Snapchat CEO Is Totally Chill About How You Hate the Redesign

Hell hath no fury like a litany of teens shitting on an app redesign. And it seems that’s exactly what happened with Snapchat’s latest update, prompting over a million users to take some mild action in protest of the changes. But CEO Evan Spiegel is spinning this fury, somehow, as a sign of success. Read More >>

Uber Rolls Out Feature That Limit Drivers to Breezy, Pleasant 12-Hour Shifts

Uber has implemented a mandate that its drivers must take at least six hours of time off every time they work at least 12 consecutive hours, the Washington Post reported on Monday, as part of an initiative to crack down on drowsy driving that might result in potentially deadly crashes. Read More >>

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I Would Switch to This ’80s Parody of Siri for the Hilariously Awful Synthesised Voice

Siri continues to trail behind assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, but I would switch back to Apple’s AI in a heartbeat if it had the same terribly synthesised voice as it does in this parody revealing what Siri would have been like on ‘80s desktop PCs. Read More >>

What Apps Have You Deleted Lately?

After the incessant mind-numbing news cycle and a distressing car accident, I dramatically deleted Twitter from my phone early last year, giving my brain a break from the creeping sense of exhaustion that was building up over the holidays. And when I finally did it, a fellow Twitter user offered a prescient, super obvious warning: “Make sure you don’t just trade addictions,” they said. Don’t just swap one bad behaviour for another. Right, of course I won’t. I wouldn’t! Read More >>

Social Media Is Bad, So Here Are 7 Other Apps to Use On Your Phone

You’ve stood at a bus stop, or in a line at the grocery store, or you’ve sat waiting for a movie to start, so you immediately reach for Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat, right? Well, maybe not, because here are seven app categories we’ve picked out that are a better use of your downtime than scrolling through posts from people you don’t even like that much. Read More >>

Angry Commuter Automates Social Shaming of Train Companies

A man, fed up of not getting a sit down on his train to work in the morning, is trying to make a difference. That man is Nick Schutz and he knows how to make a mobile phone application for iOS. Read More >>

The BBC is Launching its First AR App, Designed to Turn Your Living Room Into a Museum

To mark the launch of Civlisations, a new series dedicated to arts and culture, the BBC is launching its first augmented reality app to put museum pieces and exhibitions into your phone to project onto the world around you. Read More >>

How to Find Out Which Apps and Websites You’re Most Addicted To

Where does all the time go? When it comes to the time you spend on your phone, your computer, and the web, this doesn’t have to be a vague and rhetorical question—plenty of tools out there will track and monitor your time automatically, telling you exactly which apps and sites are sucking up most of your precious minutes of existence. Read More >>

HQ Trivia Reportedly Gets £11 Million From Investors Willing to Ignore Co-Founder’s Allegedly ‘Creepy’ Behaviour

Turns out, a company’s leadership can be accused of “creepy” and “egregious” behaviour and still rake in millions of investment dollars. Read More >>

Porn, Scams, and Terrorists: Which ‘Inappropriate Content’ Got Telegram Briefly Kicked Off Apple’s App Store?

Telegram, the encrypted chat app that’s been known as the communication tool of choice for peaceful protesters and jihadists alike, mysteriously disappeared from the iOS app store on Wednesday. According to its founder, Apple claims that the removal was due to “inappropriate content” being made available to users. Read More >>

Apparently Drowsy Samsung Files Trademark for Social Network Called ‘Uhssup’

While Samsung is dominant in the chip and Android smartphone game, it’s lagged behind in the social networking world. But based on a trademark application filed in the EU, it looks like Samsung could be working on some sort of location-focused messaging app—called “Uhssup.” Read More >>

MP Launches Personal App And Becomes Self-Facilitating Media Node [Updated]

In case you hadn't noticed finding different ways to communicate with one another is all the rage, and now members of Parliament have decided to give it ago. Well one of them has, anyway. Read More >>

Google Says It Used AI to Help Block 700K Bad Apps on the Play Store

With over 2.8 million total apps, Google’s Play Store is the biggest app store on the planet. And with that many apps, sometimes simply finding the software you’re looking for can be a challenge, let alone trying to make sure that none of those downloads are harmful or malicious to the over 2 billion active Android users. Read More >>

VLC for Android *Finally* Gets Some Form of Chromecast Support

Chromecast was a big deal when it arrived four and a half years ago, since it meant you could smarten up you TV on the cheap using your phone, tablet, or PC. Nowadays it's not so special, but it's finally getting one feature it's been lacking all these years: support from VLC. Read More >>

How to Avoid Being Tracked on Your Laptop, Phone, or Fitness Tracker

Today we’re all being tracked by more gadgets than ever before, and in ways that might not be immediately obvious; but it is possible to put restrictions on the data that your laptop, your smartphone, and even your fitness tracker can collect about you—in particular, where you are and what you’re doing with your device. Read More >>