Picture of Single Trapped Atom Wins UK Science Photography Prize

Zoom in close on the centre of the picture above, and you can spot something you perhaps never thought you’d be able to see: a single atom. Here is a close-up if you’re having trouble: Read More >>

3d printing
LEGO-Like Blocks Let Scientists Custom Build Their Own Tools

There’s a whole new way to build custom scientific instruments affordably in bioengineering: a system of 3D-printed building blocks that can link together in various combinations. The system combines design elements of both biological cells and electronic components, and it can evolve over time to adapt to the changing needs of the research community. Read More >>

Scientists Can Now Make THC from Yeast

Yeast is an incredible organism — you can thank it for booze! — and thanks to the marvels of modern genetics, we’ve made it incredibly versatile. Just a month after announcing a method for hacking yeast to produce narcotics, researchers just announced that the creation of yeast that produces THC and cannabidiols – the psychoactive ingredients in cannabis. Read More >>

The Quest to Re-Invent Photosynthesis Just Got More Colourful

Green may be the Plant Kingdom’s colour of choice, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it takes only a little chemical tuning to turn chlorophyll—the light-absorbing pigment that colours plants green—blue, red, orange, or any other hue under the sun. Read More >>

How to Grow a Human Heart

Nature has a nice dive into the scientific quest to grow complex organs like a human heart. No, it hasn't been done yet—but it's surprisingly within reach. Read More >>