8 Times Black Panther Was an Unbelievable Badass

Black Panther isn’t just one of the Marvel universe’s smartest and most powerful heroes, he’s often the one with the most tricks up his sleeve. If Batman is DC Comics’ king of out-of-nowhere moments of surprise, T’Challa handily takes the crown for Marvel. Here’s a few times he grandly let us know he’s always a few steps ahead of Marvel’s mightiest. Read More >>

Where is Black Panther’s Museum of Great Britain?

If you haven't seen Black Panther yet you should stop reading this and buy a ticket. Not just because it's a brilliant film, but also because we're getting into a few minor spoilers you may want to avoid for the time being. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Black Panther

The first Marvel movie is 2018 is already here, with Black Panther hitting cinema screens today. We had the chance to see the film ahead of time, meaning we could write down all the different easter eggs and references we could see and put them together for the intrepid Marvel geeks out there. Read More >>

Black Panther’s Politics Are More Than Skin Deep

After seeing Black Panther last week, I’m fairly convinced that the pundits are right: this film really does look like it is going to be a cultural “moment”. Though the underlying film hits all of the standard superhero beats, it feels as subtly refreshing as you might expect for the first super-mega-blockbuster scale film to feature a majority black cast. Read More >>

Ryan Coogler Wanted To Put Kraven The Hunter in Black Panther

For a Marvel fan, the opportunity to play in the MCU sandbox must be a thrill. Think of all the characters yet to be introduced! Director Ryan Coogler recently revealed the one character he wished he could have included in Black Panther, and it’s a good one. Read More >>

Need a Primer On All Things Wakanda? Try This New Black Panther Trailer

With just a day to go, Marvel has released another trailer/featurette for the film, this one focusing on the world of Black Panther—the major players, the conflicts at play, and the comics history that informs it. Featuring commentary from the film’s crew and staff, this trailer walks you through everything you need to know walking into the Afro-futurist superhero epic. Read More >>

Black Panther Is Marvel’s First Shakespearean Epic

There are a great many things that make Black Panther a Marvel film like no other, but one of the most striking things about it is how thoroughly familiar the world of Wakanda feels. Not in the sense that you’ve seen anything like it before (trust me, you haven’t), but rather that seeing it feels like coming home. Read More >>

A Brief History of Black Panther’s Wakanda Under T’Challa’s Reign

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s depiction of Wakanda is undoubtedly going to become the definitive take on the secretive nation for many people once Black Panther hits theaters, and that’s understandable. But there is so much more to Wakanda’s rich history in the comics that just won’t fit into the film. Read More >>

T’Challa Is King In A Whole Bevy of New Black Panther TV Spots

Marvel Studios is pressing the Black Panther marketing train into high gear, as evidenced today by three new TV spots, each with a healthy mixture of old and new footage. Read More >>

Ryan Coogler Wasn’t Ready to Direct Black Panther Until He Travelled to Africa

Like many black Americans, Black Panther director Ryan Coogler never had the opportunity to travel to Africa while growing up, but once Marvel made it clear he was their top choice to head up the film, he was adamant about finally going to, and experiencing, the continent for himself. Read More >>

We Finally Know What the Black Panther Was Up to Before Captain America: Civil War

As frustrating as the Black Panther’s absence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe up until Captain America: Civil War might have been, it makes plenty of sense when you remember that as a rule, the nation of Wakanda keeps to itself while the rest of the world gets caught up in global drama. Read More >>

Black Panther Is Cleverly Reimagining One of Its Major Villains To Avoid Racial Stereotypes

When Black Panther hits cinemas next year, we’ll see the king of Wakanda facing off against a number of his classic villains like Ulysses Klaue and Erik Killmonger. But in order to include Man-Ape, one of the Black Panther’s more iconic foes, Marvel had to be thoughtful and get creative. Read More >>

What Do the Markings On Killmonger’s Skin Mean In Black Panther?

Tucked into the veritable treasure trove of new information about Black Panther that Marvel’s just unloaded in the run up to this year’s Comic-Con are a couple of interesting images of Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan,) one of the film’s primary villains, that might reveal something interesting about his character. Read More >>

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The First Black Panther Teaser Trailer is Here and It’s Epic as Hell

After making us wait for literally years in feverish anticipation, Marvel’s finally released the first Black Panther teaser trailer and it’s every bit as intense as you were hoping it would be. Read More >>

Here’s the First Proper Poster for Black Panther

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 out of the way and Spider-Man: Homecoming less than a month away, Marvel starting to lift the curtain on the upcoming Black Panther movie. Before now we've seen the logo, we've seen concept art, and we've seen some dodgy footage filmed on set, and now here's the first poster: Read More >>