The Best Pair of Workout Earbuds Now Comes in Actual Fun Colours

I don’t know about you, but I’m over workout earbuds that only come in dark, boring colours. The options usually range from black to grey – occasionally navy, if you’re feeling spicy. Apple-owned Beats is now giving those of us who want more colour a few more shades to choose from in its Powerbeats Pro lineup, making some of the best workout earbuds stand out even more. Read More >>

It Seems Like Apple TV+ Wants to Be the New HBO

As HBO pivots to whatever it’s trying to achieve with its messy streaming service that's just launched in the US, Apple appears to be shopping for content and talent to help make it a standout giant in quality streaming. Read More >>

Apple Devices With Mini-LED Displays Rumoured For 2021 Release

The old Apple rumour mill is back in action and this time its chattering about an old favourite. Apple devices with mini-LED displays are still apparently on its way but we won’t see it until 2021. Read More >>

Enough With the Ugly Apple Watch Bands

If there’s one thing Apple prides itself on, it’s design. (The company even published a £250 coffee table book about how iconic its products look.) But while they certainly are distinctive, whether you like these designs is another matter. Generally speaking, Apple knows how to make pretty products, but there’s one exception. For some reason, Apple keeps subjecting us all to some real unsightly Apple Watch bands. Read More >>

The New 13-Inch MacBook Pro’s Keyboard Really Is That Good

I sit here typing on Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is somehow both an incremental and radical upgrade over the 13-inch MacBook Pros of recent years. The Pro I bought in 2017 sits to my left, and while the two look similar, the experience of using them is completely different. My 3-year-old laptop sports the controversial butterfly keyboard, which Apple is phasing out of its product lineup, but I still have to pound away at it every day. After using the new Pro with its scissor-switch keyboard, my old Pro actually makes me angry. Read More >>

Apple and Google’s Contact Tracing Software Won’t Work on Some Huawei Devices

Last week, Apple and Google released their COVID-19 contact tracing API to public health agencies (PHA) across the world. Known as the Exposure Notification System, its bluetooth signalling can be used in COVID-19 tracing apps. The companies also boast that it will help with battery life and privacy concerns related to tracing apps. Read More >>

iPadOS vs Windows vs Chrome OS: Which is the Best Tablet Experience Right Now?

If you’re choosing a new tablet, or a new tablet that can turn into a laptop if you attach a keyboard to it, then you’ve got three choices: iPadOS, Windows, or ChromeOS. One dedicated tablet OS, recently split from the iPhone, and two converted desktop OSes doing double duty on tablets. Which one is best for you? Read More >>

Looks Like Google Messages Might Finally Be Getting End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption for RCS appears to finally be in the pipeline for Google’s messaging app. That’s according to code spotted in an upcoming version update by the folks at APKMirror, as first reported by 9to5 Google this weekend. Read More >>

iOS 13.5: All the New Features, Including COVID-19 Contact Tracing

This week Apple released iOS 13.5 to the public and with it came some COVID-19 related features such as Exposure Notification System and Face ID improvements to help with mask-wearing. Here's the full list of what's new. Read More >>

No, Apple is Not Releasing AR Glasses Based on Steve Jobs’s

Earlier today, Cult of Mac posted the most egregious rumour: Apple is apparently crafting a pair of special edition augmented reality glasses that will look like Steve Jobs’s moderately iconic ones. Apple will then reportedly sell these glasses for money. The claim comes from Jon Prosser, a YouTuber who has made waves in the last few months with some incredibly accurate predictions regarding Apple’s business. I’m sorry, everyone. This is bullshit. Read More >>

23 Countries Are Already Onboarding The Apple-Google Contact Tracing Tech

Yesterday afternoon, Apple and Google’s highly anticipated contact-tracing tech was officially rolled out, with Apple already baking it into the backend of its latest update. The question now is whether it’ll be the godsend for public health that both of the tech giants initially pitched, or if doubts surrounding the tech’s overall efficacy and trustworthiness will win out. Read More >>

Siri Whistleblower Goes Public to Protest Lack of Consequences for Apple

Last summer, an anonymous contractor revealed that Apple had contractors listening to private conversations, unknowingly recorded by their devices, as part of a “grading” system to improve Siri. Now, the whistleblower has gone public in a letter sent to European data protection regulators, decrying the lack of action taken against Apple for violating people’s privacy. Read More >>

Apple Looking to Buy Some Movies So You’ll Give a Shit About Apple TV+

Apple finally seems to be caving to the Netflix model and reportedly plans to license older content to help build out its meagre lineup of mostly okay originals. Read More >>