Sydney Choked in Smoke as Wildfires Rage in New South Wales

The city of Sydney – Australia’s most populous and the capital of New South Wales (NSW) state – was swathed in thick smoke on Tuesday morning amid more than 50 bushfires on the state’s east coast, the Guardian reported. Read More >>

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‘It’s Where People Die’: Australia Faces Unprecedented ‘Catastrophic’ Bush Fire Weather

Wildfires have left a trail of scorched earth around the globe this year from the Arctic to America. Now it’s Australia’s turn to burn. Read More >>

Australia’s Terrifying Bushfires Remind Us Climate Change Is Here

Bushfires are raging through southeastern Australia and have possibly killed hundreds of koalas at one nature reserve. This comes as firefighters finally contain the Kincade Fire in the US state of California and as today marks the first anniversary of the deadly Camp Fire, also in California. Climate change is affecting all parts of the globe, and it appears to be the culprit for Australia’s early fire season this year. Read More >>

Australian Government Wants to Scan People’s Faces Before They Watch Porn

An Australian government department has shown interest in forcing pornography sites to verify a user's age, and it's willing to offer its facial recognition services to get it done. Read More >>

Manchester Museum Sends Australian Artifacts Home

The people who've been living in Australia for around 70,000 years aren't massively happy about celebrating the forthcoming 250th anniversary of their country being "discovered" by original travel influencer Captain James Cook, but there's a bit of good news coming their way as the sensitivity surrounding the Cook celebrations is encouraging the return of artifacts taken from indigenous peoples for the amusement of UK museum-goers. Read More >>

Iran Releases Two Travel Bloggers Jailed For Flying Drone Without Permission

Two Australian travel bloggers who were jailed in Iran this summer for flying a drone without a license have been released and are reportedly back in Australia. The Australian government isn’t saying whether the two were swapped for an Iranian prisoner in Australia, but the timing of their release would suggest that’s precisely what happened. Read More >>

Australian State to Use Smartphone Detection Cams to Catch and Fine Distracted Drivers

The government of New South Wales state in Australia is rolling out tech to automatically catch drivers who don’t put down their mobile phones on the road, the Associated Press reported on Monday. Read More >>

Travel Bloggers Arrested in Iran For Flying Drone Without a Permit

Two Australian travel bloggers have been arrested in Iran for flying a hobby drone without a permit. The bloggers often take photos with their drone and publish them to social media, but they disappeared from the internet in June after posting from Pakistan. Read More >>

Australia Plans to Block Domains That Host Terrorist Material During Crisis Situations

Australia laid out some of the country’s first concrete steps to make good on its promise of combating the spread of extremism online at this year’s G7 leader’s forum, Reuters reported Sunday. Officials said the government intends to cut off all access to any internet domain that fails to block terrorist material during a crisis event, and legislation requiring online platforms to upgrade their safety measures is also being considered. Read More >>

Google and Facebook May Have to Cough Up Their Algorithms if Australian Proposal Lands

Facebook and Google could be forced to give up the deets about their secret sauce algorithms thanks to an Australian proposal for increased regulation of the tech giants. If implemented, these measures could set a precedent for how global lawmakers curtail these companies’ influence amid increasing privacy and antitrust scandals. Read More >>

Australian Court Rules Media Orgs Are Liable For Defamation Posted to Facebook by Random Users

An Australian Court has ruled that media organisations are liable for anything defamatory that’s published to the public Facebook pages of those media companies, even if it’s just posted by a random Facebook user. Read More >>

Spider Eating a Pygmy Possum Is Obviously Australian

That’s a photo of a huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum. Yikes! Read More >>

The Sydney Opera House’s New Artificial Reefs Look Like Works of Art

The Sydney Opera House is a dope-ass work of architecture. Nestled along the Sydney Harbour in Australia, the building is a sight to see. Now, the sea wall at Bennelong Point, where the opera house sits, features 18 hexagonal-shaped steel frames meant to serve as artificial coral reefs. Read More >>