Amazon Allowed to Continue Putting Cat Food in Your Basket

One person complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about Amazon's Alexa recently, after an advert for the Echo Dot voice-activated speaker system apparently added some cat food to the owner's shopping basket. The owner cancelled the order so didn't actually receive any unsolicited cat food, but still. Read More >>

Valentine’s Day is Amazon’s Latest Excuse for Having a Sale

These days it feels as though Amazon will come up with any old reason to discount its own first-party gadgets, so it's hardly a surprise that it's also jumping on the Valentine's bandwagon to slash some prices. If you need a very last minute gift and forgot high street shops exist, or you just want to save yourself a few quid, here are all the deals you can exploit: Read More >>

Amazon Rumoured to Launch National Delivery Service to Send More Than Just Amazon Packages

According to a new report, Amazon has plans to launch a new delivery service, first with its third-party merchants, then expanding nationally across the USA. And executives at companies FedEx and UPS are no doubt waking up to frantic phone calls about what their industry might look like in five years. Read More >>

The Amazon Echo Can Now Enlist Gordon Ramsay to Insult Your Food

If you've ever looked at Gordon Ramsay's Twitter account, you'll see that people can't stop asking him to assess the quality of their cooking. Most of the time he doesn't have very nice things to say, which only seems to spur people on. It can be tricky getting him to comment on your cooking, but now you can use the Amazon Echo and Alexa to do it for you. Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Can Now Give You a Self-Esteem Boost on Command

Judging from all the emails I get, Amazon is quite good at updating its Alexa voice assistant and adding new features. Usually I don't pay much attention to them, unless I get a big long press release, but today the list of updates caught my attention. Read More >>

Scientists Are Reviewing Amazon Products the Way They Actually Use Them

Scientists are just like us: They buy things on Amazon. The difference is what they actually their purchases for. That’s the basis behind science’s hashtag-du-jour, #ReviewForScience, in which researchers write reviews for everyday products—the way they really use them. Read More >>

Amazon Isn’t Fond of Filling Alexa Up With Ads

Adverts are everywhere, because its one of the only ways companies can actually make money from their products - be they apps, YouTube channels, news websites, Google, or whatever. There's one place ads haven't shown up, though, and that's Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant - and if a new report is anything to go by they're not likely to pop up anytime soon. Read More >>

Children’s Magnetic Putty Removed From Amazon For Dangerously High Arsenic Levels

Arsenic isn't something that you should have to worry about being included in children's toys in any amount, really. But a magnetic putty that was listed on Amazon from a third party was found to contain seven times the legal amount of the poisonous chemical. Read More >>

Google Is Now Selling Audiobooks, Which Will Probably Piss Off Amazon

After a recent spat led Google to pull YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV and Echo Show, it seemed like things were finally cooling down when Amazon extended an olive branch to Google by selling Chromecast devices again for the first time in years. But in reality, the beef between the two internet giants does not seem to be letting up, especially now that Google is getting into the audiobook business. Read More >>

Man Says He Spent Thousands on Bitcoin Mining Rig and Got Boss Baby DVD Instead

The Boss Baby is one of the finest films of 2017, and on Tuesday it received an Oscar nomination that settles any further debate. But one man in Britain doesn’t seem to be a fan. The poor guy recently described a nightmarish scenario where he was shipped a DVD of the animated masterpiece instead of the £3,000 bitcoin mining rig he ordered. Read More >>

Amazon Names 20 Finalist Cities for HQ2 Thunderdome

After what felt like five years of mayoral begging and media gimmicks, we finally know the top 20 finalists in the brutal battle for Amazon’s second headquarters. The cities are about as predictable as you’d think. Basically, all the big ones in North America. Read More >>

White House Press Secretary Is Probably Making Up This Crap About Alexa Ordering a Batman Toy

On Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders used her official government Twitter account to complain that her two-year-old had allegedly ordered a $79.99 (£58) action figure by “yelling ‘Batman!’ over and over again at her Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo. Read More >>

The Echo Spot is Coming to the UK Next Week

Amazon's latest product in its Echo lineup will be coming to the UK on 24th January. The Echo Spot is a smaller device offering the same Alexa-driven technology and will retail at £120. Read More >>

Pretty Soon a Smart Assistant Won’t Be a Choice

This winter I bought three Google Home Minis—two for me, and one for my lovely parents. Read More >>

CES 2018: Garmin’s Alexa-Powered Navigation Device Gains a Built-in Dash Cam It Should Have Had From the Start

I really liked Garmin’s bare-bones Speak navigation device when I tried it out a few months ago. Instead of a touchscreen, the $130 (~£110) device relies on voice commands, processed by Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant, to get you where you want to go. A few months later, Garmin is already introducing a new version that adds a built-in dash cam for documenting accidents, but it’s a feature I wish the unit had had from day one. Read More >>