Freema Agyeman Returns to Martha Jones for Big Finish’s New Torchwood Audio Series

Freema Agyeman is back in action in the Whoniverse – but it’s not for Doctor Who itself. Martha Jones makes a return, and this time, it’s Torchwood business that’s come calling. Read More >>

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River Song’s New Audio Adventures Take Her Back Into Classic Doctor Who Episodes

River Song’s up to her timey-wimey tricks again – and she’s tossing out that diary, spoilers be damned. Because her latest missions won’t just see her travel across time and space: she’s traveling into the background of the Doctor’s personal history. Read More >>

Big Finish is Having a Bonanza of a Sale on Relics Known as ‘CDs’

If you remember what CDs are and still have the means to play them, Big Finish's latest warehouse clearance sale might just have a few gems for you. Read More >>

Gerry Anderson’s Space 1999 Rebooted in Earth 2019

Legendary 1970s sci-fi series Space 1999 is coming back this year, but temper that excitement old man – it's only returning as an audio drama. Perhaps they might call it a podcast so young people may listen to it. Read More >>

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The Seventh Doctor Embarks on a Foreboding Journey in This Exclusive Excerpt From the Next Doctor Who Audio Drama

The Seventh Doctor was a mastermind of fiendishly clever plans that really pushed not just the Doctor’s famous intelligence to its limits, but often involved his infamous dark side, too. And in his next audio adventure, he’s going to need all the fiendish cleverness he can muster – and perhaps even just some fiendishness – to save the day. Read More >>

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What If Doctor Who’s Audio Adventures Were Planned Like They Were Being Made for TV?

Listening to a Doctor Who story as an audio drama and sitting down on a Saturday night (or Sunday, depending on the season!) to watch an episode of the show are very different things. But while the mediums are both different avenues of storytelling, one thing can help bring both to life: storyboarding. Read More >>

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Big Finish Is Reviving Doctor Who’s Infamous First Companion Kill

Despite dozens of heroes from across time and space venturing in and out of the TARDIS doors, not a lot of Doctor Who’s companions have actually left via the grim exit of death itself. You might cast your mind back to someone like Adric, but the first companion kill goes back much further...and is about to come back to haunt not just one Time Lord, but two. Read More >>