Martin Clunes Faces Backlash for Elephant-Riding TV Jolly

Celebrity animal charity patron Martin Clunes, off of the telly, has been dropped as useful personality message-enforcer by wildlife welfare group Born Free, after he just couldn't resist having a quick go on an elephant when the opportunity presented itself. Read More >>

This Bird Went Extinct, Then Evolution Recreated It

Sometime between 136,000 and 240,000 years ago, a flock of awkward, leggy birds took off from Madagascar and arrived at a pristine island in the Aldabra atoll 250 miles away. “This is nice,” they may have thought—there were no predators, and the birds colonised the island. Without the threat of predation, they eventually lost their ability to fly. But 136,000 years ago, a flood washed over the island, wiping out this unique flightless species. Read More >>

Puppy Farming Ban Snuffles Adorably into Parliament

A ban on the "farming" of puppies has taken a big, lolloping step forward today, as potentially tougher rules on the managing of young pups heads to Parliament for what is hopefully a brief spell of agreeing and aye-ing and a passing into law. Read More >>

Stop Trying to Make Your Own Cat Food

People who use homemade cat food—based on recipes from books and the internet—to feed their precious felines may be inadvertently harming them, suggests a new study out this week. The study’s authors found that all of the nearly 100 recipes they examined had at least one glaring dietary flaw. In some cases, they even contained dangerous ingredients that can make cats seriously sick. Read More >>

game of thrones
Turns Out Game of Thrones’ Dragons are Pretty Weak

Game of Thrones has made an incredibly big deal out of how important Daenerys’ dragons, the last ones in existence, have been in Westeros, because of the unique advantage they’ve always afforded the Targaryen family. Over the course of the last two seasons, though, the show’s been trying to tell us something about the magical beasts that finally came to a head last night: on their own, and in small numbers, dragons really aren't that great. Read More >>

Narwhal Genome Reveals Another Way That Narwhals Are Weird

One of the most recognisable animals of the sea, the narwhal, is even more unique than their looks would suggest, according to a new study of their genetics released last week. Read More >>

New Board Game Challenges Players to Design a Perfect Planet

A new award-winning board game asks you to do a seemingly simple task: build the perfect planet for wildlife. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Animal Has a Secret Lingo—Here’s What It Sounds Like

Blue whales are impressive creatures. Stretching up to 90 feet long and weighing over 300,000 pounds, these gentle giants often migrate hundreds of miles between their summer feeding grounds and winter breeding grounds. It’s no surprise, then, that the whales are pros at long distance communication, producing calls that can be heard up to 1,000 miles away. Read More >>

Cow-Slaughter Game Removed From Bristol Museum

A museum in Bristol has temporarily suspend access to one of its interactive exhibits, with the fun-for-all-ages touchscreen game Beat Bovine Tuberculosis cordoned off and powered down thanks to a public complaint. Read More >>

Hot New Band RSPB Rockets Up UK Singles Chart

Hitting the singles charts like a shot from a posh man's gun piercing a fat pheasant is the RSPB – yes the RSPB, as in the Royal Society for the Protection or Prevention or Something of Birds – as the charity has released a single that's entirely made of bird song. There isn't even a banging remix or some eco chanting. Read More >>

Norwegian Fishermen Discover Beluga Whale That Might Be Working with the Russian Navy

Norwegian fishermen discovered a beluga whale wearing a harness off the country’s northern coast last week. The fishermen were fascinated with how tame it was, but there might be a good reason that it was comfortable around humans. Scientists from Norway’s Institute of Marine Research suspect the whale and its harness may be part of an operation cooked up by the Russian military. Read More >>

Man Pledges to Send Dead Cat Into Space, Whether You Help Him or Not

A cat lover in the US state of Oregon has vowed to memorialise his late feline friend Pikachu by sending the dead cat’s cremated remains into space so it can orbit the planet and eventually fall back toward earth, disintegrating into the ether in a blaze. Ashes to ashes, vapour to vapour. Read More >>

We Have to Do Something About Outdoor Cats

I hate outdoor cats with a burning passion. I set out to write a blog calling for an Isle of Dogs-style roundup of feral cats, a mass adoption drive and cat cull, and outlawing outdoor and community cats. But I’ve realised that things aren’t that simple. Read More >>

For Sale: A Giant Bird With Beautiful Eggs (That Murdered Its Previous Owner)

An auction house in the US state of Florida is reportedly fulfilling the final wishes of an exotic animal collector by selling off his menagerie of about 100 animals, including the one with knife-like talons that took his life. Read More >>

Local Dog Poo Wars Take Patriotic Turn

Activist members of the Waterside Action Group in the Lancashire town of Colne are raging about dog poo, as local activists are wont to be, and have taken to flagging up the animal deposits. Literally. Read More >>