Amazon Renamed Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming, but Whatever, Call It What You Want

As Amazon looks to expand its influence in gaming beyond the purple borders of its extremely popular live-streaming service, Twitch, the company is officially rebranding the Twitch Prime subscription service to Prime Gaming. Read More >>

The Echo Flex is Getting a New Clock Attachment

One of the things that people may like about the Echo Flex, aside from the fact it's a miniature Echo that plugs into the wall, is that there are attachments that can plug into it and offer a bit more functionality. So far we've had a motion sensor and nightlight, though Amazon has just announced a clock attachment is coming too. Read More >>

Amazon Cleared to Invest in Deliveroo

They've been faffing about it for a while, but the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has decided – as we thought – that Amazon is OK to buy 16% of Deliveroo. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Tells U.S. Congress He ‘Can’t Guarantee’ Amazon isn’t Violating its Own Policies to Undercut Sellers

At Wednesday’s major tech antitrust hearing in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee – featuring the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said he couldn’t promise that the company hasn’t violated its own policies on fair competition with third-party sellers. Read More >>

US Federal Communications Commission Approves Amazon’s Bid to Launch a Constellation of More Than 3,200 Internet Satellites

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave Amazon the go-ahead Thursday for its ambitious Project Kuiper, which would put 3,236 broadband satellites into orbit to beam internet coverage down to Earth. With this regulatory milestone secured, Amazon’s posed to join SpaceX in the race to be the first multi-billionaire-dollar tech giant to gobble up the Space Internet market. Read More >>

Even Apple Gives Amazon Tax Breaks

A couple of years back, Amazon’s streaming service, Prime Video, was nowhere to be found on Apple’s streaming devices – that is, until late 2017, when the company announced that Amazon’s Prime Video app would finally debut on Apple TV. What broke the stalemate? Well, we finally know. Read More >>

Scoop Out Baby Yoda’s Brains and Replace Them With Your Amazon Echo Dot

If you’re having trouble feeling connected to the smart speaker that’s emotionlessly listening in on every word you say, there is, of course, a Star Wars-themed product for that. This time around it’s a stand for your Amazon Echo Dot that makes it look like the adorable Child from The Mandalorian. Read More >>

Amazon Continues Sending Unwanted Rubber Ducks to Confused Durham Man

A 76-year-old man would appear to be the butt of the joke of a niche online community that gets off on bewildering the elderly, as randoms are using Amazon's shopping system to send him unsolicited items; including nine individual £2.79 bath safety temperature checking rubber ducks. Read More >>

Amazon’s Grocery Delivery Service is Now Free in London

Amazon is super-duper-determined to kill off all other businesses, especially ones selling food. It's been gunning for supermarkets for a while now, particularly after its multiple forays into takeaway delivery failed. Read More >>

You’ll Soon be Able to Command Apps by Voice Using Alexa

There's already a load of stuff you can control with just your voice using smart assistants like Alexa, but Amazon has decided to add third party apps to the mix. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Makes Over £10 Billion in One Day During Pandemic

The U.S. is hanging on the precipice of economic collapse, with around 25 million Americans slated to be kicked off extended coronavirus pandemic uninsurance later this week and the White House mulling tax cuts and screw you as a replacement. But every cloud has an obscene silver lining: world’s richest man and ghoulish Amazon overlord Jeff Bezos is doing great! Read More >>

Amazon Prime Day is Delayed, But Still Happening

Amazon Prime Day, a yearly event where the company does lots of flash deals on all kinds of random items, has usually happened by this point in the year. Last year, it was the 15th and 16th of July (yeah, not really a 'day' per se), but of course there wasn't a pandemic last year. Read More >>

Amazon’s Next Big Bet on Cashless Shopping Is a Smart Trolley

Amazon opened its first cashless Go convenience store in 2018 before following that up with its first full-size cashless grocery store earlier this year. But for its next attempt to revolutionise brick-and-mortar shopping, Amazon is betting on a smart shopping trolley. Read More >>

Grab Amazon Music Unlimited Free for Three Months While You Can

There's currently a pretty decent offer on Amazon Music Unlimited: three months free, saving you just under £30 on the normal price of £9.99 a month, or £7.99 if you've got Amazon Prime. Read More >>

Amazon Prime Video Mercifully Rolls Out Individual User Profiles Similar to Netflix

Long-awaited support for individual user profiles has finally arrived on Amazon’s streaming TV service, Prime Video. This means the niche streaming interests of your partner or family members can be saved to their own profiles – meanwhile, you, reader, can continue to binge the original Unsolved Mysteries at your own uninterrupted pace. Read More >>