Apple’s Touch Bar Doesn’t Have to Be So Terrible

Apple killed a laptop that had a lot more fans than I expected last week. Around the Gizmodo office, my colleagues groaned when news broke that following a refresh of its laptop line, there would no longer be a standard MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar. Apple, in their eyes, was going all in on the little touch-sensitive OLED strip above the number pad, and it was a travesty. Read More >>

Apple’s Credit Card Could Be Making Its Way to the UK Pretty Soon

Apple announced its Apple Card for the US back in March, and now it looks like we could be seeing it branch out into Europe and Hong Kong. Read More >>

Apple Adds More Disability Emoji To iOS 13

It's World Emoji Day and Apple has taken the opportunity to unveil some of the new emoji that it announced at WWDC last month. Read More >>

Apple Planning to Jazz It Up With Some Original Podcasts: Report

With Apple poised to further expand its services to better compete with its streaming rivals—whether or not its offerings will be any good—it was probably only a matter of time before we learned that the company has its eye on podcasts as well. The question is, will they be any good? Read More >>

Even the iPads Have Been Discounted for Prime Day

Apple is usually pretty well known for not discounting anything, ever. Not unless it's selling really badly and they seemingly need to offload the stock before moving onto something else. But recently they've been knocking a few pounds off the RRP when the big sales come up, and it turns out Prime Day is no exception. In addition to fairly generous (by Apple standards, at least) discounts on iPhones, you can also save some money on a bunch of different iPads. Read More >>

Apple Rumoured to Have Paused Development of its AR Glasses

Apple's AR glasses are rumoured to be on hold or cancelled according a translated report from DigiTimes but the jury is out on whether the story is legitimate. Read More >>

Life Without iTunes Is Sweet Indeed

It feels like I’ve been waiting years for iTunes to die. (A quick search of the Gizmodo archives reveals that I have, in fact, been waiting four years.) The bloated software was confusing to navigate, annoying to use, and increasingly obsolete, so you might imagine what a treat it was when I finally fired up macOS Catalina to discover how it feels to use Apple software in the post-iTunes world. It’s blissful. Read More >>

apple watch
Apple Faces a Second Privacy Exploit With the Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie Feature

Apple has announced that it'll be disabling the Apple Watch walkie-talkie which it announced in 2014 and only got around to rolling out last year, because it can be hijacked to listen in on wearers. Read More >>

Serious Security Flaw With Teleconferencing App Could Allow Websites to Hijack Mac Webcams

On Monday, security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh publicly disclosed a serious zero-day vulnerability in conferencing software Zoom – which apparently achieves its click-to-join feature, which allows users to go directly to a video meeting from a browser link, on Mac computers by installing a local web server running as a background process that “accepts requests regular browsers wouldn’t,” per the Verge. As a result, Zoom could be hijacked by any website to force a Mac user to join a call without their permission, and with webcams activated unless a specific setting was enabled. Read More >>

We’ve Got All Your Summertime Apple Rumours Right Here

It’s hot, the summer hols are swiftly approaching and we’re still two months out from when Apple traditionally announces a new batch of iPhones. But that hasn’t stopped rumours and leaks from swirling including speculation about the next AirPods, the death of a once highly touted feature, what Apple has planned for 2020, and more. So here’s a roundup of all the latest iPhone news and rumours so you can prepare for the iPhone 11's official debut later this autumn. Read More >>

Apple Just Gutted Its Laptop Line Up

A new round of laptops appeared in the Apple Store this morning, which is bad news if you ask me. Yesterday, there were four distinct models of MacBooks. Now, there are two. Neither of them is particularly impressive. Read More >>

Leaked iPhone 11 Pic Seems to Confirm Rumoured Design Change – If it’s the Real Deal

The iPhone 11 is expected to drop this September, so we can expect plenty of rumours to be swirling about between now and then, and the most recent one seems to support what we've already heard. Read More >>

Apple Cofounder Steve Wozniak Says Most People Should Get Off Facebook Permanently

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak deleted his personal Facebook account last year and is now telling everyone else they should do the same. Woz was stopped by TMZ at the L.A. airport recently and warned that the lack of privacy on the platform isn’t worth it for most people, adding a warning more generally, “who knows if my cellphone is listening right now?” Read More >>

Huawei’s OS Will Be Faster Than Android and as Hot on Privacy as Apple’s iOS

Amidst the ongoing Huawei kerfuffle that sees the US flip-flopping on whether the manufacturer is blacklisted or not, Huawei has announced it's developing its own OS that'll be better than iOS and Android. So there. Read More >>

Apple Might Start Ditching Its Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Laptop Keyboards Later This Year

There hasn’t been an Apple product as universally maligned and hated as the company’s low profile butterfly keyboards since the Newton PDA. Introduced in 2015 to help MacBooks achieve thinner designs, even Gizmodo staffers have had keys on their laptops that broke, or inexplicably just stopped working. As a result, the company expanded its Keyboard Service Program to fix any problems, and even upgraded the keyboard’s materials; but 2019 could actually see Apple finally switch to a better scissor switch design. Read More >>