Neverspoons App Highlights Your Nearest Non-Wetherspoon Pub

Everyone's promise never to darken a Wetherspoon pub again has been made a little easier by an app calling itself Neverspoons, designed to find independent pubs in the vicinity of each Wetherspoon factory outlet so you don't have to fund Tim Martin's lifestyle in any way. Read More >>

Wetherspoon Boosts Prices on UK’s Grand Pub Reopening Weekend

The Wetherspoon chain picked the date of July 4 for a series of price rises, with the entirely coincidental boost to the cost of everything it sells coinciding with the reopening of some of the nation's pubs to some of the nation's more unstoppable and won't-be-told drinkers. Read More >>

Eight Arrested After DIY Pub Barricade Lock-In

A basket of drink-related crimes were back on the menu in one Liverpool pub early on Monday morning, when a crowd of around 100 illicit drinkers shut themselves in for some proximity and bevvies; and turned violent when police arrived and tried to break up the party. Read More >>

Leaked Report Says Pubs & Restaurants are Go for 4th July Reopening

We could be about to see a forced-cheery Boris Johnson urging us all to get down the pub like the jolly old blokes we all are to put all this covid-19 business behind us, as leaked government reports suggest a July 4 reopening of much of the hospitality sector is about to be announced. Read More >>

Unions Warn Trump and Brexit May Smash the Scottish Whisky Industry

The many Scottish whisky makers are teetering awkwardly between two deadly highlands precipices at the moment, according to one key workers' union; to the left, the bottomless chasm of Brexit, and to the right a hole singlehandedly dug by warring US president Trump. Read More >>

Pub Chain Goes Rogue and Promises July 4 Reopening Regardless of Government Rules

If you haven't noticed that alcohol is readily available in supermarkets and are missing the taste and the spiralling sense of irresponsibility a few beers trigger, your luck's in. One pub chain is promising to reopen on July 4 no matter what the government says, and the even better news is that it's not Wetherspoons, so you won't have to break your promise never to go in a JDW on day one of actually being able to do so. Read More >>

Wetherspoon Plans Possible Reopening in June

Pub chain Wetherspoon seems to think it'll be all coming up roses again by June, as that's when it expects to be back in the business of selling disappointing foods to the elderly, dispensing infinite coffee, and offering a selection of beers with union flags on the pumps even if they were actually brewed in the Czech Republic. Read More >>

Pub Told Guinness Delivery Service Breaks Various Unspecified Laws

A Belfast pub scored a press and community winner recently by rigging a van with a Guinness pump and staffing a fresh pints-on-wheels service to the merriment of locals forced to stay home and slum it with canned beverages; but it's now been forced to stop by police. For either breaking 2020's impromptu emergency laws or all the old ones about alcohol dating back centuries, no one's quite sure. Read More >>

NHS Declines First Wave of Brewery Hand Sanitiser

Oh dear, the Look!-I'm-helping! efforts of the UK's brewers to convert their processes to manufacturing hand sanitiser have got off to a shaky start, as the initial batch produced by BrewDog has not been cleared for use by one NHS Trust. It didn't quite meet all the strict requirements, probably because it was made by bearded men in a malty factory. Read More >>

Lidl Plans Innovative On-Site Pubs

Lidl would appear to be attempting to start an all-out war on Wetherspoons, as the German discount supermarket has applied for planning permission to build a standalone pub on one of its sites in Northern Ireland. Read More >>

Wales Tries to Price-Away Super Strength Supermarket Ciders

Wales has joined Scotland today in introducing a per-unit alcohol price policy, requiring all booze sold to cost a bare minimum of 50p per unit, and therefore making it slightly less convenient and costlier for youths and sports fans to stock up on crates of the cheap stuff and bottles of cider modelled on grain silos. Read More >>

climate change
Drink It While You Can: Climate Crisis Puts 85 Per Cent of Wine Regions at Risk

The climate crisis is changing all aspects of human life, from the communities we live in to the air we breathe to the food we eat. Thinking about it is terrifying. It makes me want a glass of wine to soothe my nerves. Read More >>

UK Pub Numbers Grow and it’s Not All Because of Wetherspoons

Someone within the Office of National Statistics has the rather soft job of counting up all the UK's pubs -- no doubt stopping off for a shandy on work time as each one is ticked off the list -- and has reached the shocking conclusion that the number of pubs operating in the country has risen for the first time in a decade. Read More >>

Lidl Hosts Sensory Deprivation Wine Tasting Evening

Lidl wants to prove something about how affordable wines aren't all that bad any more, and has decided the best way of doing this is through a series of wine-tasting events that take place in the dark. As if the colour of the wine is any sort of clue. Read More >>

Scots Go Off the Booze After Unit-Pricing Introduction

Scotland's introduction of minimum unit pricing for alcohol has had the anticipated effect on overall consumption, with the average Scots drinker consuming 1.2 units less per week. That's about half a pint of beer, or one sneaky swig out of the hip flask at the back of the parent council meeting. Yes Jim, I noticed. That's about you. Read More >>