carbon emissions
Prototype Hydrogen Boiler Could Help the UK Reach Its Net Zero Emissions Target

Worcester Bosch has developed a prototype boiler that can run on both natural gas and hydrogen, to future-proof it against what the company sees as an inevitable outcome of cutting down on carbon emissions. Read More >>

ces 2020
CES 2020: Bosch’s LCD Car Visor Only Blocks Your View of the Road Where the Sun is in Your Eyes

Fully autonomous vehicles are already being tested on roads across the country, but there’s one feature in every car that feels like it hasn’t been upgraded in a century: the sun visor. So a group of engineers from Bosch set out to update this antiquated feature so that it blocks the sun without also blocking a driver’s view of the road. Read More >>

Driverless Cars Will Soon Be Tested on the Streets of Greenwich

Though driverless cars are rarely out of the headlines these days, the US has had pretty much all of the fun, with loads of major projects being tested on the roads of California and Texas. Soon, however, it’ll be our time to shine. The government has just announced MOVE_UK, a consortium of companies that's been given the green light to trial driverless cars on UK roads. Read More >>

Is Bosch’s New Foot-Vibrating Car Pedal the Future of Driving?

Seemingly taking inspiration from the iPhone 6S’ 3D Touch display, Bosch has unveiled a new 'Active' accelerator pedal that’s designed to both save you money and keep you from crashing. However, if you have supremely-ticklish feet, it could be one to avoid. Read More >>

Bosch’s New In-Car Dashboard Touchscreens Feel Like Physical Buttons

Using a smartphone while driving is incredibly off-putting, but trying to find a button on an in-dash navigation system is just as distracting. To remedy this, Bosch has created an automotive touch screen with buttons that feel real so they’re easy to find without taking your eyes off the road. Read More >>

Dyson Vows to Take Siemens and Bosch to the Cleaners Over Alleged Volkswagen-esque Cheating

There’s drama, real drama, in the world of vacuum cleaners. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), nobody’s been gobbled up by an oversized Henry Hoover. Rather, Dyson has laid into its rivals, accusing Siemens and Bosch of cheating power-testing regimes, in a similar manner to Volkswagen with its emissions software and, going back a couple of years, Samsung with mobile phone benchmarks (allegedly). Read More >>

I’d Rather Have a Half-Driverless Car 

Companies like Google are racing ahead on driverless cars development, and technovisionary Elon Musk claims one day manual driving will be illegal. But after watching the concept video for a Bosch driverless car below, I’m curious if what we want isn’t a car that’s part driverless and part old-fashioned. Read More >>

Flesh-Detecting Table Saw Instantly Drops the Blade Without Destroying It

Close to a decade ago a clever inventor came up with a safety feature for power tools that could detect when a blade made contact with human flesh and instantly retract it to prevent injury. Unfortunately, it destroyed the tool in the process. Read More >>

These Inductive Batteries Keep Your Power Tools Perpetually Charged

It's almost impossible to think of a time when you had to wrangle a long cord while working with power tools. But as convenient as cordless tools are, they're useless if their batteries are dead. So this fall, Bosch will be introducing batteries with inductive charging that simply need to be placed on a base station for the power to flow. Read More >>

An App-Connected Laser Tape Measure Will Never Mistake Inches For Feet

Sure, that laser rangefinder made short work of measuring every dimension in that room you plan to renovate. It's just too bad you jotted all those measurements down on the back of an old receipt that promptly went missing. That's why Bosch has given its new GLM 100 C laser rangefinder Bluetooth capabilities and an accompanying app so every last measurement is accurately documented. Read More >>

Dyson Accuses Bosch of Paying a Super-Secret Espionage Research Spy

Dyson is pointing the finger at rival Bosch, of apparently paying an employee to steal company secrets from inside its research division. Having filed legal proceedings against the German company, Dyson claims that a member of staff was handling secrets to Bosch for as long as two years. Not quite Bond, right? Read More >>

Is This the Most Beautiful Microwave Ever Created? I Say Yes

The microwave is an appliance without glory. You throw in your bag of un-popped kernels, some leftover Chinese food, whatever. Your slop is reanimated by The Power of the Atom, and you save time. But this microwave is different. Read More >>