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Dating App The League Will Start Making Its Users Face-Time Each Other

The League dating app – which filters users to make sure they’re in the right league – has decided to mess around with video speed dating. Read More >>

All the Best Video Calling Options, Ranked

We now have the technology to see each other when we want to chat. And when it comes to video-calling apps, you’ve got a plethora of options to pick from on phones, laptops, and even TVs. Here are the ones we like the most, ranked. Read More >>

RIP iOS Vaping Apps

Apple has purged its App Store of 181 vaping apps, citing a rash of recent reports about vaping-related injuries and deaths. Read More >>

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How to Keep Group Chats From Driving You Mad

There you are, minding your own DM business, when all of a sudden you’re added to a group chat with a bunch of other work colleagues, neighbours, parents, old school friends, or people probably, maybe going to a party in three weeks’ time. You don’t have to settle for this shoddy group chat etiquette – here’s how to stay out of it. Read More >>

There Are Serious Vulnerabilities in the App Built to Let EU Citizens Stay in the UK After Brexit

The government has shown time and time again that it is pretty fucking clueless when it comes to technology. So when it comes to being high-tech, it's never a surprise to hear that things have gone catastrophically wrong - as has just happened with the EU citizen settled status application app. Read More >>

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How to Make Your Social Media Feeds About More Than Just Your Boring Friends

Remember when opening up social networking apps was exciting? Now, all your friends seem to post about is politics/their baby/their side business/what they’re eating. The good news is that the best social apps go way beyond your friends and family – there’s interesting content out there if you know where to find it. Read More >>

Registered Sex Offender Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Teens on a Bible App

A registered sex offender in the US state of Florida has been arrested for allegedly targeting teenagers on a Bible app. Read More >>

Surprising No One, Uber Continues to Haemorrhage Cash

Beleaguered ride-sharing giant Uber continued to torch cash like an outdated Joker reference in Q3 2019, but it claims that the news is positive because parts of its business would technically be profitable if one looked past all the ways it’s losing money. Read More >>

Airbnb Bans “Party Houses” After 5 Die in Shooting

Airbnb is cracking down on “party houses” after a Halloween shooting at a U.S. residence rented through the service left five people dead earlier this week. Read More >>

Google’s New Anti-Smartphone Apps, Ranked

We know that we’re all spending too much time glued to our phones, rather than looking at the person we’re talking to, the movie we’re watching, the sunset we’re missing, or the children we’re ignoring, and Google and Apple know it too. Google has pushed out six ‘experimental’ apps to try and curb our collective smartphone addiction – and here’s what we think of them. Read More >>

TikTok Faces U.S. National Security Probe: Report

The viral short-form video app TikTok has been staring down heightened scrutiny after several U.S. senators raised the alarm about possible cybersecurity concerns last month, and now it’s reportedly the subject of a national security review. Read More >>

Microsoft Made a Smartphone App That Can Administer Driving Tests Without an Instructor

The most nerve-wracking part of taking the road test for your driver’s license isn’t remembering to check your blind spots; it’s the instructor in the passenger seat silently judging you the entire time. Such tests will soon be less stressful in India where Microsoft Research has developed an app that can administer a driving test by monitoring the driver’s performance with a smartphone. Read More >>

Finally, Action is Being Taken Against Stalking Apps

The US Federal Trade Commission has taken its first action against the developers of three “stalking” apps that it alleges could monitor users without their consent and created security vulnerabilities for victims’ devices. The regulatory crackdown isn’t much more than a nudge to be slightly less shitty, but hey, it’s a start. Read More >>

App-Learning Boosts Interest in the Welsh Language

The addition of Welsh to the language banks of universal translator and smartphone language tutor Duolingo has been a success, with the number of people attempting to get their head around the complexities of the language up by around a third year-on-year. Read More >>

Kik is Back

It looks like Kik hasn’t quite kicked the bucket yet (heh). MediaLab just acquired the popular anonymous chat app and plans to invest in its future, according to a company blog post Friday boasting how “Kik is here to stay!” The app had one foot in the grave ever since its creator and previous owner, Kik Interactive, announced last month it was pulling its plug and pivoting their focus to cryptocurrency. Read More >>