulfilment centre and left at least one person in critical condition. Read More >>

These Are The Amazon Christmas Cut-Off Dates For 2018

If you're going to be doing a lot of your Christmas shopping on Amazon, here's when you'll need to get those orders in by to make sure everything arrives in time. Read More >>

Amazon’s 24-Hour Condom Deal Saves You From Parenthood, Bankruptcy

If all you want for Christmas is sleep, time and money (that'll be everyone then), Amazon has a festive 24-hour special for you. Read More >>

Analyst Reckons Amazon and Google Will Release Wireless Earbuds to Take on Apple’s AirPods

Wireless earbuds are a big deal these days, especially since Apple released the AirPods. Because as well all know a technological innovation doesn't count until Apple can find a way to package it up for their legions of followers with their own unique brand of marketing. Well now one analyst reckons both Google and Amazon will launch their own wireless earbuds, with the intention of directly competing with Apple's Beats-powered empire. Read More >>

Amazon Just Knocked £20 off the New Kindle Paperwhite

October saw Amazon release a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, and it's a delightful device according to our official review. While some people might feel sceptical of buying a dedicated device for ebooks, Amazon would very much like it if you bought one anyway. To that end it's knocked off £20 to try and entice naysayers, even though the device has barely been out two months. Read More >>

Amazon Promised Drone Delivery in Five Years… Five Years Ago

On 1 December 2013, Americans watched a segment on the current affairs programme 60 Minutes about Amazon’s plans to deliver packages by drone in just “four or five years.” Well, it’s officially been five years. And Amazon’s failure to make drone delivery a reality is a great reminder that PR promises from big tech companies are often not worth very much. And frankly, it’s also an opportunity to be thankful that Amazon isn’t yet buzzing drones over our heads like it owns the skies. Read More >>

Amazon: What If You Thought of Doing Manual Labour for Us as More of a Workout

On Monday, Amazon’s PR department touted the story of a woman who allegedly lost a tonne of weight working for its Flex delivery service in the US. In the company’s framing, Flex isn’t a dystopian project to reduce shipping costs by letting an army of expendable, plainclothes contractors compete to score “last-mile” delivery gigs. It’s a fun workout! Read More >>

Amazon’s Experiment in Getting Rid of Cashiers Said to Expand to Larger Test Stores

E-commerce titan Amazon—not exactly known as a place that appreciates having to deal with human employees, and that in fact would seem to rather replace many of them with nightmarish robotic jellyfish—is reportedly expanding its tests of cashier-less stores to include larger retail environments, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read More >>

Oh Hey, Now There’s One More Reason You Don’t Need to Spend a Bundle on a HomePod

In case you needed another reason not to buy a HomePod, Amazon just announced that support for Apple Music is coming to Echo devices starting the week of 17th December. Read More >>

US Lawmakers Ask Jeff Bezos for Information on His Facial Recognition Software, Less Nicely This Time

Late in July, American lawmakers sent a letter seeking details on Rekognition, Amazon’s in-house facial recognition software. Amazon wrote back, blandly, in August, but according to this increasingly impatient group of congresspeople, the company “has failed to provide sufficient answers.” Read More >>

Amazon’s Giving Non-Prime Members Free Delivery Until Next Week

The annual pre-Christmas shopping season is over, but now it seems Amazon would like to try and get you to keep buying stuff. It's just kicked off 'Free Delivery Week' for all non-Prime members, letting them take advantage of (you guessed it) free delivery. Read More >>

Amazon Gives Up On Delivering From Restaurants In The UK

It might surprise you to hear that Amazon UK has its own rival to Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, which is probably why it's closing. Amazon Restaurants has existed as a way for Prime members to get restaurant food delivered to them since September 2016, and has now announced it'll be shutting down on the 3rd of December. Read More >>

Cyber Monday is Here, and Here are Amazon’s Best New Tech Deals

Black Friday and the resulting weekend is over, which means only one thing: it's Cyber Monday. The last official day of deals before Christmas, which means we can stop writing about the blasted things. Well, unless the retailers decided to drop a few more prices over the next month. Which they no doubt will. But we still need to digest what's on offer today, and here are all the best techy deals you can get your hands on from Amazon. Read More >>