Apple’s Understanding of Games Is So Narrow It’s Screwing Itself

When most people think of Apple, video games aren’t the first thing to come to mind. Photo- or video-editing, of course, or some other type of creative work, but not gaming. That’s because of the way Apple designs and markets its products. Read More >>

watchOS 7 is the Dystopian Software Upgrade I Didn’t Know I Needed

It isn’t often that I think to myself, “Wow, this operating system update is jam-packed with features tailor-made for the dystopia we’re living through right now.” Yet that’s what keeps rolling through my mind as I use the watchOS 7 beta, which is now available for the public to try. Read More >>

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How to Get the Brand New Apple Watch Beta Right Now

The WatchOS 7 public beta is now live! If you waited for the official version to hit your Apple Watch, your time has come. Here’s how you can try out the new features right now. Read More >>

Anjou Get a Lawsuit

Pears: the arch-goddess of the fruit pantheon, the inspiration of Cézanne, and to the untrained eye, dangerously similar to apples. As iPhone In Canada first reported, Apple has filed a notice of opposition against a meal planning app called Prepear for using a pear logo which is pear-shaped and pear-green. In a petition, Prepear lamented that, “Apple has opposed dozens of other trademark applications filed by small businesses with fruit related logos,” which have since been altered or replaced, because, “most small businesses cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to fight Apple. Read More >>

The iOS-ification of the Mac is Almost Complete

If you’re anything like me, you have multiple Apple devices in your home and have become accustomed to seamlessly handing off tasks between them. I can start searching for furniture on my phone and then click Safari to pick up the search on my larger MacBook screen. Or I can send a text on my iPad and then resume the conversation while I’m out and about on my iPhone. Read More >>

Should You Buy an Intel Mac or Wait?

Apple launched what very well may be the last Intel iMac this week, and while we haven’t had nearly enough time with it for a full review yet, early benchmark results reveal an absolute beast of a machine (even if our review unit is loaded with enough stuff to bring the price up to a whopping £4,500). If your old iMac has been showing its age or you’re just itching to have something new and nice in that hastily organised home office, you’re probably asking yourself if you should buy that new Intel iMac or if you should wait for an iMac with Apple’s own custom processor rumoured to be just around the corner. Read More >>

Apple Is Denying Consumers Cloud Gaming, Microsoft Claims

Microsoft has stopped mincing words, and in a statement shared with Gizmodo, claims that Apple is entirely to blame for the lack of cloud gaming apps and subscription services on iOS. Read More >>

Apple’s Refreshed 27-Inch iMac Looks to Be a Powerhouse and the End of an Era

I haven’t used an iMac in years, but when I unboxed the 2020 refresh of Apple’s 27-inch all-in-one desktop, I admit it: I smiled. It looks just like it always has (or at least the way it has for more than a decade): simple and streamlined, with the same floating aluminium-and-glass design, seriously giant bezels, and the Apple logo etched beneath the screen. It’s almost comforting how little has changed about the iMac in recent years, at least on the outside. Read More >>

The macOS Big Sur Public Beta Is Available Now and Here’s How to Get It

Apple has just announced the availability of the Public Beta for macOS Big Sur. This new version of macOS does away with a lot of the old and familiar design tropes associated with OS X and leans more heavily on touchscreen-style interfaces - a nod to the slow convergence of macOS and iOS. Read More >>

Researchers Will Use Apple Gadgets in Study to Detect and Treat Depression

Identifying depression can be a tricky beast. However, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the US are collaborating with Apple in a three-year study to see if gadgets can help revolutionise how depression is detected and treated. Read More >>

Apple Denies it’s Buying TikTok

Short-form video app TikTok is having a bit of a 'mare, with Donald Trump constantly threatening to ban it and whatnot. Now, as the company looks at setting up shop in the UK, Apple has denied reports that it's considering buying the social network. Read More >>

Apple’s New 27-inch iMac Is a Massive Refresh – and Likely Intel’s Last

Surprise! Apple just announced it’s refreshing the 27-inch iMac. On top of adding a new 10-core Intel processor, the newest Mac desktop will also offer beefed-up memory, a Retina 5K display, next-gen graphics, and updated cameras, speakers, and mics. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Eyes Turning iPhones Into Payment Terminals

Apple has reportedly bought Mobeewave, a startup that allows phones to become payment terminals with a simple tap, Bloomberg reported on Saturday. The company’s apparently got money on its mind. Read More >>

Struggling Trillion-Dollar Retailer Apple Asks UK Landlords for Rent Cuts

Extreme for-profit organisation Apple is attempting to take advantage of the crisis on the UK high street to force its landlords to agree huge rent cuts, as it scents blood on the grey carpet tiles of big business. Read More >>

Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass: Which is the Best Netflix for Apps?

Apple and Google are going head-to-head in just about everything now – maps, mobile operating systems, smart speakers, browsers, cloud storage, phones, etc. But here we’ll be taking a look at the all-you-can-eat app subscription services offered by the two tech giants – which one is the better deal? Read More >>