BT Considers Sale of Openreach

BT is no longer insistent upon staying close to its estranged infrastructure division Openreach, and is said to be planning a sale of the entire division, lock, stock and numerous muddy ducts, to help fund its looming expansion of the full-fibre network. Read More >>

BT Says Huawei Won’t Be Out of EE’s Core Network for Another Two Years

After the UK government's decision to continue to involve Huawei in its 5G infrastructure, but not in the core network, BT has confirmed that it will meet the deadline, but is delaying its original target set out in 2018. Read More >>

BT is Giving Kids Free Access to its Online Coding Class

BT is helping parents out by offering its online coding class to kids stuck at home with nothing better to do, but its presented in the guide of making a virtual cake, so they'll actually want to do it. Read More >>

The Cost of BT’s Full Fibre Broadband Packages Aren’t Bad – If You Can Actually Get It

BT is rolling out its Full Fibre home broadband, and while it's not widely available at the moment, there are a few places that qualify. If you're living in one of them, BT has unveiled the three packages you can choose from. Read More >>

BT Reminds You About its Site for Luddites and Grandparents That Will Help Them Survive Self-Isolation

For some of us, this self-isolation business hasn't changed much – thanks, in large part, to the delivery drivers out there. We're working from home, ordering everything online, and not leaving the house. Standard day over here. But there are people struggling, and BT is out to give them a hand. Read More >>

ASA Tells O2 and BT to Stop Running Their Bullshit Adverts

Hot on the heels of it £245,000 fine from Ofcom, BT has now drawn the ire of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over a misleading advert, and it's not the only one. Read More >>

BT Fined Almost a Quarter of a Million Pounds for 118 Call Overcharges

Ofcom has finished its investigation into EE not capping the call rate on 118 numbers and decided that, yes, it was playing silly buggers. Now BT, who owns EE, has to cough up over £245,000. Read More >>

The Internet Will be Fine During a Mass Coronavirus Quarantine, Says BT

There are a lot of people gearing up to stay inside their homes for the foreseeable future, if they haven't already, and obviously that's going to mean one thing. They're going to get bored and mindlessly browse the internet, or distract themselves with an overdose of porn. And BT has promised that the network infrastructure will be just fine if that happens. Read More >>

BT is Launching Gigabit Broadband Across the UK

Back in July 2018 Virgin started rolling out Gigabit internet to various parts of the UK, meaning the select few that could get it and afford it could enjoy absurd internet speeds. Now BT is following suit, by launching its own Gigabit services for home broadband customers - which it promises will be "the UK’s fastest home broadband provider in more places than any another (sic)". Read More >>

Huawei Under Fire After Forced Labour Claims Spark BT Probe

Huawei can't seem to get break this week, and is in the spotlight once more, this time over forced labour allegations. Read More >>

BT and Samsung Teamed Up for the UK’s First Live 8K Sports Broadcast

Broadcasters are only just getting their heads round live broadcasting 4K and HDR, but we've already seen that some of them are turning their attention towards getting 8K out into the world for the 12 people that own 8K TVs. The latest is a UK first coming through a partnership with Samsung and BT Sport. Read More >>

BT TV is Now Flexible, if You Call Two-Year Contracts Flexible

BT has breathlessly announced that it's "shaking up the TV market" by launching an "exciting new range of flexible TV packages [that] offer customers the freedom to choose the TV shows, films and sport they want, when they want - with the flexibility to change their package every month." Read More >>

5G Plans Are Now Available for All BT Customers, But You Still Need to Live in the Right Place

Last November BT launched its own 5G services, piggybacking off the 5G already available from BT-owned EE. The problem was that it was being very stingy about which customers could sign up, restricting it to business customers and those who signed up for BT's Halo service. Now, though, everyone can sign up. Read More >>

BT Isn’t Playing Nice With Fellow Mobile Operators Trying to Patch up Rural Coverage

If you live out in the sticks and are still waiting on 4G coverage, never mind 5G, you might be in for yet more delays thanks to BT. Read More >>

BT Wants £50 for Every Knackered Home Hub You Have Under the Bed

BT has introduced a formal return demand system for its Home Hub router, and will start demanding a £50 payment should you want to keep your black modem as a memento of all the happy times it enabled, or to keep it safe somewhere as a triple-redundant spare, just in case. Read More >>